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  1. backtothemat

    Super 32

    Wow what a match Carson Brewer just pulled off in OT. Tough early match against a St John Bosco kid.
  2. backtothemat

    Moves and Transfers

    Track says West Terre Haute
  3. backtothemat

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Good luck to KT. Have enjoyed watching him mix it up in the MCWC room over the years......
  4. backtothemat

    Grand River Rumble

    Hats off to Gavin. Where’s the love everybody? 27 matches? Tell me he at least had a few FFs in there.....
  5. backtothemat

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    Wright and Ramos are in different weight classes, yes?
  6. backtothemat

    Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    NICE wrestling room Coach!
  7. backtothemat

    Jeffersonville RTC Schedule

    Nice! I see former Castle stud Austin Ramsey (5th placer I believe in 2016) in the yellow shirt in the background!
  8. backtothemat

    2018 (cld hv bn) Senior class.

    Okay how do I find this podcast?
  9. backtothemat


    Thanks for the updates coach!
  10. backtothemat

    USA Folkstyle Nationals-University of Northern Iowa

    Saw that Deters is now a USA folkstyle champ. How did our other boys do?
  11. backtothemat

    NCAA Nationals

    Until Rasheed just lost
  12. backtothemat

    R.I.P Bryce Sheffer

    Remember seeing him mix it up in Maurer Coughlin's wrestling room once and thinking "this is the best kid in the room". And it was a GOOD room.
  13. backtothemat

    NCAA Seeds/Brackets Are Out!

    Great job CJ,
  14. backtothemat

    Angel to head coach

    I hope that doesn't negatively affect our local by Paul Konrath......
  15. backtothemat

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    Thought the same thing. Hopefully we’ll see Snyder v. Coon III!

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