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  1. JMILL

    Preseason Mag?

    @Coach Seymour in the re-enactments who gets to be Kyle and who is Campbell ? Does he get to choose or is it a BFF thing where @Darrick Snyder is always @Kyle Ayersman ?
  2. JMILL

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    I believe the 2 years of data gathering, the 2 years of face to face coaches discussions, the more than 2 years of emails back and forth were all taken into account by the person in charge (Folkstyle development director) of this tournament and when the decision was brought to the board for a vote it was again all laid out there and it was a unanimous decision to change to the current model. I know this is personal to you since you were the inventing pioneer of this event (and of course thank you for that !!!), but with most things minor tweaks over time need to happen to stay current & marketable to the customers.
  3. JMILL

    Warren Central Black & Gold Night!!

    May want to pre-sale tickets...............Jimmy T is a big a draw and with 98 degrees concert coming to town there will be a shared similar female fan demographic I can only assume !!! Nick Lachey < Jimmy T
  4. JMILL

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    wouldn't a responsible coach that is not trying to win at all costs not put his 116lb kid in this position by "bumping him up" to HWT if there was a significant weight difference issue ?.......... to that I say "No Bueno" @Mattyb and @Justin Ratliff and if they did I would say shame on you then coach.
  5. JMILL

    Warren Central Black & Gold Night!!

    will this be in the field house to maximize the viewing space for all the anticipated fans (to see Jimmy T's new suit) and the wrestling ?
  6. JMILL

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    Is there a way to "dislike" posts yet ??? This is another perfect example of its needed use...... lol and seriously @Justin Ratliff don't ever say that you were thinking the same way as @Mattyb ......smh
  7. JMILL

    ISWA Elementary Team State

    I can only assume you mean that light blue team from Southside with the bird mascot ??? Good luck with that !!!! ..... hahahahah I kid. those are some of my favorite guys to talk to down there. @lewdwar and @V and M's Dad and especially my guy @bluemonster all solid guys in my book !!!! I hope this year goes off without a hitch and is pleasing to all that enter. If not feel free to reach out to Ryan Parrish (LOL) kidding again.....anyone of us can take down your concerns and hopefully try to address them and I will be there all day and love to handle "issues"
  8. JMILL

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    #confusing to say the least. great job by the IN kids !!!
  9. JMILL

    Journeyman Fall Classic *NY

    Good Luck to all kids and families travelling.... All great kids and will hopefully represent IN well !!!
  10. JMILL

    Asa Garcia of Avon commits to

    This is probably one of the funniest posts of 2018 !!!! Well done sir. Now if someone could just tell that other poster where the entry list is located so he can see who from IN is signed up at Super 32. **Great news for IU and Great news for the Garcia family
  11. also @MatBreaker you should know its a rule on this site to end all posts with something positive about "(#)) TheCounty" I know it sounds weird but its just what people do buddy !! It was started by @unclejimmy Good Luck to you and your family
  12. JMILL

    Middle School State changes

    this year it was moved to Carmel and next year the plan is Center Grove and after that TBD. The great thing is it appears both facilities have ample room for FULL MATS for all bouts !!! At this time I believe there is not a change in the weight classes but I will defer to the IHWCA to determine what they see as best.
  13. This looks like a pic @Mattyb would text to me back in the elementary state dual days to taunt me about his new found 40lb kid who would be on his team for team state duals and was an absolute monster !!!! I will see those pics of those monsters in my nightmares and get shivers waking up in a cold sweat !!!! He was the best at "finding" kids training out in the woods and getting them to go 5-0 at elementary team state !!!! LOL (#)) TheCounty
  14. JMILL


    John, I can tell you that there are several places you can move to and pick to attend the schools and the wrestling programs are very good and have lots of success around the Indianapolis and surrounding community area's (the above poster's community is one of them for sure). I can put a plug in for the one my family is involved in and its success with the tremendous coaching staff (from the MS's to the HS) and very bright future with its elementary and middle school aged kids developing. In Brownsburg we have 2 middle schools and both usually have full 22 weight class rosters with nearly full JV rosters. The HS program is deep and has a recent back to back to back team state championship run. They are young and re-building this year for the next few years of success. In the town of Brownsburg is also one of the top premier wrestling academies in the state and the nation Contenders Wrestling Academy ( https://www.contenderswrestling.com/ ). The academy coach is absolutely the best around with kids (K-HS age) and his training WILL help make your son a better young man and wrestler on and off the mat. The schools at Brownsburg are year after year top rated in the state academically in all area's. The community is an absolute wonderful place to live and is close to downtown Indianapolis for all sorts of weekend activities. I will tell you again that you can not go wrong with several places around the Indianapolis area but for me I believe Brownsburg has to be a top of the list choice for you and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the below listed number. Jason Miller ISWA Kids director 219-730-9489
  15. JMILL

    IHPO Predictions

    Whoa !!!!! wait............there is a pancake eating contest down the street ? Now you are talking !!! I may come up and miss out on the ISWA meeting for this !!!

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