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  1. Weight Allowance

    Thanks, As far as I know our school policy is that if school has been canceled there is to be no extracurricular practices. Thanks for the info.
  2. Weight Allowance

    Hypothetical question: When a school cancels class on friday prior to a conference meet is there an additional 1 pound allowance for that school for the Saturday tournament? If so does that allowance go to all teams or only those who had the school cancellation?
  3. Will the GSSC be posting brackets on indianamat? If not where can they be found?
  4. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Wheeler Wrestling's take on the rage on the stage was a success and fun for all. Even got some nice media coverage from Jim Peters of NWI times. Great turnout. Thanks to both teams for putting on a great event. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/wheeler-hosts-calumet-in-the-rage-on-the-stage-wrestling/article_2ddbc382-7e2e-5c26-95b8-13bd4203d802.html
  5. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Thanks everyone for the support. We will update after the meet. Hoping for great support from the community. We only have 1 home meet per year so we may as well go all out.
  6. Jose Diaz of Wheeler commits to

    Congrats Jose. You deserve it. Good Luck
  7. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Thanks JMILL. We will do that. I hope this can be an annual thing.
  8. Stealing from rage on the stage

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hope it creates a buzz among the students.
  9. Wheeler high school is having senior wrestling night on 1/10/18 at 5:10 pm. We are stealing the rage on the stage idea from floyd central high school. Please come out and see the wrestling mat on the auditorium stage. Looking forward to it. Should be a great night. Thanks to all involved.
  10. KV super duals

    Got it
  11. KV super duals

    Thats a nice line-up Should be some fun matches. What happened to Highland? I thought they were in last year
  12. KV super duals

  13. KV super duals

    Any info on the teams attending this? Good match-ups?
  14. Pin Chain

    No not oversensitive. Just old school. Doesnt bother me just dont like it.
  15. Pin Chain

    Not a fan.