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Everything posted by Thor

  1. Willie lied to me, he said Slivka would make it in once the seniors were pulled out. And surprised to see Mosconi omitted, Nomad likes him a lot. Also a bit surprised to see Curtis left off, thought he'd be a definite in.
  2. Thor

    Flowrestling Class Big Boards

    Now if they only knew how to spell Shenandowa lol.
  3. Thor

    Ice Skating on Beat The Streets

    It was raining the first half of the day in New York, and then humidity was 80-90% the rest of the evening. Tough circumstances for sure
  4. Thor

    Indiana D1 commits

    If he would happen to wrestle and want to be a pilot, Purdue would be the place to go
  5. Thor

    Indiana D1 commits

    When did Triana commit to Purdue? And Penola is also a Purdue commit
  6. Thor

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    I don't understand why everyone hates Flo so much? What's the other alternative, track? I have never had a good streaming experience from them. Flo brings great production value, better commentators, and better streaming than track
  7. Thor


    Is there a big weight allowance? A couple of guys down in weight
  8. Hasn't he worn Purdue headgear the past two years?
  9. Thor

    Desantos kimura

    I must have missed it, what did Stoll do?
  10. Thor

    NCAA Nationals

    I’m super high on him, had some good wins this season and I swear he got the first takedown in every match he wrestled. He was hurt this year and held out for a little while. Coming out of high school he was on the same tier as Hidlay who was runner up. Hopefully he can make a jump
  11. Thor

    NCAA Nationals

    I think in this scenario, the semifinalist would have a half point more the first rounder. The first rounder would need one more match to equal the points from the three topside wins the semifinalist would have.
  12. Thor

    NCAA Nationals

    I like Lydy's path to potential All American. He has Finesilver from Duke this morning, and if he gets by him he'd most likely have Ethan Ramos who he already beat earlier this year and then potential Myles Amine in the blood round, who he also beat this year.
  13. Thor

    2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125 - Nato 4 133 - Gross 5 141 - Meredith 2 149 - Zain 10 157 - Nolf 3 165 - Imar 8 174 - Hall 6 184 - Nickal 9 197 - Moore 1 285 - Snyder 7 Team Ohio State Score 152
  14. Is this gonna be webcast somewhere?
  15. And now Austin Bethel has more All American finishes than state places. Amazing
  16. Well a freshman that’s undefeated and a conference champ. Perfectly reasonable to make him the one. Seeds all make sense, probably a little too much focus on conference champs. Medical forfeiting out screwed kemerer. Definitely think the champ is on the bottom half
  17. Most recent picture of Wyatt
  18. Thor

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Like I said, Carmel was probably the better dual team last year. Just making a case for Mishawaka. But please, call Clownbaby, I dare you.
  19. IUs Cole Weaver and Devin Skatzka also get an auto bid. Indiana guys Zach Davis, Mitch Sliga, and Drew Hildebrandt miss the cut
  20. Thornton and Morrisey get at large bids. Damn I'm good
  21. Thor

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    They have three returning state qualifiers, one with a 4th place medal last year, as well as another Sinkovics. Carmel brings back Brendan Mattingly, but I don't recognize any other names in their lineup. Carmel may have the better overall dual team, but star power and name recognition could push Mishawaka in.
  22. Thor

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    What ranking site/magazine are some of these coming from? I haven't seen Warren or Mills ranked anywhere
  23. Thor

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I think that vote ins are Warren, Carmel, and Mishawaka
  24. Flo had an article today about who got their auto qualification stolen and who would be looking at a wild card and they had Thornton and Morrisey as likely getting a wild card. IU has a shot with Skatzka and Cole Weaver. A few former Indiana boys on that list also with Nathan Boston and Zach Davis
  25. Thor

    Stevan Micic

    I'd love to see him win, but Seth Gross is dang tough. I think he majored Micic earlier in the year. Hopefully Micic has closed the gap.

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