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  1. Lesnar vs. Snyder

    Are we still talking about D Snyder the Bburg coaching legend and former CCIW wrestling star ? guys come on this is a no brainer, like @Fabio Jr. beating David Taylor (on paper) @Darrick Snyder would draw up a way somehow to beating Lesner, IT's NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!!! #TheCounty #PainTrain
  2. Undefeated????

    Let it be done then sir............dilly dilly #TheCounty
  3. Calculating

    just to enlighten the rest of the board.....................someone who works 30 yrs in da mill only has 4-7 fingers left total and has inhaled lots and I mean lots of chemicals that damage the thought and reasoning section of the brain, so when he says 7 its most likely based on the # of bodies/heads he saw floating in Wolf Lake while driving home from work. He woke up confused and just thought this must be a premonition and posted his prediction. Lets not lose sight of the fact that @regionrat1 has been invited to move down to live in #TheCounty near 1 of the local trailer parks in Avon by former region stud Kyle Ayersman. So his allegiance to the North may be short lived when he finds his new digs and starts eating at Charbonno's.
  4. Undefeated????

    weak response...............no membership for you, TeamGarcia send him away !!! #TheCounty #PainTrain
  5. Undefeated????

    This is almost genius level thinking and commenting !!!! Good Job BW !!!! keep this kind of stuff up and you may get an honorary #TheCounty sponsored social membership !!!!
  6. Nick Lee question

    I can't believe I am going to say this about MD92, but......................this post is not far off base and actually I agree with it. Holy cow people down stairs are getting cold drinks.......... LOL (just kidding man) #TheCounty #PainTrain
  7. Nick Lee question

    sorry, it may have been an injury suffered at a latora leg camp this summer when he was wrestling my 80lb son. Being down in score he chose down in the 3rd period. Well the top work is stellar for any Latora grad and the rest is history with Drew needing shoulder work done...............Another Latora graduation success story.......sorry Drew as my son told him he does have some region roots in him.................LOL !!!
  8. Cathedral vs Perry

    JMILL prediction was almost as spot on as this broadcast !!! Great job by both guys. Certainly made the already exciting dual more exciting. I will dig up some ISWA shirts for you guys to wear on next broadcast........LOL !!! #TheCounty #PainTrain
  9. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I guess this topic could be inter woven with another topic then..................because if the coaches send their kid out there against a much more dominant opponent instead of giving a FF and then the dominant opponent takes him down 27 times in a match you guys will not be happy with that either. So the coach saves the kid from that and just FF's and now you are not happy with that. I thought this was a sport for tough kids (not basketball) where we all know what we are getting into (coaches and wrestlers). IF a kid is in the weight class on a team then he should wrestle if he is there and do the best he can. If the dominant wrestler takes him down 27 times in a match and the kid doesn't like it he should do something to stop getting taken down. It seems we are trying to protect the weak and punishing the stronger kids (i.e. penalizing for too many TD's, and for someone FF'ing to them). How about just stepping to the line and wrestling and making stronger better members of society out of these boys ? I am sure this is going to draw some nasty comments back at me but come on people !!!!
  10. Paul Hadley vs Avon North

    line ups ?
  11. Paul Hadley vs Avon North

    line ups ???
  12. Cathedral vs Perry

    this news does not affect my score prediction, still sticking with PM in a close one !!!
  13. Most Wide Open Weight Class

    feels good doesn't it ? Now don't go crazy with it and ease yourself into it but eventually it can be liberating !!!! #TheCounty #PainTrain