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  1. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Brownsburg- Montgomery, Campbell, Mills, Kreitzer,Mulkey, Lee are all wrestling only after their freshman year Walton football and wrestling
  2. Pics from Evansville SS

    Matt M I should have found you for some Seymour Wrestling gear!
  3. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Lots of "#"
  4. Finishes

    I always love a #chinwhipcity finish
  5. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Tiger I’m not 100% sure but it happened after the match from what I understand. Noah Gardner from Edgewood got the TFall and then something happened.
  6. Who's had a better In state day than Garcia?

    The Chicago Bulls and Phil Jackson were absolutely disgraceful when they let Jordan play in the famous flu game in the NBA finals. This is ridiculous.
  7. Freshman Sophomore State

    Brownsburg had two guys go and they had a decent amount of kids in their weight class. Been to too many tournaments since to recall but it was ran on track so you can look up information as to how big each weight was. It was a great tournament and I think we are going to push for more guys to go this year.
  8. A monster is awakening at

    Brewer is HUGE, can’t believe he made 170. Fatore is solid too.
  9. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    I am just hoping I get a Seymour Wrestling shirt this year.
  10. Pin Chain

    If they are upset about it then maybe they should stay off their back.
  11. Wrestlers not out/ big weight jumps

    Backtothemat best of luck to you and Baxter. He is a great kid, we here at Brownsburg enjoyed having him with us down at Jazz Town and Disney.
  12. Results-We can do better

    Is that the same North school from the concussion coaches video where they rush the kid back too soon because it’s a big game?
  13. Looks like our guys averaged a little over 30 matches. So that would be like dropping two tournaments on the weekend or dropping a holiday tournament. Looks like some of the records may not get broken if that is the case!
  14. Article: Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Triple B please don't lose your smile!
  15. Blue team results: Silver:Coaches: Chris Seymour, Jason Schoeff 50----Logan Allen 3-5 55----Revin Dickman 3-5 60----Carter Bell 0-8 65----Brady Ison 2-6 70----Cheaney Schoeff 7-1 (AA) 75----Brady Bauman 6-2 80----Stephen Roberson jr 6-2 85----Ethan Kiser 3-5 90----Phenix Carney 2-6 95----Griffin Ison 4-4 100--Gavin Layman 5-3 105--Scott Fitts 4-4 112--Drew Mason 701 (AA) 120--Nate Lommock 5-3 130--Robert Bowman 7-1 (AA) 140--Cody Timmerman 5-3 As a team we went 5-3. It was an honor to coach these boys this weekend. They did a great job of representing themselves, parents,respective clubs, and the state of Indiana. I am excited to watch these young men grow in the next few years. For those of you who have not even been to this tournament I would highly recommend trying out for the team, their was lots of great competition.