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  1. http://arena.flowrestling.org/
  2. Iswa state tournaments

    Senior 132.. Anybody trying to scrap?
  3. Best singlets for state?

    It'd be cool to see the EMD boys bring the tights back.
  4. Which semi state will rule ?

    Evansville, 6 Garcia Mills G. Rooks B. Lee J. Lee Van Horn New Castle, 4 Bailey Melloh Bane Parris East Chicago, 2 L. Davison A. Davison Fort Wayne, 2 Curtis Ellis
  5. Moving the Castle Regional

    As a Castle fan, I'd rather make the drive twice than not make it at all.
  6. Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?

    Coach Clark, hands down.
  7. What if, wrestlers

    I think he got the better of him twice this past fall. GFC and Super 32.
  8. Drew Hughes

    Shot clock point. Push out point. If nothing is happening on the mat, stand them up. ^^that might help.
  9. Drew Hughes

    No offense taken. All good. Neutral. As long as you're presenting yourself and not fleeing, you're okay. Bottom. If you're "balling up" you're not presenting yourself. Yes, that's stalling.
  10. Drew Hughes

    No. That's not what I'm saying. If I'm ahead and on top, I have to assume the bottom man, the wrestler that needs to score points, is trying to get out. Yes, riding him is a legit strategy. I was giving my thoughts on the top man being called for stalling because he's not "looking to turn". You brought the bottom and neutral positions into the discussion. Stalling is a judgement call made by the official. It's always "ambiguous".
  11. Drew Hughes

    I agree, it can be very boring and it's not my favorite version of the sport to watch either. But if I'm the top man and have a comfortable lead I'd just assume stay in control if I can. Right? Why create action if I don't need it?
  12. Drew Hughes

    It's the bottom man's job to get out. I like the riding time rule and find it completely absurd to ever hit the top man for stalling when both wrestlers are on the mat. I'm still not sure how I feel about the five count when the top man drops to a leg though.
  13. State champ confidence polls

    145- Lee 152- Lee 220- Parris 195- Davison 113- Garcia 120- Mills 285- Ellis 170- Van Horn 132- Bailey 160- Bane 126- Rooks 138- Melloh 106- Curtis 182- Davison
  14. Nick Lee

    He will be. But burning the shirt in Carver against a returning AA?? Really?? Echoing this from PSU's board; if Cael was this insecure about 174, why not start Hall from the get go?
  15. Nick Lee

    I don't understand that play at all.