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  1. takedownartist

    Top Middle School Wrestlers 2017/2018 Season

    Sig...Please update when possible. Always looking forward to your insights. Thanks
  2. It is a step in the right direction. If the X team does not work out, perhaps the powers that be can have a list of Indy kids or from wherever also weigh in with the teams. In the event a kid from A team gets injured or withdraws for whatever reason, the B team will not lose a wrestler like in the past. I mention Indy area kids because not too many parents are willing to spend four nights in Indy hotels for a maybe phone call. I also thought it would be a neat idea to have the Schoolboy team leaders coordinate renting a house big enough to hold the SB Teams and just split the cost among the parents. At least it is an alternate idea for hotel or at the very least a block of rooms at nearby hotel. Not everyone lives close to Indy,
  3. takedownartist

    ISWA Freestyle State

    Is the ISWA requirement of 2 local Freestyle tournament qualifiers still a thing to wrestle Freestyle State this year? Asking for a friend..
  4. takedownartist

    ISWA Folkstyle State - adding sectionals, regionals...

    Would it be wrong to limit kids above .500 only to MS state to reduce crazy size of brackets and getting done near midnight? ISWA needs numbers to help grow sport and continued support of age group endeavors. Long day but would not change present format.
  5. takedownartist

    national dual team

  6. takedownartist

    Heartland Dual Elementary Team Wrestle Off's

    Any updates?
  7. takedownartist

    national dual team

  8. takedownartist

    national dual team

    Are the team rosters finalized yet?
  9. takedownartist

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Not sure of “you all” but for me it was not knowing the area of back required to touch the mat for a pin...but the criteria of required time. Can anyone show the clock on track and the roll through from start to finish? Two second is long enough to get a takedown. Seen this at State Finals many years ago. A roll through would have to be near slow motion. We can agree to disagree as I know my opinion.
  10. takedownartist

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Define brief? How long do you think a wrestler needs to be flat in HS rules? Robbery in Broad daylight in front of 10,000 people.
  11. takedownartist

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    The back exposure was no longer than any type of roll through tilt. It was not pretty but not a pin, imo. This kid has such a bright future outside of wrestling maybe he will look back and laugh about the time the ref said he pinned himself. Well mannered, humbleness and self composure are rare traits these days.
  12. takedownartist

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    When I watched it live, I was as stunned as the kid that got the "so called" pin.
  13. takedownartist

    Class Champs picks

    Please stop.
  14. takedownartist

    Boycott Freestyle

    Compromise over Boycott. Here is a solution. I challenge the ISWA Board to vote on this: Any wrestler who is on any ISWA team going to National Middle Schools duals and/or Heartland duals should have an automatic exemption for one Freestyle qualifier per ISWA team event. This makes sense if any freestyle qualifier is held on the same weekend as the ISWA dual team tournaments. The wrestler parents are already supporting the ISWA by spending hundreds of dollars on the out of state tournaments. If their kid is doing both, over a thousand dollars when counting all travel expenses. Note that I stated exemptions not waivers. I do not think little Johnny should get a waiver because he had a baseball game. This is all about wrestling. I like freestyle way better than folkstyle, but during the month of April, that is the prime month to seek out top competition for the younger wrestlers who are not Cadets or Juniors. Do not penalize these kids because Freesyle and Greco States are in May. Most of these kids on these teams do not know off seasons and wrestle year around. They are at the Academy or Club training Freestyle and Greco. They already are training all styles for years to be ready for Fargo when they become Cadets and Juniors. They are the future of Indiana wrestling. Do not preach to the choir. We want the same thing. Making Indiana wrestling better and better.