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  1. New Uniforms

    Yorktown has the compression set. No issues with anything being caught and to be honest I like them a LOT better then the fight shorts. Very clean looking.
  2. 01/14/2018

    Brayden Curtis
  3. 01/07/2018

    Brayden Curtis
  4. Extra training Forbidden?

    Is he a middle schooler or in high school?
  5. 12/28/2017

    Brayden Curtis
  6. New Feature P4P/Class Rankings

    He should be at 113. He already made it at the Westfield tournment so he can make it but has been up at 120 to get better matches. Will see what happens at state only time will tell.
  7. New Feature P4P/Class Rankings

    Normally I would not post anything about my kid but I had to laugh a little. Let me give a little history on Brayden. He placed 7th as a freshman. However his only 106 losses were to Asa at State in UTB in the last 3 seconds and to Sam Fair in the last few sec after making a bad choice. At this point his head was just not there after a tight loss to Asa. Hats off to Fair he was the better man. For placement he pinned Moran In the 2nd to place 7th. Prior to state, during the season, he beat Mills and Watts twice. Post season and summer he beat Viduya and Rooks. Last season he was 43 and 0 only giving up 1 take down the whole season. He is Currently Ranked 12th at 113 on Intermat and undefeated wrestling up. I'm not saying he will win state again. Anything can happen. However, if you talk to anyone on that list I'm sure they will tell you he has earned his place. To those I mentioned no disrespect intended. I was just stating facts. All of our kids know each other. Brayden could care less about rankings and just wants good matches. However, give credit where it's due. Unless you know something I don't.
  8. Undefeated guys at Team State?

    This is how, 182 Doler Bevis (Garrett) over Jordan Spangler (Yorktown) Fall 3:05 0 6.00 195 Beck Davis (Garrett) over Tyson Enis (Yorktown) Fall 1:48 0 6.00 220 Cameron Smith (Garrett) over Corbin Allen (Yorktown) Fall 1:12 0 6.00 285 Holden Parsons (Yorktown) over Nolan Hathaway (Garrett) Maj 9-1 4.00 0 106 Zachary Todd (Yorktown) over Chandler Shearer(Garrett) Dec 7-0 3.00 0 113 Brayden Shearer (Garrett) over Jesse Upchurch (Yorktown) TF 29-14 0 5.00 120 Brayden Curtis (Yorktown) over Andrew Wertman (Garrett) Fall 2:57 6.00 0 126 Xayvier Curtis (Yorktown) over Kane McCormack (Garrett) Fall 2:09 6.00 0 132 Alex Barr (Yorktown) over Mason Custer(Garrett) TF 23-8 5.00 0 138 Colt Rutter (Yorktown) over Kolin Cope (Garrett) Fall 0:22 6.00 0 145 Christian Hunt (Yorktown) over Seth VanWagner (Garrett) Fall 0:16 6.00 0 152 Clayton Fielden (Garrett) over Eric Hiestand(Yorktown) Fall 3:26 0 6.00 160 Noah Combs (Garrett) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 0 6.00 170 Drake Baker (Garrett) over Conner Narramore(Yorktown) Fall 3:24 0 6.00 Dual Meet Score 36.0 41.0
  9. Undefeated guys at Team State?

    Yorktown Zach Todd Brayden Curtis Xayvier Curtis Alex Barr Colt Rutter Christian Hunt Holden Parsons
  10. 12/24/2017

    Brayden Curtis
  11. Too Early to talk Al Smith?

    Surprised not to see a hangout on team state or any Holiday Meets. Must be busy with all the site updates.
  12. 12/17/2017

    Xayvier Curtis
  13. 12/16/2017

    Brayden Curtis
  14. 12/16/2017

    Xayvier Curtis