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  1. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    If the concern of this post is simply scholarships, then how about having your son/daughter focus on studies? No injury there. If they are successful enough in a sport to warrant a scholarship; great! If not, no sweat. They will have already been building towards a more sustainable endeavor. As much as we love watching our children play sports, most of them will not be doing it later in life. If your child has already passed the threshold for an academic opportunity then adjust for your younger children to focus on academics.
  2. Wrestlers on the field

    Brigham Kleinhenz had an article called Tackling Machine in the Columbus Republic. Great kid and a 2X semi-state qualifier for North. http://www.therepublic.com/2017/10/12/tackling_machine/
  3. Who's #1 (B.Lee & J. Lee)

    220 and Hwt is probably hard to do right now because of football.
  4. cosgrove

    Crown Point acts like they are trying to win a state championship or something. Congrats!
  5. Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    That's big news for Indiana wrestling! How much will tickets cost and when will they be available?
  6. Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    What time will the hangout take place?
  7. High School Rankings?

    Too early? LOL
  8. Heading North

    Some of you already know that my family is headed to Columbus, IN from Seymour. We have wanted to move to Columbus for several years but now is the time. Our children are enrolled in the Bartholomew County school system now and love it. While we are still living in Seymour, we hope to move very soon. One of the hardest things to leave behind is our Seymour wrestling family. The past five years has been an absolute joy for our family. Sharing and passing on the love for the sport of wrestling in Seymour has had an impact on myself and family that will last a lifetime. I want to thank coach Todd Weaver for giving me the opportunity to help grow the program and be a part of something special. Adam Wolka is the HS assistant coach/youth director now. He will do a great job of continuing the success of the Seymour youth program. I also wanted to thank all of the Seymour coaches/volunteers that have helped me the past 5 years: Joe Penegar, Greg Musser, Matt Martin, Darin Kriete, Bill Castetter, Matt Chandler, Chad Chambers, Tony Combs, Joey Shepherd, Ben Rorick, Nathan Canaday, Ron Zike, Chad Garner, Andy Wilson, and Matt Ruddick. Our next adventure takes us to Columbus North where I will be helping develop the youth program with Justin Cooper, Anthony Meister, Joe Martinez, Andrew Douglas, Ethan Ott, Zach Metz, and Mike Anderson. If you need to contact me about wrestling please email me at cndogswrestling@gmail.com.
  9. Chris Bono and Jon Reader @ Warren Central

    Thanks for hosting this camp. Our wrestlers had a great time. Thanks to the ISWA as well!
  10. State champions

    The Evansville semi-state is going to be very tough!
  11. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    You are right. That is who I was thinking of but got his name mixed up. That is a tough room!
  12. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    Garrett is there too, right? That is a pretty tough room.
  13. Grand River Rumble Open Weights

    He was picked up by Tenway.
  14. Grand River Rumble Open Weights

    Coach, I know of a possible 74 lber. He is a 5th grader from Floyd Central. Tough kid, hard to wrestle. He's really tall, fast and strong. What is the cost to be on the team and can I pass along your number? Thanks, Justin Ratliff 812-525-7304
  15. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    I just meant that some kids seem to be focusing more on Folkstyle so it may be hard to put together our best team. I think with some creative thinking an all-star team is possible. You just have to make them an offer that is hard to turn down.
  16. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    Some of those kids may not wrestle freestyle, right?
  17. pico

    I didn't think Pico looked confident before the match. The Bellator crowd is a lot different than a World Wrestling Championship crowd. Hopefully he will bounce back and adjust. I am sure he will.
  18. Tennessee Team Needs Weights for GRR

    A team from Tennessee (Tenway United) is looking for wrestlers to fill some weights for the Grand River Rumble. They need the following: 3U (k-3): 75, 92 6U (k-6): HWT for 1 team 6U (k-6): 54, 82, 96, 112, 125, HWT for 2nd team 6U (k-6): 54, 78, 82, 96, 112, 125, HWT for 3rd team Contact Coach: Shaner Gobbell 615-598-3028
  19. NFHS Rule Changes

    A person could get the set much cheaper with a little research and work.
  20. Freestyle State Numbers

    My wife said that they usually have anywhere from 10-20 on site registrations. Its headed in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the tournament!
  21. Faulkens: compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling shall have a minimum 4-inch inseam that shall not extend below the knee; Shorts designed for wrestling shall have an elastic waistband and a drawstring that is not exposed.Compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling shall not have exposed drawstrings, belt loops, zippers, snaps, buttons, or pockets.A suitable under garment which completely covers the buttocks and groin area must be worn under shorts designed for wrestling.Shorts designed for wrestling may be worn over the singlet.Compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling may be worn with a form-fitted compression shirt.Compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling shall be school-issued.
  22. Who's the best middle school wrestlers in Indiana?

    I think this list is great. As we all know, polls can differ from person to person but I think a person would be hard pressed to find a more accurate poll for this age group in our state. Many of the names on the list are the ones that have been making noise in various state and out of state tournaments for several years. I think the list is a great thing. It gives another goal for MS kids to attempt to reach. I think sometimes Middle School kids get lost in the shuffle. There are now more and more events that show where kids in this age group are at compared to other states. This list is a reflection of that.
  23. New wrestling facilities at IU

    I think wrestling will have meets at the new facility but practice in their current room.
  24. Brownsburg Getting NEW Wrestling Room!- Any advice?

    Do you have a projector and large screen?
  25. Favorite wrestling moment ever!

    One of my most recent favorite wrestling moments happened at the Big Ten Championships. We were sitting right behind Vincenzo Joseph's father. After Vincenzo lost to Imar he sat down with his dad. His dad immediately asked,"How are you doing?" Vincenzo said,"I'm fine." Dad asked again,"How are you doing?" Vincenzo said,"I'm alright dad. I've got about a week and a half to figure it out. I'll figure it out." My son was sitting next to me watching this exchange. When Vincenzo pulled it off I looked at my son and said, "Do you remember that conversation Vincenzo and his dad had after losing at the Big 10's? My son said, "Yeah, that's pretty awesome."