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  1. P4P king of ‘19

    Kellar wrestled 106 last year for Ohio and took 5th as a freshman. He just wrestled 106+5 at FloNationals, my guess is 113 for next year for him. Jesse TF and majored him in there only 2 matches.
  2. P4P king of ‘19

    Who are some of the kids moving in from Ohio to Culver this year? I heard there is supposed to be 5 kids, but I was only told of Peyten Keller.
  3. P4P king of ‘19

    Jesse will be 120 or 126 depending on how much muscle he can put on this summer. After the past 2 weekends it is clear that lifting needs to be a priority. I agree with MattyB that neither Jesse or Asa would avoid each other if given a chance.
  4. P4P king of ‘19

    Mendez 8th Grader 2018 FloNationals 3rd (HS) 2018 USA Cadet National Runner Up 2017 IHPO Champ 2016 Grappler Champ (HS) 2017 Grappler Runner Up (HS)
  5. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    All you have to do is go on Illinoismatman once and you will never complain about this site again.
  6. Nic and Jesse have wrestled each other 5 times in the last few years. Jesse won the first match 8-1, but has since then lost the last 4 meetings. I was hoping Jesse was closing the distance after looking really good against him at the Grappler, but Nic had a game plan against Jesse and just put it on him. Jesse definitely should not have tried to throw a much stronger Bouzakis, but hopefully he learned something from the beat down. Jesse might only have to wait a week to see him again at FloNationals.
  7. Drousias(cadet 106) and Roberson(cadet 106) are in the semi finals. Goodwin(cadet 126) and Frazier(cadet 94) are both still wrestling with 1 loss and will place.
  8. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125-Suriano-2 133-Gross-4 141-Diakomihalis-3 149-Retherford-10 157-Nolf-5 165-Martinez-8 174-Valencia -1 184-Nickal-9 197-Moore-7 285-Snyder-6 penn state 140
  9. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Now that cathedral accepted, CP won’t have a shot... but if CP was giving an invitation I heard they would have accepted it.
  10. Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125- Lee-3 133-Micic-7 141-Lee-5 149-Retherford-10 157-Kemerer-4 165-Martinez-6 174-Jordan-1 184-Nickal-8 197-Rasheed-2 285-Snyder-9 Penn State-134
  11. Yes I think Parker, Roberson, Freeman, and Mckivtz would all have been at the very least semi state qualifiers if they weren’t behind very good wrestlers. I believe Mckivtz started at Avon and then transferred to Cathedral. Cathedral is going to be very strong again next year so hopefully Parker and McKivtz find a spot in the varsity lineup so we can see what they can do.
  12. I went through and added this year’s accomplishments to last years top 25. -4 kids that placed at state(5 adding Bryer Hall from watch list) COTTEY placing the highest as a runner up. -7 state qualifiers(8 adding Heath from watch list) -6 semi state qualifiers(7 adding jevian Ross from watch list) -3 kids still in Middle School Overal it was a great year for freshman.
  13. I moved him out because there was a lot of deserving kids that went to middle school state and placed(most current tournament I can go off of). Plus as you can see this is just for fun, it does not have a official tab or place in rankings. Also if you look back I have gone against ISWA more then most have... no love for them. I can not look at each head to head of every kid in Indiana so things are going to slip by.
  14. Updated: 2/14//2018 Tons of up and coming 7th grade talent in the new rankings. I will try to re rank every month or after every big tournament. Message me if I missed anyone or if I messed up on grade and school. I know there are some deserving 6th graders, but unless they have some crazy results they will stay in HM. Couple bigger weight middle school champs(Street, Stockman, Schuetter, Butts, Smitley) need some more results before I can add them... maybe a dominate performance at Heartland duals will do the trick.
  15. IHSWCA Middle School State

    Well if there was any hope of having a middle school ranking tab it is gone now that JMILL supports it. #kissofdeath