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Everything posted by Thor

  1. Any story behind his finals singlet? Curious why it was half red
  2. Cathedral on FIRE

    If they did get deducted 3, that will be the difference if Walton wins
  3. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Are you getting access to the archive? I keep getting an error
  4. Most losses

    Didn’t Mappes have like 22 when he made it as a freshman?
  5. IN kids

    Last time I saw James was on IUs roster. Cody Lecount is at Marian I believe, but I haven't seen many if any results from him. Everytime I see marian wrestling on twitter they're forfeiting half the weights. No clue on Tommy Forte, would also love an update on him
  6. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Are we not counting Brayton Lee as a golf manager?
  7. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Jay County Gaven Hare - football and baseball Yorktown Christian Hunt and Holden Parsons - football Adams Central Logan Mosser and Chandler Schumm - football New Haven Jonyvan Johnson and Jaxson Savieo - football Bellmont Kyle Lawson - cross country Peru Jordan Rader - football Some of these guys may be in other sports, but I’m mostly familiar if they play football
  8. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    South Adams Wyatt Miller - wrestling and cross country Isaiah Baumgartner - wrestling, football, and baseball
  9. Brackets with Rankings

    There's a link in the info center pinned to the top of the forum
  10. Best Weight Ever?

    I think what makes this year stand out so much is that all of these wrestlers accomplishments have already happened. In some prior years, you can say there were so many total state champs, but that would come later in their careers. 126 this year already has 3 state titles, as well as more runnerups, semifinalists and other accolades.
  11. State - 182

    Graber looked really good on Saturday. Wouldn't be surprised to see him under the lights
  12. Mosser is at 120, and for any hangouts this week it’s pronounced the moh-szur not moss-er
  13. Nick Lee question

    Penn State guys don’t cut much, if Lee wanted he could probably make 133
  14. Mackey Mayhem- Free tickets

    Very disappointing loss because it was very winnable. Easily the worst effort I've seen from them in the Ersland era. Not sure what's up with Parriot and Brunner.
  15. Rypel

    Rypel's hurt and out for the year I believe.
  16. FWSS Stream?

    I can't confirm if they'll have all four mats up, but they will be doing a webcast of the entire event.
  17. Brackets are out!!!
  18. Jay County Regional Webcast

    One of the coaches didn’t want to keep the archives up for scouting purposes. All video will be back up the Friday of state
  19. You know Purdue’s 133 graduates next year and as of now no one to replace him, and Asa sure would good in black and old gold....
  20. Wow Purdue wrecked IU. Love to see it as a Purdue fan, but dang iu is bad. Why do any of instate recruits want to go there? Their wrestlers show very little development.
  21. 152 Rankings

    Macklin got third
  22. Jay County Regional Webcast

    It's on now. Here's the link http://bernewitness.com/webcast/
  23. David Carr would probably be the safe bet to stay because of the legacy, but there must be something going on for them to keep losing blue chippers.
  24. Curtis pinned Moran in the 7th place match two years ago, so we got to see it, just not under the lights.
  25. Toughest semi-state???

    The top ranked 120 goes through FW