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  1. He's not going to get many dates, making comments like that!
  2. Shaved ICE

    You just need to eat it off his chiseled abs!
  3. NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    Blocking weights for JV meets would be a better idea than using weight classes. This would get kids more matches, reduce byes, and improve tournament flow.
  4. State - 160

    That's a tough 3 matches just to get to the finals. Reed, then probably Lemley, and then probably Eiteljorge. He definitely deserves it if he can get through all of them.
  5. State - 160

    Hicks over South is my upset pick of Friday night!
  6. Wabash College (Indiana) Boys Ranked in DIII

    Two Wabash wrestlers making the Most dominate wrestler in DIII for week 4! DivisionIII Rank Name School Weight Avg.TeamPoints 1 Isaiah Bellamy Wesleyan (CT) 285 5.28 2 Mike Ross Wartburg 157 5.27 3 Guy Patron Loras 197 5.04 4 Jake Ashcraft Ithaca 184 5.00 5 Darden Schurg Wabash 174 4.74 6 Jonathan Haas Brockport 125 4.73 7 Troy Stanich Stevens 133 4.71 8 Michael DiNardo Johnson & Wales (RI) 197 4.71 9 Kyle Hatch Wabash 157 4.67 10 Devon Carrillo Wesleyan (CT) 197 4.64 https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/February/07/Penn-State-Wisconsin-Parkside-and-Wesleyan-wrestlers-top-first-Most-Dominant-Wrestler-standings
  7. Wabash College (Indiana) Boys Ranked in DIII

    From what I hear he didn't use his eligibility this year. He has an option of competing next year if he chooses. This is a very young and exciting group of wrestlers. They have 42 of 44 kids that are eligible to return next year (all but one starter). Also, 32 of the 44 still have 2 years left (This include 6 kids that look to be this years regional wrestlers IMO). Great place for our local Indiana wrestlers to go after high school, if they have the grades and want to put in the work (in and out of the classroom)!
  8. Along the way they have had other HM kids: Nier @ 125, Everson @ 141, Bates @ 184, Guzier @ 125, Schermer @ 141, and Shaffer @ 197 (transferred to Indiana Tech). This should be an interesting and fun run through Regionals and Nationals. Definitely a very young and talented team! Any senior in high school with good grades that hasn't consider Wabash should give it a second look! They will be missing out on being on a wonderful team! This is a talented and very diverse group of young men! The cool part is that 42 of the 44 wrestlers are eligible to be on next years team.
  9. The rankings going in to semi state

    And if I remember right he doesn't pick his list off of how he thinks Semi-States will feed into state. Meaning he ranks from what he believes to be highest to lowest, even if the top 8 came from the same Semi-State. He could easily raise his percentage a few points by only including who he thinks will come out of the Semi-State up at the top, before listing additional probabilities.
  10. Here it is folks...The Dirty South!

    You have the talking crap part down!
  11. “Automatic” State Champs

    That is a very sad statement.......and I hope you are very wrong! I can think of a few up and comers that could turn into the next great things. This is similar to the Jordon/James comparisons, everyone thinks their generation it the best. I can't believe I just made a basketball comparison to wrestling!
  12. Here it is folks...The Dirty South!

    I have been doing this board thing all wrong.....I thought it was to talk crap, find information about wrestlers to watch, and stay in the now of wrestling. I have a hard enough problem remembering the wrestlers on my team. I don't need to know every kid out there. That is what your local programs, websites, and other social media is for.....use it!
  13. States Without Wrestlebacks

    You guys are getting worked up on a 1st time poster, long time pretender.........
  14. States Without Wrestlebacks

    I would argue that it would be a higher percentage due to the fact that some kids get performance anxiety or beat by a mental aspect. I think that some kids beat themselves. For example, if the wrestler knew they wouldn't be out of the tournament if they lose, then I think that would have an impact on their performance. There is a lot of pressure for kids in both the ticket round of semi-state and the first round of state. They don't want to be the kid that losses that is supposed to win! If you put wrestle backs into play, that takes some of that pressure off of the kid. I believe that this 15%-20% number would be absent of this factor and could be much higher in this example.