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  1. gsmith58

    Best Incoming class

    I don't know how many of them are going to be Freshman next year, but the Center Grove MS and youth program are loaded (and so is Brownsburg).
  2. gsmith58

    Best Career

    Off the top of my head at Cobra over the past two years: CJ Red, C Brewer (a lot), A White, D Blubaugh, K Wagner, G Rooks & D Combest & of course the Brownsburg guys.
  3. gsmith58

    Wrestling Academies

    Amen! I am at a loss when I hear a particular high school coach doesn't want his kids to wrestle at an academy. I am 'assuming' that is ego getting in the way of clear thinking, but perhaps that is an overgeneralization. However, Brownsburg & Avon are a excellent success test cases (and you can extend that to the Evansville & Region schools as well). A lot of the better kids are going 4-5 days a week year around. Maybe not so much with the little guys (under 10), but some them do as well.
  4. gsmith58

    Middle School State System Glitch

    I don't have a solution, but I know 6 grader whose mom had a difficult time getting him registered. As I recall it was something to do with date of birth (too young), so it's not just your wrestler.
  5. gsmith58

    Brayton Lee Article...

    THIS...any parent with young wrestler in the Cobra room has seen it.
  6. I agree with Maligned. I think the it was the right decision and partially worked. And, not a lot worked for Cathedral that night, nevertheless, a call or a mistake goes the other way and it's a different outcome. Two very good and closely matched teams...it was fun.
  7. gsmith58

    Best brother combo ‘17-18

  8. gsmith58

    Depth of 126

    I recall those guys, but I didn't recall the bracket. That's a good one, particularly since none of the champs made the finals. What struck me today was the ranking of Mills & Mejia at 7 & 8. That's not a comment on the ranking, but rather how loaded and deep that class is.
  9. gsmith58

    Depth of 126

    Oh yeah, were Brooks & Phillips in that one or was that the year after?
  10. gsmith58

    Depth of 126

    So for folks that have been around awhile, how does the depth of 126 compare to other weight classes over the years? Just curious.
  11. gsmith58

    A little wraslin trivia

    I don't know about that, but I do know "who's buried in Grant's tomb."
  12. gsmith58

    A little wraslin trivia

    Wild guess Lake...?
  13. gsmith58

    Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Boy do I agree with your sentiment... I subscribed for several years, but a few months ago the ad nonsense aggravated me so much I quit subscribing. I'm still in withdraw, but I'm on insistent on waiting it out (no matter how irrational the belief that they may one day remove them for paid subscribers).
  14. gsmith58

    ISWA State Coaching Requirements

    I believe if you take the one online it shows up on your USA Coaching Membership card. Of course, you'll need to re-print it or download the new pdf to your phone. I took the course before the USA Card was required and the certification wasn't registered at USA Wrestling, so I had to contact the ISWA. Tina Tonte was nice enough to look up my certification and forward it onto USA Wrestling. It now shows on my membership card.

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