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  1. I bet Brewer makes it in. Especially if he has a good showing at Fargo.
  2. I wanted to recognize Columbus North's Brigham Kleinhenz for being awarded the Bartholomew County Male Athlete of the Year award. Brigham is an All-state athlete in three sports: Football, Wrestling, and Pole Vaulting. He represents the model our program will continue to strive for. He is one of the most unassuming young men you will meet. Humble and always looking for ways to serve. Brigham comes from a long line of successful Kleinhenz athletes. He did not start wrestling until his freshman year! I believe all of the brothers wrestled and his sisters were managers for past teams. Super family! Angel Escobedo was the keynote speaker for the awards. Very cool! A big night for wrestling in Columbus as Graham Rooks and Nick South shared the honor of best wrestler of the year. http://www.therepublic.com/2018/06/08/columbus_a_big_winner_when_it_comes_to_fan_support/
  3. Justin Ratliff

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Columbus North welcomes Matt Joyce as the new head coach! Coach Joyce wrestled 2 years at Manchester University, was an assistant coach at Greenfield where he had the opportunity to coach a few state qualifiers/placers, and was most recently the head coach at Western Boone where he was working on building the program.
  4. Justin Ratliff

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    For those that may be interested in the Columbus North Head Coach position here are some of the available teaching positions: Social Studies/History Science English There are a few administrative positions open at the High School and Elementary level as well. Feel free to call me with any questions: 812-525-7304
  5. Justin Ratliff

    Matt Coughlin at Columbus North

    Matt Coughlin will be teaching freestyle tonight at Columbus North HS from 6-7:30pm. Come get better at Freestyle from one of Indiana's best. Enter door 26 on the West side of the school.
  6. Matt Coughlin will be teaching freestyle tonight at Columbus North HS from 6-7:30pm. Come get better at Freestyle from one of Indiana's best. Enter door 26 on the West side of the school.
  7. Justin Ratliff

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Columbus North- Justin Cooper - Open
  8. Justin Ratliff

    Good Gear Company

    KC Battlegear https://www.facebook.com/kcbattlegear1 Indiana based company. Good quality, cheap prices, quick return. They have design people to help you get the look you want also.
  9. Justin Ratliff

    Wrestling Academies

    If you are in an area that is not in very close proximity to a solid academy, there are a few things that you can do to amplify your club kids wrestling. 1. Have some of the top academy coaches do some clinics instead of your regular club practice. This will be a learning experience for both kids and coaches. See if they will bring a few of their studs to wrestle with your kids too. Your kids will love experiencing someone different and it is always eyeopening for your wrestlers when they say, "That is what you tell us all of the time, coach." 2. Take some field trips to some of the academies and drop in to wrestle with the big boys. Again, a learning experience and who does not like a field trip that involves wrestling. 3. Think out of the box. Or smash your box and build a new one. Take some of the things that you learn from those experiences and apply those to your club. One of the hardest things to replicate is the level of practice partners skill and intensity. If a family is able to, don't discourage them from attending an academy.
  10. Justin Ratliff

    The Snow

  11. Justin Ratliff

    Official gets knocked out!

    Check out this match from the Kentucky MS State Duals. The official catches a foot to the jaw unexpectedly and is knocked out at about 1:04. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/VideoPlayer.jsp?matchId=334094132
  12. Justin Ratliff

    Trophy Chasing

    Dang! I helped a few kids get on some teams as wildcards and didn't get anything for it. I'm going to have to hold out for some sliders next time or something. At least some gas station sushi.
  13. Justin Ratliff

    Nick Lee question

    I think they may be considering the outcome of the team race by pulling his red shirt; especially with Cortez's recent injury.
  14. Justin Ratliff

    Favorite Excuses

    Me: Why did you miss the dual (in Columbus) Saturday? Wrestler: We had to go to Indianapolis to get my little brothers toy fixed.
  15. Justin Ratliff

    Nick Lee question

    It will be great to see Indiana wrestling showcased on a more national level like the Big Ten championships if Lee and Red wrestle one another again!

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