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  1. Coach Masters

    Prayers Needed for Garrett Wrestling Family

    Prayers to all.
  2. Coach Masters

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    I love the drama of the ticket round, it is very intense and a great thing to watch. The season is on the line and you have 6 minutes to move on and punch a ticket or you go home. It is a wonderful thing for sure. At the same time everybody knows that getting a great draw is part of why some kids advance. Example John Doe, who may very well be easily one of the best 8 kids in the state, drew the state champ in the ticket round so his season is over. It does not discredit any other kids win, just helps to ensure the best 16 get to state. Parris is one of those all-time great Indiana wrestlers, but somebody had to draw him in the ticket round. Same with Lee and the list goes on. We have great wrestling in this state, but it can always be improved upon. I am not saying I am in favor of either, just can see both sides of the argument.
  3. Coach Masters

    Frosh/Soph State questions

    Is there a backup plan for the Portage qualifier due to weather? And if it is called, when will that happen? Does anybody have any clarification on how Indy Nationals will work as a qualifier? What if your wrestler does not wrestle any Indiana Frosh/sophs since its HS division?
  4. Coach Masters

    Prayers needed for Great young man

    Prayers sent.
  5. Coach Masters

    Deepest Weight- Sectionals

    You have sectionals like the ones listed above, then some that only have 4 kids in a weight class and all kids advance to the regional. Amazes me every year.
  6. Coach Masters

    Cynical About the 'Weight Management Program'

    I was asked a couple years ago.
  7. Coach Masters

    Favorite Excuses

    Had a kid weigh in, was 2.5 under day before sectionals. Shows up right before bus leaves Saturday, he told me weight was good. Was 1 over at weigh in. I asked him what he had eaten, said small bit of chicken and water. I kept pushing him, he said the chicken was wings from BWW's and he thought it would be ok to eat wings since they were small. Had a kid come up to me and say that he hit his toe in the locker room on a stool, told him that was a stubbed toe and it happens all the time. He said it hurt too bad to wrestle, missed two weeks of practice before he felt it was ok to go. Same kid came up to me few weeks later, after toe, said he had to leave practice 20 minutes early. i asked why, "I have to get a haircut coach.'
  8. Coach Masters


    Mount Vernon (Fortville)
  9. Coach Masters

    Notable wins 1/13

    Chris Wilkerson (Mt. Vernon Fortville) 3-2 over Alex Barr (Yorktown)
  10. Coach Masters

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    If you know a team has multiple FFs, how can you schedule them? I would like to know what this looks like in a few years. Our better kids will be fine, even taking out the FFs. But I agree about the 3-6 seeded kids.
  11. Coach Masters

    Hoosier Heritage Conference 1/13/18

    We just need the weather to comply and should be a fun day of good wrestling.
  12. Coach Masters

    Hoosier Heritage Conference 1/13/18

    New Castle
  13. Coach Masters


    Pendleton Heights
  14. Coach Masters

    12/16 notable wins and upsets!!!

    Chase Wilkerson (Mt.Vernon Fortville junior, 120) 4-2 over Rose (GC junior, 120) Chris Wilkerson (Mt. Vernon Fortville soph, 132) over Evans (GC senior, 126)

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