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  1. Past USAW Triple Crown Winners

    Jmill don't forget he was on my the middle school team out in Danville a few years ago too and went undefeated. Best of luck to you Jesse.
  2. Disney Duals

    MattyB it was the DISNEY duals not UNIVeRSAL duals. Should have spent more time with the mouse!
  3. Disney Duals

    Glad to see Dr. Brewer is heading down in case I need some staples or glue done. Also Thanks for putting that breakdown together Joe! I know the purple and white #paintrain is ready to fly down.
  4. Seymour Wrestling

    I was thinking this was about me. Only joking, however I feel like I need to talk to a coach from Seymour to talk about a gear exchange.
  5. Freshman/sophomore state

    T. Carson has had some rough draws lately but shows how tough he is by always showing up to wrestle and not giving up! He will keep putting time in and I would not be shocked to see him make a deep run next year. #thecounty
  6. Gunnar Larson

    Good luck Gunnar!
  7. Some interesting stats going into state

    Hatch Nick had those stats or I could let you know. #ridingtime
  8. Some interesting stats going into state

    Brayton has also given up more than 250 escapes, He can't hold down a fly.
  9. Drew Kreitzer of Brownsburg was not seeded at sectionals and is going to semi state. He was pretty sick most of the season and is finally getting healthy.
  10. #1 confidence polls

    Instead of doing a 16 vs 17 state champs let's do state champs vs #thecounty champs
  11. Semi-State Hidden/Unknown Picks

    I hear Warsaw is nice this time of year.
  12. Hoosier Crossroads Conference

    Teams are: Avon, Brownsburg, Fishers, HSE, Nobelsville, Westfield, Zionsville Seed meeting was tonight. Any thoughts and/or predictions? I wanted to beat TeamGarcia to the punch on starting the topic. #thecountyTMZ
  13. Mooresville holiday classic

    DC guy- If that is a shot at TY I can assure you it was not a weight issue for the reason being he is not in Illness bug hit us pretty hard.
  14. Best Matches at State Duals...any updates

    Elbow Tie- Jan 17th it will be a rematch with Perry and Brownsburg. We travel to Perry for the dual. Should be another great match.
  15. Seeding

    Judging by what they were saying last night about "moving parts" I think they put those things into consideration Joe that was a low blow.....9/10 times it works....maybe that was just the 1/10?? (Sarcasm just so people don't get upset by that)