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  1. Dream Team Opener Duals

    (#)) TheCounty wins this one !!! weight class: 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 99, 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 174, 182, 195, 220, HWT
  2. IndianaMat Disney Duals

    for a jacket I am interested in wrestling...............what is the weight class I will need to make and how long do I have to get on weight ? My hydration test likely will show lots of room for movement (#)) TheCounty
  3. Skin check debate

    @V and M's Dad Thank you and my comment was mostly in a LOL manner, I actually like it when people complain to me because I enjoy the debates and the discussions. I like to try to fix things that are broken, I like to try to see things from other's point of views and on an occasion I like to try to point out when people are just plain wrong and complaining to complain, and I try to do this last one with a big old stupid smile on my face for extra dramatic affect. This is not you in this instance because what your complaint was has some basis to it. The issue comes in trying to prove it to a point of being able to take action. It is very sad, but it is the world we all live in. No matter what the competition is people are going to try to cut corners and some do it better than others and sometimes they cover their tracks to the point that we can suspect, think, and just down right be sure but are not able to prove it. This is the sucky part because they get to carry on and we feel cheated. Just know that they look like idiots and everyone knows that about them and for that the rest of us are actually winning in that sense. Thanks for the kind words and we will continue to try to close the loopholes that certain people have attempted to exploit.
  4. Skin check debate

    every year you bring it up and every year the teams all comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA......even Perry so thanks. good luck to all teams I don’t understand what everyone is talking about “all teams comply with the guidelines set forth by the ISWA” per Miller this is another example of the proper use for a "dislike" button........just sayin
  5. Skin check debate

    OMG.............I AGREE WITH THIS POST & its CREATOR !!! what in the world is going on here ??? no way I can leave work now as I am clearly gonna get into an accident or struck by lightning on way home !!!! Maybe this kind of good fortune will carry over to my arrival home this evening.....honey if you are reading this ?????
  6. Skin check debate

    @Coach Brobst we have identified the issue with the USA card line and will be working to make that a better smoother process for next state, the reason no phones are allowed is because of the SafeSport and other obvious things as I am sure you can understand. Its something we just can't take a chance with. The copy of USA card on your phone works great for all open tournaments for proof at registration just not with weigh ins at the scale.
  7. ISWA Folkstyle State - adding sectionals, regionals...

    @TripleB this has been a complaint about MS state, the medals are not big enough so no way to put your face on them.........maybe your left eye or ear ???
  8. Skin check debate

    @Fabio Jr. your post got cut off.............."get miller" what ? an award, a shaved ice, a sack of taco's ??? p.s. I like the video, you funny little cat hair covered guy
  9. Skin check debate

    Jim and Clint I am sorry to hear about the issue's you have experienced and raised above. I can tell you that Jim Littlejohn was dealing with a few officials issues and he was addressing all of them or will be addressing them. Anything else I would be happy to discuss with you and take to the board at our next meeting. @Clint Gard, I have printed out your msg and will make sure that issues are brought up to the right people. @Jim calhoun, I believe it was just wrong and should not have happened that way but again I believe this is likely one of the things the lead official Littlejohn is going to look into. Guys we are all sorry and always looking of ways to improve and do better and welcome the feedback.
  10. Skin check debate

    @tskin real nice, you know @TripleB needed a place to sit and with you taking his chair away well no wonder he was extra agitated all day long !!!!
  11. Angel to head coach

    uhhhhhh...................what is "chiding" ? and does it need a "#" in front of it ?
  12. you sound like what we used to refer to as a "river-rat", like cedar lake people are "lake-rats"
  13. national dual team

    we have full teams at this point, below are the completed rosters: Heartland Elem Duals Gold: Blue: 50: Alex Huddleston Carter Sanford 55: Jensen Boyd Charlie Hutchison 60: Case Bell Eddie Goss 65: Revin Dickman Ayden Bollinger 70: Parker Reynolds Landon Haines 75: Hayden Demarco Seth Syra 80: Brady Ison Dillon Graham 85: Reese Courtney Kyle Harden 90: Julian Weems Malachi Terrell 95: Anthony Rinehart Kellen Feller 100: Noah Clouser Cameron Clark 105: Hunter May jacob McClure 112: Bray Emerine AJ Cashman 120: Drew Mills David Oyebode 130: De’Alcapone Veazy Trevor Currie 140: Nate Johnson Keegan Bluhm 160: Julonte Hinton Josiah Carroll HEARTLAND MS DUALS Gold BLUE 75 Toby Billerman Preston Haines 80 Evan Seng Evan Dickey 85 Bryce Lowery Logan Miller 90 Cheaney Schoeff Cole Solomey 95 Sam Goin Brac Hooper 102 Aiden Torres Jarred Brooks 110 Lane Gilbert Carter Thomas 117 Zeke Seltzer JJ Conway 125 Jesse Mendez Matthew Koontz 132 Cody Goodwin Drake Buchanan 140 Gabe Sollars Orlando Cruz 150 Griffin Ison Seth Willems 160 Isaiah Street Brodie Porter 175 Kael Stockman Leighton Jones 195 Aataevon Jordon Jonathon Gordon 220 Aaron Butts Joel Lane 275 Parker Smitley Devin Davis
  14. ISWA Folkstyle State - adding sectionals, regionals...

    and as usual..................no one was listening to you !!!!...LOL I did get stopped by this very LARGE guy on several occasions and this idea was attempted to be pounded into my ear drum numerous times. I have suggested to this LARGE guy to get on the discussion board to help fix MS state first and when that is completed use that as a guideline to show the successful results to the ISWA board for Folkstyle state. We will now see what his commitment is to launching LARGE ideas for the better of youth wrestling. Oh and BTW TripleB is my buddy #PainTrain (#)) TheCounty
  15. Yea had to be one of those real studs who was just a little confused from (#)) TheFort I am sure !!!! LOL