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  1. Bremen RWO

    Hope you have my size!
  2. Team State Vote-In Results

    Place top 8 from criteria, then take remaining 6-8 by criteria/write ins from each class and have a tournament to decide. I'll have to check with the powers to be but I'm sure we could host! Problem solved!
  3. Brandon Streck of Merrillville commits to

    You wore one and he didn't ask....
  4. Carroll(Fort Wayne) RTC Tuesdays 6pm

    Weak....no breaks for champs!
  5. No Brownsburg RWO Thursday, 3-29

    Sounds like a scary dude....as scary as a sloth!
  6. Reece Lefever-Warren RTC 3/14!!!

    I know one of them brats!
  7. NCAA Title Contenders

    184 Hunter Bates
  8. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Same story different issue....people try to do things to provide something that's missing, make new events & opportunities, or improve the sport only to have people criticize, complain, or cry unfair! I say go start your own thing, get involved, or shut up!
  9. Professional Wrestling League

    I love it......I would say that I think there is to many weight classes. Just thinking of time involved of programing and length of event (mostly TV). I would also take it to an odd number of weight classes making easier tie breaker criteria. I don't see the need in having wrestlers going to college to qualify. Some kids are just not good in school or fail out. Not giving them a chance to make a team could cause wrestling to lose quality wrestlers. I also don't see the need for the weight qualifying restrictions. The only reason they are in high school and college is to protect the organizations. Otherwise, I think a lot of the top 20 college teams have a great or at least a good start to being able to create a pro-team and could help off set some or all of their team cost. I also think that it wouldn't be unrealistic to see some of the UFC/MMA gyms to sponsor teams to bring in better practice partners for their superstars. It is really not that unrealistic of a situation because of the creation of club programs that some of these better colleges are building. I think like you said that Folkstyle would have to be the option, even though I think it would be more beneficial if it was Freestyle for world competitions.
  10. NCAA DIII National Qualifiers from Indiana

    All freshman and sophomores except Chase Wilson. Plus Timberman had a questionable call that almost put him in the finals, but finished 5th. Ripple torn his knee in the semi-final match for 3/4 (he was winning with seconds to go) and had to MFF and ended up taking 6th.

    Sick part is that Brooks could have made 106 the last 2 years he wrestled in high school.
  12. Wabash

  13. Epic Clash

    I'm not going to guess which one would win, but will say I remember sitting on the bottom of the stands at Merrillville Semi-State when Robinson walked by me. I honestly think I peed myself a little bit. That man somehow fit into a 220 body!
  14. Boards about to die down

    Maybe some focus on college coaches and the teams. Drawing attention to Indiana colleges in an effort to keep more of our kids in state! Maybe some live specials with head or assistant coaches. Talking about their expectations, team goals, and other relevant information.
  15. B Lee class act

    It's even more amazing how well those kids turned out, despite the coaching staff......Kyle has never been right ever since the summer he spent with you guys in Florida. All he talks about is being a better person and winning now!