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  1. Thor

    Fargo List

    Definitely in freestyle, but folk I see it being like Stevenson match with Kerkvilet, where it was only a 3-1 match.
  2. Thor

    Fargo List

    If that’s a folk style match, it’s tied 2-2 at the point of the tech. All had to do with Cassioppis freestyle experience. Parris needed to look towards his sweep more, his high crotch to a dump isn’t gonna work on elite wrestlers
  3. Thor

    Fargo List

    Parris has zero par terre, but he was made to get 4 point moves.
  4. Thor

    Fargo List

    Mendez loses a tough one to Caleb Henson from Georgia, ranked 46th on the freshman big board. Did Mendez get hurt in that match? My video was freezing up during the match and I saw him getting worked on on the mat.
  5. Thor

    Fargo List

    Big last second takedown for Zeke Seltzer to move on to the quarters. Beat Kal Miller from Missouri, who's ranked 38th on the freshman big board.
  6. Thor

    Fargo List

    Alex Cottey and Noah Cressel get shoutouts in Flo's junior darkhorse list.
  7. Updated rankings tonight. Brewer is in at 12 at 182. Everyone else only shifted due to weight changes
  8. Is that Braden Welch that Flo has 29th on their freshman big board?
  9. Who all is coming to Culver?
  10. I thought Josh Barr was an incoming freshman?
  11. Thor

    Rypel 2018-2019

    What was his injury?
  12. Thor

    Eli Pokorney

    Did Eli Pokorney commit to Purdue? Tony Ersland tweeted about a big guy committing last week and just noticed Flo put Purdue as his college in the rankings. Haven't heard anything official yet
  13. Flo has him at 152, but I can't find much about him. I did find a list on a forum of someone's top Ohio middle school wrestlers, Bryant was first, Donahue second,and Eli Pack eight, all going to Culver.
  14. Flo released their freshman rankings and IN has 3 in the top 50 and 2 in the top 10 Andrew Donahue - 3 says Culver Military, never heard of him before. Where’d he come from? Jesse Mendez - 6 Zeke Seltzer - 47

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