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  1. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Congrats to Yorktown on taking the team title for the second year in a row!!! The Tigers came in forfeiting three weights and still managed to win! And kuddos to the Yorktown coaches for always having their wrestlers on weight and ready to go for this tough tournament! Our kids wrestle at Team State as well and we don't come in missing weight, injured, or sick. They stick with the program and are disciplined to come out and compete no matter what the circumstances are! Way to go Tigers!!
  2. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    My son was a part of this team both this year & last year & it was a great experience for him! The cost was really not bad, $550 for both styles, compared to what they are paying for Fargo. As far as who was on the team, many of the names suggested did not wrestle at Freestyle & Greco State. My son was always taught that doing these styles would improve your Folkstyle wrestling. He placed 1st in Greco & 2nd (behind Konrath) in Freestyle at state. In hindsight, he probably would've been more competitive at a weight class lower, but he also had to bump up a weight class half of the matches because we didn't have a 132 pounder! Encourage these "hammers" to compete at the state level so we can have a better team, but don't complain when the kids who won top spots in our state competition didn't fair as well as you hoped. These kids put in the practice & competed at the state level, so they deserved to go.
  3. Junior National Duals

    My son went on this trip for the first time this year & absolutely loved it! It was an invaluable experience for him & he hopes to do it again next year! I thank Coach Hull & his team for providing such a wonderful trip!
  4. Hangout TONIGHT at 8:30pm EST

    I am not getting anything for the Google Hangout!
  5. Dom Herrick WC 152 Heart of a Champion. Please READ

    So proud of how you wrestled this weekend! We can't imagine all the emotions that you have been going through! Our thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family! May God give you peace during this difficult time! God Bless! The Stephenson Family (Jacob, Josh, Jessica, Lisa & Chris) Yorktown Wrestling
  6. 2014

    Jacob Stephenson