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  1. Jacob Clark of Avon commits to

    #ProudParent #TheCounty
  2. Parents of seniors...

    For parents with seniors advancing tonight or falling short of their goals there is one message that needs to be said...and that is "we are proud of you". These kids put their heart and soul into what they do and it's easy as a parent to lose sight of this sometimes. Be a fan and their biggest supporter and that's all we can do. It's a sport. It's a freaking blast and it will eventually come to an end...win or lose. To all that advanced and kept their goals alive all the best and bring home the prize but let's not lose sight of the journey to State. They are all winners.
  3. Best singlets for state?

    Avon kids going to be rockin some new fancy warm ups for parade
  4. Where's the real discussion?

    They did move but are open in the main level of an apartment building like you said at far NE portion of Mass Ave.
  5. Academy roll call

    Jacob Clark - Contenders Wrestling Academy
  6. Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?

    At least you two are disagreeing again. The agreement this morning threw me off a bit. HA
  7. Where's the real discussion?

    A few thoughts on lunch options between sessions from someone from #TheCounty that works downtown. Kilroy's - very convenient due to proximity from Bankers Life. Nobody under 21 permitted so if you want some adult beverages this might be a good spot. Lots of variety on menu options. Gotta try to pepperoni stuffed breadsticks...their specialty. King David's Dogs - also within walking distance. If you want a darn good hot dog and something quick this might be a good option for you. Chicago Dog is the dog of choice but many different options including freshly made corn dogs. Try to tater tots as a side. Drinks feature crushed ice (old school) instead of cubes. If you are looking for pizza there are several options nearby. Pie Five if you want something fast. Personal pizzas...choose your crust and toppings and it's ready in 5 minutes from their 10,000 degree oven. Better options I would say are Giorgio's on the Circle and Giordano's. Giorgio's has been around for 500 years and has pizza by the slice as well as pasta and sandwiches. The people there are incredibly nice. If you want your gut filled to almost popping status then head to Giordano's. Deep dish pizza with sauce on top made famous in Chicago and you won't leave hungry. For a change of pace if you want brunch/breakfast head to Cafe Patachou in the Simon office building. Locally owned spot and you won't leave disappointed. HUGE omelettes and pancakes/waffles. Great salad options also if your one of those healthy folks. If you are feeling adventurous and don't mind a short drive then head to Mass. Avenue. Parking is a bit tough but it's worth the hassle. A couple of my personal favorites are The Eagle and Fat Dan's. The Eagle is famous for it's fried chicken. It's worth the drive (only 5 minutes tops) and they do offer a large assortment of adult beverages. Fat Dan's is awesome also. Try to smoked chicken wings...they are out of bounds! Lot's of other sandwich options here also along with great fresh cut french fries. And of course we can't forget to mention Shapiro's. Again a short drive but worth it. Parking not an issue here as they have a dedicated lot. Old school deli with anything and everything you want and HUGE sandwiches so you won't leave here hungry either. Great collection of sides and if you can handle it they have enormous and amazing cakes, pies and cookies for dessert. Enjoy the lunch break! Weather going to be amazing. Hope this provides the wrestling family some good options.
  8. Who is on fire?

    Logan Boe 106 from Danville. #TheCounty
  9. SS Wrestler of the day

    Graham got a takedown with 1-2 seconds to go in 3rd period to win. Don't recall seeing Cayden's match.
  10. Changes?

    Who is out from Jeffersonville regional at 132?
  11. Granby? From the bottom or standing...

    Lots of great local restaurants on Granby Street in downtown Norfolk, VA. My personal favorite is Luce where they serve wild boar ragu over pasta.
  12. Rankings

    Fabio, on Evansville 152 SS rankings it appears that Coyle from Center Grove dropped to 145. He is shown as #1 seed on 145 Mooresville sectional bracket.
  13. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Avon's biscuits and gravy for breakfast along with chicken and noodles, chili and pulled pork is pretty good. And we are stepping it up every year so it will only get better. #TheCounty
  14. Final Weight Classes

    Logan Coyle of Center Grove dropped to 145 from 152.
  15. Avon Sectional

    #TheCounty will welcome everyone to the O-RENA on Saturday morning. With both Avon and Brownsburg having six #1 seeds looking like yet another close team race for the Sectional crown. Also several potential Avon vs. Brownsburg finals matches (seems like we have done this before) so should be an entertaining day. Best of luck to all the wrestlers competing.