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  1. Sydokun

    Top 100 Career Wins

    These will be hard to beat with the IHSAA cutting the amount of matches a kid can get each year.
  2. Sydokun

    Ever wonder who...

  3. Sydokun

    Asa Garcia of Avon commits to

    Congratulations IU getting a great kid / family.
  4. Sydokun

    Super 32

    Missed 1 lol
  5. Sydokun

    Past State Brackets

    2016 106 7th place match 7th Place Match - Brayden Curtis (Yorktown) 44-5 won by fall over Jacob Moran (Crown Point) 31-5 (Fall 2:45)
  6. Sydokun

    Past State Brackets

    Need to correct 2017 106 weight class People Vs and scores are wrong
  7. Yes Brayden will be back up and running soon. He had to rest after an injury at Scholastic duals. Came back for Disney beating 6 State champs from other states all at higher weights then him so I don't feel he has gone down much if at all. Hoping to hit IHPO ,Super 32 and show why he 's a 2 time undefeated State Champ. Hated seeing him not compete this summer as much but it's been fun seeing him be a kid. On a side note congrats to all the kids that have been putting in the work this summer indiana is well represented. Keep raising the bar.
  8. Sydokun

    Flo HS Girls Rankings

    I think she finished last year back at Yorktown, so i i'm guessing she will be there next year. As for the coach i have just heard rumors.
  9. Sydokun

    Flo HS Girls Rankings

    144 - #3 Alara Boyd
  10. " Willie lied to me, he said Slivka would make it in once the seniors were pulled out. And surprised to see Mosconi omitted, Nomad likes him a lot. Also a bit surprised to see Curtis left off, thought he'd be a definite in. " Brayden took time off this summer to grow a little for college and well be a kid. Still been training hard and will be getting started back up starting this weekend at Disney.
  11. Sydokun

    Assistant Coaches

    I know Yorktown is looking for a head / Asst If your ECI. Small school that has been in the top of the state for many years. I'm guessing would need a highly motivated coach fluent in folk, free greco. willing to do summer trips, camps etc. Currently has a 2 time state champ and multiple State placers qualifier. Oh and a bid for Team state next year.
  12. Sydokun

    Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    The fix to filling weights is to have a good feeder program in place and hook these kids at a young age also getting the kids you have to get friends to come out.. If you look around the State i'm sure you will see the same thing i see in Delaware county. examples Yorktown not a large school but has been able to fill a team. Daleville i don't think even had a full team till now, but if you look at their elementary, middle school and even their high school now are growing. Cowan has a great feeder in place now and is growing fast. Delta is doing well with numbers. Monroe Central had small high school numbers but have the numbers now. Then look at other school with no feeder programs and they are the ones struggling. Is this a fast solution no but if your hurting in number there is no better way to get them then to start a feeder program. It comes down to coaching staff and parents putting the work in and the kids will come. If you have a program in place but still do not have the numbers do something different. Summer trips are great. Do freestyle and greco for a lot of places i have heard they don't teach it because they are worried about it effecting folkstyle. All my kids have done freestyle and greco and it has helped a ton. Yes there is an adjustment period at the start but kids adjust fast. I see 7 and 8 year olds every year make this adjustment so it is not an excuse not to do it. Dropping to 12 weights will only hurt the sport more because the schools that do have the weights to fill the classes now will only have 12 spots. That's 2 less spots and 2 less kids making varsity. Giving 2 kids a reason to want to quit. I just don't see any positives from this.
  13. Sydokun

    Mason Miranda of Avon commits to

    Congrats Mason. Great kid and Family. i'm sure he will do big things there.
  14. Sydokun

    Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    I Think 2x Undefeated State Champ Brayden Curtis will be coming with Hunt. Sounds like it will be a great room top to bottom.

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