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  1. SIAC

  2. SIAC

    Hunt beat out Bealmer for Castle’s 120 varsity spot.
  3. SIAC

    It will be MD'sBoots vs. Memorial's Lichlyter for the 220 conf title.
  4. SIAC

    I believe line ups released 11pm tonight. Unfortunately, I am with Hook on this year's SIAC tourney. Below are last year's 1st and 2nd placers: 106 Castle over MD 113 Memorial over MD 120 MD over Castle 126 MD over Castle 132 MD over Reitz 138 Castle over MD 145 Reitz over MD 152 MD over Castle 160 Castle over MD 170 Castle over Memorial 182 Central over Castle 195 MD over Memorial 220 MD over Castle 285 Memorial over Harrison Only one weight class with neither Castle nor MD. This year I am predicting Castle or MD are in every finals. I have MD winning 106, 113, 120, 132, 138, 145, 160, 220 and 285. Castle winning 126, 152, 195. Central winning 182. 170?
  5. You are a stud Fabio Jr. It’s as simple as that.
  6. Notable wins 1/13

    Someone please comment on this match: Strueder over Miranda 4-3 138 Hoosier Crossroads Semis!
  7. Reitz vs Mater Dei, Thursday Night at 6pm

    Castle is notoriously bad when it comes to team results, let alone individual results. It’s the coach’s philosophy in their case. It sucks but it is what it is.
  8. Cathedral vs Perry

    21-0 Perry after 152-220. Wow!
  9. Cathedral vs Perry

  10. Cathedral vs Perry

    No sound
  11. Cathedral vs Perry

    Link please?
  12. Depth of 126

    Willis and Egli will meet at conference as well as Regional. I don’t see Egli going 3-0. The first match was very close.
  13. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Don’t see a lot of good finals matches here, honestly: 132 Rooks will win, but Craig will keep it close. 145 Sellmer v Schoenegge will be very good. 152 is the first fairly open competitive class. 170 is decent as well, but Fuller will be the odds on favorite. 182 Spiller v Mosley will be excellent again (watched their 1pt finals match at Mater Dei Hoilday Classic). 220 and 285 are the only other weight classes that look to be wide open. I’d still love to be there for the finals though!
  14. Seeding Meeting Change???

    This will be hard to police for opposing coaches. There is no way they’ll be able to check the other wrestlers’ records in any given weight class, correct?
  15. Finishes

    That was the best. Crowd went nuts. The wrestlers appreciated the competition. A rare State finals moment for sure.