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  1. Considering they’re not in his top school list and Penn State list Travis wittlake, I’d say slim to none. But that would be an awesome get
  2. Not everyone always wrestles in opens. Two of Purdues better wrestlers, Griffin Parriott and Christian Brunner didnt wrestle this weekend either. And along with Tommy Cash, anyone know about Tommy Forte? He's not on Buffalos roster either
  3. Magazine?

    Yup, looking like next Thursday or Friday
  4. Super 32

    I thought Brayton Lee was wrestling today, but I'm not seeing him, he not wrestling today?
  5. Let the good times roll

    His home address is probably still Ohio if his parents live there but he lives at the school
  6. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Any ETA on when the magazine will drop?
  7. Army Wrestlers

    Just checking out the Army roster and noticed Colton Cummings and Brad Laughlin aren't on the roster, and news on these guys?
  8. Army Wrestlers

    Gunnar Larson is on the roster, so it's not a true freshman thing
  9. IHPO matchups

    Anyone else hear on the track cast the guy pronouncing Mendez as Menenez?
  10. Weight Lifting on Game Day

    When I was in school whenever there was a competition, the people competing that day would do lower weights/less intense workouts. Just enough to stretch out a bit. Everyone else would be business as usual
  11. Flo's been rolling out their rankings this week and up to 141 we got four Indiana boys ranked. Brock Hudkins at 125, Stevan Micic and Luke Welch at 133, and Chad Red at 141 with Nick Lee being mentioned as being in the rankings at some point, but they don't rank true freshman preseason.
  12. Hopefully Joe can get in too at 160 and parris possibly if he can come in the middle of football season
  13. Saw that Trent Hidlay has named Purdue as one of his top schools. He would be a huge recruit at a weight of need. Does anyone know of any other recruits that Ersland is working for?
  14. Post-Fargo Flo Rankings

    Willie talked about having Brayton vs Lewan up at 152. Not snubbed yet
  15. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    As much as I was hoping to see him go to Purdue, it would be pretty cool to see Red, Lee, and possibly Parris all in the same lineup
  16. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    With Maple moving on to Nebraska, does that almost lock him up going there? Along with wrestling with Chad Red and Jordan Burroughs
  17. Purdue wrestling may not be going after Parris, but I think that the football team is giving him a look. Purdue engineering could be a big factor in not just which school he picks, but which sport.
  18. Purdue

    Parriot cut down to A) not wrestle up to 74 kg which is probably to big for him and B ) he also avoided Mark Hall. The cut was definetly too much but there wasn't a weight that worked well for him. Also there's no hot seat, he's in his third year pulling in good recruits for a school that doesn't care that much.
  19. Virginia Beach

    What's the full lineup for the outlaw team? It's been difficult piecing together from the livestream
  20. Brayden Lowery

    Uh what?
  21. 2017 FloNationals

    Noah Cressel in the quarters, has 1 seed and Michigan recruit Jelani Embree
  22. Virginia Beach

    McIntosh beat Jake Silverstein in the semis who's ranked 14 at 138 on Flo
  23. Purdue should have much better results next year. Parriott didn't have many big matches but he did take 5th place finisher Jake Short to a 1 point decision where he gave up a late takedown. Streck hopefully places and I love what Brunners been doing lately, hopefully he develops well. This team will hopefully be stronger in a couple of years with the better recruiting classes they've been having. Gotta remember with this lineup that starters like Lydy, Welch, and Griffin weren't top recruits coming out of high school and for them to be at the level they're at is impressive.
  24. Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Why the hate on Alston Bane? Three time placer, including two thirds, and a class act bringing awareness to mental health illnesses and breast cancer through his clothes and hair colors. More than deserving of consideration for Mr. Gorilla