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  1. Number 1 ranked youth wrestler in the country. I'll be surprised if this team gives up 12 points in any dual.
  2. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  3. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  4. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  5. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  6. Sig40


    Jesse Mendez
  7. Sig40

    Fargo List

    Mendez beat Witmer from PA(15-4), who previously beat 2X world team member Robbie Howard. Next up to all American is a revenge match vs Vinny Zerban of Illinois.
  8. Sig40

    Fargo List

    Cadets 94-Elijah Anthony, Karson Everett 100- Jeffrey Bailey 106-Alec Freeman, KT Nelson, Brody Bauman, Ashton Hayhurst 113-Cole Drousias, Cole Ross, Zeke Selzter, Carleton Perry, Antonio Jefferson 120-Ethan Kaiser, Tyler Conley, Andrew Sinkovics, Ethan Higgins, Noah Mis 126-Jesse Mendez, Seth Lawson, Matthew Koontz, Logan Wagner, Quinton Chapman 132-Antrhony Poindexter, Simeon Norton, Luke Goodwin, Cody Goodwin 138-Chris Wilkerson, Bryer Hall, Tyler Fuqua, Mile Merkel, Reakus Shelton 145-Scott Fitts, Jordan Fulks, JajuanAnderson, James Smith 152-Brock Ellis, Aidan Warren, Brice Coleman 160-Connor Poe, Brandon Estepp 170-Jacob LaPlace, Jaylen Summers, Jakob Sheets, Garrett Baker 182-Evan Bates, Dylan Case, Scott Stanley 195-Garrett Sandefur, Robert Bowman, Joshua Howell 220-Jonathan Thomas, ,Braydon Erb 285-Dennis Hubbard, Robbie Gentry, Wayne Vaughn
  9. MScholar has volunteered to take over the rankings.
  10. Josh is a 2nd year schoolboy, I was mistaken on his grade. Looked like Saylor had him ranked as 1 of his 2 Michigan kids on the 2022 big board, but must have got word he is going into 8th grade bc when he released the list he wasn’t on it.
  11. I am also hearing that Brennen Cernus is going to Culver as well. He will be tough to beat at 106 if he is a full sized 106. I added some of his stats on the youth forum top 25 list.
  12. Freestyle and Greco Nationals is the last event of the year... I’ll update this list one last time. In the next week I will pull the incoming freshman out and start a new list.
  13. Sig40

    Flowrestling Class Big Boards

    Colton Drousias- 89th among all incoming juniors and currently 3rd in the class of 2020 106lb'ers
  14. Sig40

    Cadet National Duals

    Fabian is not just an Illinois state champ and runner up, he was also a Fargo finalist in Greco as a first year cadet in the same weight class last year. The match had a 4 point move for Jesse wiped away and 4 points worth of caution points for locking fingers in it... having said that I still think Fabian is a better Greco wrestler then Jesse. Hopefully Jesse gets a shot at him in the next 2 days in freestyle. If those were Bryer's first matches in Greco then he has a bright future in it if he gets some more training. Indiana looked great wrestling a style that they don't train much. Looking forward to watching the boys compete the next few days in freestyle.
  15. Sig40

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Gogoplata89 said it best. In most cases the best thing a wrestler can take away from a little bit of Greco training is not how to throw but how to prevent from getting thrown.

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