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  1. Thanks for the confirmation on the butt slap. Looked like he did but thought there’s no way he did that
  2. Army has been snatching up Yorktown's elite wrestlers lately, will make for a very fun line up in a few years. Who wants to bet Brayden Curtis ends up their too?
  3. Nick Lee question

    There’s a chance they can redshirt him down the line. They’ve done that with Zain and megaludis. Also helps if he gets injured later
  4. Nick Lee question

    And isn't little brother starting ahead of him?
  5. Nick Lee question

    Not sure about the Michigan match but his Alber match is
  6. Nick Lee question

    I like Micic getting it, but it’s gonna be very difficult for red and lee
  7. #1 Curtis vs #2 Black Instant classic

    There any video of this match anywhere?
  8. 01/13/2018

    Levi Leffers
  9. 01/13/2018

    Isaiah Baumgartner
  10. 01/13/2018

    Jordan Contreras
  11. 01/13/2018

    Levi Leffers
  12. 01/13/2018

    Draven Rasler
  13. 01/13/2018

    Drake Baker
  14. 01/13/2018

    Clayton Fielden
  15. 01/13/2018

    Giran Kunkel