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  1. Cascade Beginner Tourney

    Bump! Jims Wrestling Supply will be onsite. FYI../
  2. Cascade is hosting a Folk-Style Beginners Tourney this year. Please share with all your beginner wrestlers. Great opportunity to get some mat time against level competition. Let me know if you have any questions. CADET FOLKSTYLE BEGINNERS OPEN.pdf
  3. Coach P. Thanks for having us. Great environment, lots of matches quickly, see you in a couple of weeks!
  4. Travis Hutchison Head Coach Cascade High School travis.hutchison@agsystems.com
  5. Cadet Duals Dec 2nd

    Cascade High School is looking to add an 8th team to our Cadet Duals on Dec 2nd. Current Attendees: Cascade Monrovia South Putnam North Putnam Pike Manual Avon-B
  6. Coach Go ahead and put Cascade down for Elementary Duals for each of the dates above. And thanks for the email!
  7. Coach Cascade is interested in the elementary duals. Please email me info, as I couldn't open the document. travis.hutchison@agsystems.com
  8. Indiana Wrestling League

    What are the weight classes? What days are the meets? Last year we had 4 internal dual teams K-6th that competed in house. Cascade Head Coach Travis Hutchison
  9. Grand River Rumble Open Weights

    perfect, thats who i was posting for!
  10. Grand River Rumble Open Weights

    he said to call or text him asap if interested...I think its just the singlet cost of $55 but they can confirm by call 615 598 3028
  11. Grand River Rumble Open Weights

    have them call or text 615 598 3028
  12. 6GU - 74, 78, 82, 86, 112, 125, HWT
  13. Caught red handed

    Hate for The Cade? Come on now, everyone likes The Cade... Here some breaking news for you...Wade and the Rebels will be joining The Cadets for a 3 Day Camp hosted at Cascade in June...Welcome to any areas wrestlers...Cost is FREE... We have a generation of Cadets working hard to pave a new path...Give it some time! #letitbrew
  14. Best excuses

    This year alone: I have to work to pay for my car insurance. Its too hard. We didn't play enough games last year. I'm gonna try out for basketball. I'm just going to lift. I'm going to focus on baseball this year. I don't want to lose weight. Oh and a couple of year's ago, i got...."I'm just too busy right now with my 4H rabbits" OMG!
  15. Allowance after weigh ins

    It was strange... We always take our scale with us everywhere we go in a multi dual environment. We shouldn't have assumed others would do the same. We should have asked more than one other team to bring their scale, but we didn't realize our scale was soo heavy and would cause such a ruckus so to speak either. Not sure what the rules allow for in a situation like this, but we left it up the the referees to make the call and that is what they came up with.