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  1. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse has grown a lot in the last few months, but he also isn't dropping much for these recent tournaments, which is why he looks undersized. Side note the high school organization did not sign off on the middle schoolers wrestling in their event so they cancelled the showcase. Jesse will hopefully see Nick and Ryan at the VAC that same weekend.
  2. Even if all 4 Brownsburg seniors win titles this year that puts them at 6 state titles for the group, which puts them shy 1 to griffith group.
  3. I was actually trying to figure out how to add Devon and Drake Buchanan. I have since updated it. Without having placed at middle school state or winning ISWA I couldn't justify putting Devon in front of any of the kids already ranked. I am sure as the season starts up there will plenty of kids dropping from the list and others jumping up into the rankings.
  4. He hasn't moved to Indiana yet.
  5. There isn't anything for Elementary, but there are a few kids that travel often and have won some major youth events. These are just a few I hear often. Case Bell, Landen Haines, Braylon Reynolds, Evan Stanley, Kyle Harden, Landon Hawkins, Rowan Treasurer, Nathan Rioux, Revin Dickman, Parker Reynolds, Rianne Murphy, devin Roberson, Justin Williamson, Preston Haines, Brady Ison, Caden Brewer, Aidan Torres, Seth Syra, Kameron Hazelett, Griffen Vantichelt, Carlos Perez, Jairo Acuna.
  6. Yes, he was pinned by Nic Bouzakis. Jesse was winning 11-7 in the 2nd period, when he got cradled.
  7. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I signed Jesse up for Middle School before he had a qualifier for the high school division. To be truthful I did not think he was ready, until after he wrestled in the Grappler. I then attempted to switch him to High School, but they said he couldn't switch divisions because high school was sold out. I sent quite a few emails, but they are strict with their rules. Jesse was bummed when he saw kids he has beaten getting all American honors and in this case winning, but he also enjoyed winning a belt in MS. In reference to Crookham's age, I thought it said he turned 15 at the beginning of this month which doesn't make him much older then most 8th graders. I showed Jesse the negative comments about Ryan and he was upset that people would not just give Ryan props and respect how hard of an accomplishment it is to win Super32(HS) at any age level.
  8. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Crookham just won HS division 113lbs at Super32 and Bouzakis took 5th at 106lbs. This is going to be an awesome round robin.
  9. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse has wrestled Nic several times. Jesse majored him The first time they wrestled, then 2 months later Nic beat him in finals at USA Nationals in a close match. Nic then beat him pretty good at grand river rumble. The last match was 2 weeks ago where jesse was winning 11-7 and got cradled. Jesse is pretty excited about wrestling him this quickly Jesse beat crookham in TOC finals 2 years ago. Crookham is a 3 or 4 time super32 champ. Jesse and Gavin have never been the same weight, but Gavin is definitely elite. It should be 3 great matches.
  10. The Walsh Jesuit Ironman is doing a 4-man round robin Junior High exhibition showcase of the best middle schoolers in the country before the finals. Along with Jesse is: -Nic Bouzakis(Lake Highland Prep FL) -Ryan Crookham(Bethlehem Catholic PA) -Gavin Brown(Legacy Christian OH) Will we ever see the travel restriction rule removed so Indiana can get some teams in this tournament?
  11. The Grappler is this Saturday. There are a ton of Indiana kids competing for those of you that want to watch some great wrestling it will be on trackwrestling. A bunch of Indiana boys making the pre-seeds GFC ELITE DIVISION PRE-SEEDS Note - Pre-seeds are subject to change 98 1. Tommy Larson (WI) 2. Stephen Roberson (IN) 3. Casey Swiderski (MI) 4. Drew Lang (UT) 5. Dylan Chappell (PA) 6. Blake West (MN) 7. Austin Fietz (MI) 8. Rayana Sahagun (MI) 9. Mojahid Ahmed (MI) 10. Brendan Ferretti (MI) 11. Austin Bashi (MI) 12. Aiden Davis (MI) 105 1. Andrew Chambal (MI) 2. Jacob Moran (IN) 3. Sean Spidle (MI) 4. Timothy Levine (CA) 5. Riley Bettich (MI) 6. Parker Decker (TX) 7. Logan Bailey (IN) 8. Logan Brown (MI) 9. Josh Barr (MI) 10. Sam Freeman (MI) 11. Garett Lautzenheiser (OH) 12. Nolan Datema (MI) 112 1. Nic Bouzakis (FL) 2. Vinny Zerban (IL) 3. Jesse Mendez (IN) 4. Gavin Ritter (OH) 5. Noah Horst (TN) 6. Reese Fry (MI) 7. David Stepanian (MI) 8. TJ Daugherty (MI) 9. Nick Alayan (MI) 10. Wyatt Riddle (OH) 11. Thomas Deck (KY) 12. Jake Wohltman (FL) 119 1. Ben Kamali (MI) 2. Matthew Cardello (OH) 3. Ryan Chauvin (FL) 4. Cody Holmes (WI) 5. Joshua Ogunsanya (IL) 6. Jake Canitano (OH) 7. Bretli Reyna (FL) 8. Vincent Mannella (GA) 9. Brayden Palmer (TN) 10. Terrin Machart (MI) 11. Bryce Brust (MI) 12. Jordan Strmiska (TX) 125 1. Travis Ford-Melton (IL) 2. Branson Proudlock (MI) 3. Maylek Hines (FL) 4. Cayden Rooks (IN) 5. Carlos Champagne (IL) 6. Collin Poynter (IN) 7. Logan Heil (OH) 8. Brock Peele (IN) 9. Danny Poupore (MI) 10. Sincere Bailey (IL) 11. Kyle Kantola (MI) 12. Mitchell Christensen (MI) 130 1. Joey Silva (FL) 2. Anthony Madrigal (IL) 3. AJ Facundo (MI) 4. Robert Rogers (MI) 5. Graham Rooks (IN) 6. Joey Bianchi (WI) 7. Michael DeAugustino (FL) 8. Anthonie Taylor (MI) 9. Daniel Byers (GA) 10. Julian Hernandez (FL) 11. Christian Morales (FL) 12. Blake Saito (OH) 135 1. Josh Edmond (MI) 2. Kris Rumph (IN) 3. Dawson Combest (IN) 4. Corbyn Munson (MI) 5. Skyler Crespo (MI) 6. Val Kochiu (WI) 7. Tony Williams (MI) 8. Derek Gilcher (MI) 9. Isiah Berry (MI) 10. Marc Shaeffer (MI) 11. Christian Killion (MI) 12. Justin Kempf (WI) 140 1. Kevon Davenport (MI) 2. Nick Freeman (MI) 3. Noah Castillo (FL) 4. Zach Melloh (IN) 5. Holden Heller (IL) 6. James Whitaker (MI) 7. Alex Urquiza (FL) 8. Devin Kohn (FL) 9. Mason Breece (MI) 10. Trevor Robinson (MI) 11. Ethan Basile (FL) 12. Max Kristoff (IL) 145 1. Alex Facundo (MI) 2. Kendall Coleman (IL) 3. Kai Bele (FL) 4. Jeffrey Thomas (OH) 5. Graham Calhoun (IN) 6. Patrick Ryan (IL) 7. Jordan Slivka (IN) 8. BJ Bailey (IL) 9. Nick Felt (MI) 10. Killion Southworth (MI) 11. Quenten Hall (MI) 12. Austin Wolford (MI) 152 1. Connor Brady (OH) 2. Markus Hartman (IL) 3. Cameron Amine (MI) 4. Brevin Balmaceda (FL) 5. Nevan Snodgrass (OH) 6. John Manning (Canada) 7. Sandro Ramirez (OH) 8. Alec Rees (MI) 9. Joey Sanchez (OH) 10. Derrick Smallwood (KY) 11. Donnell Washington (IL) 12. Jacob LaPlace (IN) 160 1. Erich Byelick (FL) 2. Mason Reiniche (TN) 3. Ryan Thomas (OH) 4. Alex Cramer (IL) 5. Danny Braunagel (IL) 6. Dustin Gross (MI) 7. Todd Perry (FL) 8. Layne Malczewski (MI) 9. Brian Case (MI) 10. River Shettler (MI) 11. Sam York (MI) 12. Austin O’Hearon (MI) 171 1. Zac Braunagel (IL) 2. Max Cosmides (FL) 3. Ruston Robinson (GA) 4. Daniel Rasmussen (IL) 5. Aiden Wagh (MI) 6. Jacob Sklenar (WI) 7. Braxton Parks (MI) 8. Anthony Williams (MI) 189 1. Ryan Ringler (MI) 2. Ashton Eyler (OH) 3. Beau Yineman (WI) 4. Nick Benton (FL) 5. Honour Kline (MI) 6. Chris Hackney (MI) 7. Easton Turner (MI) 8. Eli Davenport (FL) 215 1. Brandon Whitman (MI) 2. Ben Goldin (FL) 3. Jared Ball (OH) 4. Chase Gibson (MI) 5. Cameron Sauerwein (OH) 6. Adam Jones (WI) 7. Jacob Stanbro (FL) 8. Joe Nagle (MI) 285 1. Curtis Ruff (FL) 2. Tyler Moore (MI) 3. Blake Coffell (MI) 4. Emiliano Flores (MI) 5. Tyler Delooff (MI) 6. Joe Harper (MI) 7. Andrew Barbour (MI)
  12. cosgrove

    Another big pick up by CP!!
  13. If Alec is a full sized 106er he will be a force to be reckoned with.
  14. Updated with Josh Barr from Michigan in the rankings. Josh's parents are in the process of selling their home and finalizing employment contracts in Indiana. If this move works out Josh will be a multiple state champ in Indiana.
  15. Jesse Mendez

    Roberson and Frazier(8th grader) are undersized for the weight. Mis and Peele are prolly the weight class up. Zeke Seltzer(8th), Matthew Koontz(8th), and Zeke Escalera would do great. Escalera will be a freshman at Wyoming Seminary so he is probably already in school there training with his team. Several Illinois kids that would make it extremely competitive if they sign up. Jesse is excited to compete and is trying to put some weight on so he won't be giving up much weight to the bigger guys.