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  1. Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    The wrestlers get a total of 4 lbs. But must weigh in with a singlet and shoes on! @redcobra typically imports the qualifiers during this week, but with State and Indy Nationals coming up, it may take a little longer.
  2. Indiana vs Border States Dual results this season

    I know these aren't duals but Portage and Avon also wrestled Ohio and Michigan teams at Brecksville and both finished in the top 6 of the 48 team tournament. Again, I know this does not fully show what both teams would do in duals, but it is still important to look at nonetheless.
  3. Lake county tournament

    The AD at HC is a former Portage AD, probably part of the reason it is on TW, which I know I can celebrate!
  4. Holiday Classic

    Yep, it is currently streaming if you want a watch.
  5. Holiday Classic

    Not sure that Rioux losing to Campbell twice, Walendzak once, and Peele once is a source of worry. Same with Conley with B. Lee twice, the Columbus East 160, and DJ Washington of Portage.
  6. Holiday Classic

    Hopefully you guys are aware, EMD Holiday Classic is STREAMING for $8 throughout the entire competition. NO ARCHIVES will be available. Thanks!
  7. Team State

    The answer, in short, is that the IHSWCA did not desire for the event to be streamed, so TW will not archive anymore matches unless the coaches association changes their mind in the next few days (the videos will be deleted).
  8. Team State

    We are looking into it for sure. Technically they were only accidentally archived because of the IHSWCA asking for them not to be. We shall see. I have TW working on hopefully a solution to the issue.
  9. Team State

    So a couple things in Re: to the streaming at the Team State Duals. I am going to put it all together in one place since there are a couple of posts regarding videos from team state. First, it was a hectic time as we had different camera/computer/table set ups at each table. TrackWrestling set up a standard for using TrackCast, and unfortunately only 7 of the mats that were streamed had the full TC equipment from TW. The week before, Mark Durham had rented TC kits (as well as used his own 6 computers) from TW for the DII grind of a tournament, Midwest Classic. Those computers and streams had very little issues. Unfortunately for this tournament they used some ISWA computers and video cameras that caused for some spotty video. For those that were complaining about Mat 10 during the event, this was one of the locations where the computer/camera combo were failing us and we had to put a new setup in mid event, which hopefully helped. The good news in this is that we streamed the event, still had many colleges looking at the videos based on the paywall, and it seems like the tournament admins want to rent video equipment from TW for next year. Second, the archives. We were told that archives were not supposed to happen, unfortunately it is automatically archived on TW and when we found that out we had to contact them to stop the archiving of matches. So this means that the first 2-3 rounds (depending on teams) are archived and available to watch for free. This is a major college recruiting tool that has helped Indiana kids get offers from schools. If the tournament hosts do not care, I can archive the rest of the matches. It is hard to see how this is a bad thing for our wrestlers because of scouting. If you know anything about high school wrestling then you should know that coaches trade film to scout. In this case, at least you have the ability to watch all of the matches. Third, not having anyone manning the cameras. We knew this was going to be an issue. There are a couple solutions that we have went through on how to make sure that the cameras are focused on the action. Having a manager from one of the teams run the camera, getting more help for the tables, whatever we need to do. We know there was a water bottle in the view of the Brownsburg v. Portage match, unfortunately. We are working to fix as many issues as we can while hoping to be able to bring streams to the Indiana Wrestling community next year. No solution for this yet, but we are working toward finding a solution. The mats were setup for 1-6 (finals and 3rd place mats) to have the best streaming equipment (the ones that came from TW). That is why the 3A schools were having the spotty computers/cameras. This is something that was decided while setting up and honestly it was probably for the best that we kept those cameras there as it would have delayed the tournament even more if we hadn't. Next year, we are hoping to rent another 5 video kits so that the streams are corrected. I am sure there are more things that you would like answered, so if you would like, go ahead and ask and I can help.
  10. Trackwrestling at Semi-State

    This has been on the table for a few years with the IHSAA and TW. The issue as it stands today, is that Indiana only has two individuals that run the Semi States that are comfortable with running TrackCast systems. The IHSAA would also have to rent TrackCast setups for the events, and they would have to be rented early. One other issue is with using high school gyms, rarely do they have enough bandwidth to stream effectively (EC Central). The IHSAA has stated it is an all in or all out system at this point. We are trying to work with ECC to see if we could stream there!
  11. Week of 11/27-12/3

    Lots of action this weekend!
  12. Both of these have been resent.
  13. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    I do not want to hijack this thread more than I already have. I understand your frustration with the cameras. And believe it that the employees at TW do too. There is nothing worse than having customers complain about a product that you are producing, but sometimes while trying to grow the sport as much as they can stuff happens. But please understand that the only event that Flo has interest in covering in Indiana is IHPO. And you will continue to see that Y2 utilizes TW for this event. They contact him every year to ensure that he has all the help he needs. Also the first event that had every match archived (yes, before Flo) was IHPO 2 years ago. TW was also on site for the tournament last year utilizing their production studio to stream the finals. This past IHPO, they had two employees onsite to ensure the tournament went off without a hitch as well. Track will allow any tournament to stream their event if they want. Now granted the quality of those streams are messed up by inexperienced individuals or bad internet within the venue, but TW is covering youth events every weekend, while Flo only cares about the big events. It appears to me that all Flo cares about is money, while TW cares about customer service and growing the sport. I believe that is why the NCAA utilizes TrackWrestling for all of it's big time events. (NCAA DII, DIII Super Regionals) (NCAA DI, DII, DIII National Championships) As well as the 35 states in the country that utilize TW for their state finals. Again, I appreciate that you are ranting because of lack of good experiences, but from where I stand Track actually cares and will do whatever they can to keep a customer happy.
  14. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    It ticks you off that they don't charge you for things that you don't care about and 95% of the money that is raised while streaming an event they send to the tournament? Below is a response that is sent out if the stream does not operate to the customer's expectation. Try getting that from Flo. Here at Trackwrestling our platform allows individual wrestling tournaments to stream their tournaments, using their volunteers, and their equipment, to further increase the exposure of the sport of wrestling. In doing this, we understand their is a risk that the product is going to vary from event to event, and even from volunteer to volunteer within each event. We accept that risk as part of growing the sport and continuing to put wrestling in front of as many viewers as we can. We are continuing to work diligently to make the process as easy as possible for volunteers and tourney workers, however we cannot control the whole process without severely limiting the number of tournaments we cover. On top of all of that, the tournaments themselves rely on the internet service in the venue they operate to stream the matches. In choosing a venue, many times the quality of the internet service is not top of the list for a wrestling tournament. Having said all of this, if you feel you did not get the product you paid for, we will refund your subscription in whole and remove your subscription. We want you to have a great experience when working with Trackwrestling and the tournaments that are broadcast on Trackcast. If you would like us to proceed with the refund just let us know. How are they still in business? Well they run over 8,000 tournaments a year and are owned by NBC SportsEngine. They run all of the seasons teams for College and many high school states. This include the NWCA OPC that 31 of the states around the country utilize. Have you ever had an issue with big events within Indiana having issues with archives? My guess is you haven't as we have some of the best TW Experts around the world who take streaming our events very seriously. The issue for now, is that some of our associations will/would not let those people stream our big events.