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  1. Sig40

    Flowrestling Class Big Boards

    Colton Drousias- 89th among all incoming juniors and currently 3rd in the class of 2020 106lb'ers
  2. Sig40

    Cadet National Duals

    Fabian is not just an Illinois state champ and runner up, he was also a Fargo finalist in Greco as a first year cadet in the same weight class last year. The match had a 4 point move for Jesse wiped away and 4 points worth of caution points for locking fingers in it... having said that I still think Fabian is a better Greco wrestler then Jesse. Hopefully Jesse gets a shot at him in the next 2 days in freestyle. If those were Bryer's first matches in Greco then he has a bright future in it if he gets some more training. Indiana looked great wrestling a style that they don't train much. Looking forward to watching the boys compete the next few days in freestyle.
  3. Sig40

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Gogoplata89 said it best. In most cases the best thing a wrestler can take away from a little bit of Greco training is not how to throw but how to prevent from getting thrown.
  4. Sig40

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    You keep telling us what you have done and all the things you guys have accomplished, which is all great... but how much better could you guys get. I just don’t understand your thought process that adding more to a wrestlers skill set is harmful or a waste. GrecoCoach and a few others all pointed out the benefits to learning some Greco. I can only speak for my kid on this topic and I can tell you that training some Greco has helped his wrestling out tremendously. The most most recent FRL episodes on Flo talked about how much Greco technique can help Freestyle wrestlers. Learning something new is never a bad thing.
  5. Sig40

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    If turning out okay and earning runner ups is the goal then I agree you guys should continue to ignore Greco.
  6. Sig40

    Best Incoming class

    Best incoming class: brownsburg: Ison, Miller, Steet... MaterDei: Baumann, Hayhurst?, Nelson? Crown Point: Mendez, Frazier, ?? (CP’s big in coming class will be in 2 years, should have 6 studs that will be in the lineup immediately) Cathedral: Zeke, ?? Culver Academy:???? Portage, center grove, and Avon always have good middle school teams with some of those guys coming up.
  7. Sig40

    P4P king of ‘19

    Kellar wrestled 106 last year for Ohio and took 5th as a freshman. He just wrestled 106+5 at FloNationals, my guess is 113 for next year for him. Jesse TF and majored him in there only 2 matches.
  8. Sig40

    P4P king of ‘19

    Who are some of the kids moving in from Ohio to Culver this year? I heard there is supposed to be 5 kids, but I was only told of Peyten Keller.
  9. Sig40

    P4P king of ‘19

    Jesse will be 120 or 126 depending on how much muscle he can put on this summer. After the past 2 weekends it is clear that lifting needs to be a priority. I agree with MattyB that neither Jesse or Asa would avoid each other if given a chance.
  10. Sig40

    P4P king of ‘19

    Mendez 8th Grader 2018 FloNationals 3rd (HS) 2018 USA Cadet National Runner Up 2017 IHPO Champ 2016 Grappler Champ (HS) 2017 Grappler Runner Up (HS)
  11. Sig40

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    All you have to do is go on Illinoismatman once and you will never complain about this site again.
  12. Nic and Jesse have wrestled each other 5 times in the last few years. Jesse won the first match 8-1, but has since then lost the last 4 meetings. I was hoping Jesse was closing the distance after looking really good against him at the Grappler, but Nic had a game plan against Jesse and just put it on him. Jesse definitely should not have tried to throw a much stronger Bouzakis, but hopefully he learned something from the beat down. Jesse might only have to wait a week to see him again at FloNationals.
  13. Drousias(cadet 106) and Roberson(cadet 106) are in the semi finals. Goodwin(cadet 126) and Frazier(cadet 94) are both still wrestling with 1 loss and will place.
  14. Sig40

    2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125-Suriano-2 133-Gross-4 141-Diakomihalis-3 149-Retherford-10 157-Nolf-5 165-Martinez-8 174-Valencia -1 184-Nickal-9 197-Moore-7 285-Snyder-6 penn state 140
  15. Sig40

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Now that cathedral accepted, CP won’t have a shot... but if CP was giving an invitation I heard they would have accepted it.

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