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  1. @Jonah_EvansNC15 Can I have your autograph??

  2. It may be 4/20, but don't forget that marijuana cigarettes are illegal in the USA #BlazeDown

  3. RT @kanyewest: Be here now. Be in the moment. The now is the greatest moment of our lives and it just keeps getting better. The bad parts t…

  4. RT @jakewoolf: reminder: only bad people don't like kanye west

  5. RT @Jack_r_Thomson: Everyone in Snu during little 5 week https://t.co/OvfH4vgzDE

  6. RT @gucci1017: Wake Up And Be Great!

  7. RT @zach_larner: It’s just a phase @Tewelde_123 https://t.co/yfzGVZvxPM

  8. RT @esaueracker: As a follow up: @TheItalianPacca did ace the test whilst listening to college dropout...

  9. RT @mike_shakes: Jersey Shore is going to bring the country together and everything is going to be ok again

  10. RT @BESTVINE5: It's Friday https://t.co/Ez0r9WdrUz

  11. RT @TrapStarMusic_: OG Asap Rocky Is Back ???? https://t.co/pf6YKvv9oL

  12. RT @Complex: This mixtape blends @kendricklamar vocals over classic Dr. Dre beats: https://t.co/6JSqzCOuFL https://t.co/QrVyb3JI1j

  13. RT @CTkBack: “Gucci gang Gucci Gang...” Me: https://t.co/aAoOBiHEKB

  14. RT @RollingStone: In Praise of Burt Reynolds: The Last Good Ol' Boy Movie Star https://t.co/3xelQR4oGV

  15. RT @moniquemontag: 2018 and @Four_Pins is still the best account on Twitter


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