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  1. IHSWCA Middle School State

    75-Nathan Smith, Preston Haines, Rianne Murphy, Toby billerman, Seth Syra, David Marcum 80-Coy Hammack, Brady ison, Evan Seng, Reece Courtney, Braxton Vest 85- Sergio Lemley, Bryce Lowery, Logan Miller, Keagan Williams 90-Cheaney Schoeff, Logan Frazier, Isaac Ruble, Cole Solomey 95-Sam Goin, Caleb Solomey 102-Hayden Watson, KT Nelson, Bray Emerine 110-Gilbert Lane, Kaden Lone, Quenton Chapmon 117-Zeke Seltzer, Matthew Koontz, John Purdy, Nicholas Tattani 125-Jesse Mendez, Cody Goodwin, Drew Mills 132-Orlando Cruz, Drake Buchanan, Devon Bell, Aj Steenbeke 140-Jacob Simpson, Christian Carroll, Seth Willems 160-Griffen Ison, Nathaniel Lommock I'll look up other weights later
  2. I have updated the list. Recent tournaments I looked at were NUWAY national, Midwest Classic, Philo, and VAC holiday duals. Congrats to Seltzer on winning the prestigious Philo(Beast of the Midwest), Goin winning Midwest Classic(Elite event), and Mendez/Cheaney/Ison going undefeated at NUWAY National Duals. Jake Simpson also went undefeated at NUWAY Nationals, putting him on my radar. Tournaments I'll be watching: Tulsa, McDonough Duals, and of course Middle School State.
  3. Middle School State (Regionals)???

    Just let me seed the whole tournament.
  4. Ricky Hegedus is still alive as well at 113. He beat a state placer from Detroit Catholic his first match. Keep rolling LDI.
  5. I actually looked him up when I saw he went undefeated at Sparty. This is a good start for him, he just needs to keep going to big events and he will make his way in. Is he a 6th or 7th grader?
  6. Updated after VAC Duals. Some kids killed it, while others did not fair so well. Some kids didn't wrestle and dropped out, others did well and moved up, others did poorly and dropped. Happy to see almost the majority of ranked kids getting at it at the toughest dual in the country.
  7. Chesterton vs Portage

    Portage 50 Chesterton 18

    Yes in 2A. I think Portage is wrestling everyone up a weight class though.
  9. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Jesse has grown a lot in the last few months, but he also isn't dropping much for these recent tournaments, which is why he looks undersized. Side note the high school organization did not sign off on the middle schoolers wrestling in their event so they cancelled the showcase. Jesse will hopefully see Nick and Ryan at the VAC that same weekend.
  10. Even if all 4 Brownsburg seniors win titles this year that puts them at 6 state titles for the group, which puts them shy 1 to griffith group.
  11. I was actually trying to figure out how to add Devon and Drake Buchanan. I have since updated it. Without having placed at middle school state or winning ISWA I couldn't justify putting Devon in front of any of the kids already ranked. I am sure as the season starts up there will plenty of kids dropping from the list and others jumping up into the rankings.
  12. He hasn't moved to Indiana yet.
  13. There isn't anything for Elementary, but there are a few kids that travel often and have won some major youth events. These are just a few I hear often. Case Bell, Landen Haines, Braylon Reynolds, Evan Stanley, Kyle Harden, Landon Hawkins, Rowan Treasurer, Nathan Rioux, Revin Dickman, Parker Reynolds, Rianne Murphy, devin Roberson, Justin Williamson, Preston Haines, Brady Ison, Caden Brewer, Aidan Torres, Seth Syra, Kameron Hazelett, Griffen Vantichelt, Carlos Perez, Jairo Acuna.
  14. Yes, he was pinned by Nic Bouzakis. Jesse was winning 11-7 in the 2nd period, when he got cradled.
  15. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I signed Jesse up for Middle School before he had a qualifier for the high school division. To be truthful I did not think he was ready, until after he wrestled in the Grappler. I then attempted to switch him to High School, but they said he couldn't switch divisions because high school was sold out. I sent quite a few emails, but they are strict with their rules. Jesse was bummed when he saw kids he has beaten getting all American honors and in this case winning, but he also enjoyed winning a belt in MS. In reference to Crookham's age, I thought it said he turned 15 at the beginning of this month which doesn't make him much older then most 8th graders. I showed Jesse the negative comments about Ryan and he was upset that people would not just give Ryan props and respect how hard of an accomplishment it is to win Super32(HS) at any age level.