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  1. Perhaps the Most Valuble Wrestler
  2. Wow, that is just terrible. With his lineage and AAU success, he is the one of the primary wrestlers that shepherded in the modern era of Indiana Wrestling that we can be thankful for today.His success at Delta, love them or hate them, raised the bar of the state tournament excitement giving you guys like Ginther, etc. Guys like Palmer brought the wrestling year round mantra to the forefront. He was the equivalent then, of today's Andrew Howe. World Champ, beast, made it out of Indiana to the highest stage in Oklahoma, but had some injury issues that hampered him. That, and having Mark Schultz and Dan Chaid in the room at OU. If the IHSAA or Coaches assocation doesn't do an award after this man, it would be criminal. Cancer sucks.
  3. Red have an off night?

    Got beat soundly by another Freshman watch match for free here at Illinois: https://www.btn2go.com/embed?id=29489
  4. Made it to the match. Wow, what a disappointing match. It's one thing to lose, but this was bewildering and showed some regression. Hope it was finals week lag. Thoughts - The good: Welch had good start. and you got a surprise with your back-up 157 lbr., Thornton adjusting to bigger weight class. The not as good / questions: * A few bad RPI matches that they need to win. * 157 - where is your starter who is supposed to be your phenom recruit? * 165 - Your returning NCAA Q at 174 drops down to 165 and loses 14-1 to a kid that was 12-21 last year? * 197 - Christian Brunner off to a great start, but you can't lose to a back-up 184 lbr - got to win these matches. * 141 - Expected more from Limmex dropping down from 149 to 141 * 285 - Big Streck off to a great start, but lost to a guy he already beat twice this year already, including a pin. Hope to see him bounce back in a big way. No slumpbusters in the Big Ten Season like this. * General Weight Cutting - starting to see a worrisome trend - guys sucking some weight this year as in past. You have at least 3 guys drop a weight this year, and a 157 lbr that tried to make 145.5 in the summer for Junior Freestyle World Team Trials? Just doesn't seem healthy long term... Monday, Dec. 18 / Holloway Gymnasium / West Lafayette, Indiana No. 23 CENTRAL MICHIGAN 24, No. 19 PURDUE 10 125 / No. 18 Luke Welch (Purdue) def. Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) / MD, 10-2 133 / Ben Thornton (Purdue) def. Dresden Simon (Central Michigan) / D, 6-3 141 / No. 19 Mason Smith (Central Michigan) def. Nate Limmex (Purdue) / D, 3-0 149 / No. 3 Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) def. Koby Reyes (Purdue) / MD, 15-6 157 / Cole Wysocki (Purdue) def. Blake Montrie (Central Michigan) / D, 1-0 165 / Logan Parks (Central Michigan) def. Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) / MD, 14-1 174 / No. 15 CJ Brucki (Central Michigan) def. No. 14 Dylan Lydy (Purdue) / D, 7-3 184 / No. 14 Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan) def. Max Lyon (Purdue) / MD, 11-3 197 / Jordan Atienza (Central Michigan) def. Christian Brunner (Purdue) / D, 10-6 285 / Matt Stencel (Central Michigan) def. No. 14 Shawn Streck (Purdue) / D, 4-3
  5. Purdue

    Agree - same issue at Purdue, not willing to pay for Head Coach or Assistants. IMO, this is a hot seat warning year for the Purdue head coach. If the recruits & holdovers don't produce, the natives will get more restless. Will see Streck does in a huge learning year. Their best get was Brunner at 197 last year, as he fell into Purdue's lap because he was and was a family double legacy from 2 Purdue Football Uncles that were NFL players after Purdue. 2017-2018 is going to be a brutal year. Still can not figure out why you would have one of your top recruits, and your projected 157 lb starter cut down to 145.5 at University Nationals in the summer? On top of getting beat by a high-school junior, he looked like he was going to pass out while stumbling back to the center. For what?
  6. Indiana's Best Ever...

    This is selecting the best - their record in college, especially as a freshman is the ultimate criteria and measurement on their high school career Angel - 4x State Champ, 223-1, Fila Workd Team member, Asics AA, 2005 High School AA College - NCAA 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th - 137 career wins Jason Tsistis - 4x Indiana State Champ, beat several State champs along way , world team qualifier, beat some NCAA studs as a senior in high school including NCAA champ Caldwell - number 2 overall recruit ranking NCAA champ, 3rd, Howe - 2nd, 1st, 1st, 192-1 Fargo Champ #1 recruit NCAA - 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd three time Big Ten champ Palmer - IHSAA 2,1,1,1 hurt in college - not sure which year AAU runner-up and Champ Drop !
  7. Indiana's Best Ever...

    Angel - 4xr, NCAA 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th Jason Tsistis - NCAA champ, 3rd Howe - NCAA - 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd Palmer Drop
  8. Transgender Texas wrestler wins girls state

    Agree Fabio, there's a place for all in the sport, but sound legal basis & rational fairness used by governing body is required to avoid making the sport look bad; that should matter. Sadly, I await in the next few years, the legal crap-storm when we or other sports will have the opposite scenarios, being legally challenged by pre-transitioned of transitioned males wanting to compete as women. It Doesn't mean we can't care about individuals & those in our personal spheres, but I dread the assault on reasonable & rational non-discriminate societal norms, to protect groups that in those scenarios, that are actually biologically advantaged. I'm satisfied with Indiana's current policy in that regard, but realize this will also raise new awareness & discussion on female participation in the sport of wrestling in Indiana, which I welcome 100%, as long as it is not used as the hammer or anvil at the mercy of Title IX, which has directly & passive aggressivly scarred our sport.
  9. Transgender Texas wrestler wins girls state

    Enough with the PC nose thumbing. Disagreeing with a policy or legal position for your opinion of the legal interpretation is not ''bigoted' , it's called rational discussion & beliefs. In theory according to legal tradition, the ideal judge is entirely dispassionate, not swayed by his/her experiences. Our sport is under attack from the Title IX moles, no different than sound rational opinions of individual accountability & equal protections is under assault in the US. I'n sorry but Mack is not the victim here, the other girls are. He or she (at time) made the conscious choice to enter into hormonal drug therapy, that even most international government sport oversight agencies would require 4 year transition, and Mack's family chose not to follow those guidelines. Mack also had legal standing to challenge wrestling boys division but did not. She/He (again because anatomically she was s girl competing against girls) also could have did the right thing and admit or realize certain advantages gained from the drugs/growth hormone did not make it fair for her to compete against other equally anatomic or biologically configured girls, but she didn't. And if one argues that her decision to transition was not "conscious" but medically necessary, that just feeds and proves the other narratives...
  10. Transgender Texas wrestler wins girls state

    Right with you up to #2 - "He is following the rules as they are written..." Maybe that is the problem - At the end of the day, he/she (it's confusing because the stage of transition reported - that doesn't make those who are confused wrong or inappropriate, it just makes them confused and that's normal), in her current physiological state, (anatomically a girl if the reports are correct) competed with a distinct competitive hormonal advantage against other similarly anatomical girl wrestlers. That is wrong for those girls. That is no different than the German Olympic Athletes, Flo Joiner, etc. He has chosen an elective procedure - "medically necessary" should not apply. It is not fair to the other young women. The rules were not followed, and that people were afraid to stand up to the PC police; if "he" wanted to complete with the boys, which I am all for, then take them to court and do it legally. But to allow it to happen is bowing to the PC police for .00001% while the individuals who follow the rules are ignored. There are have been plenty of kids who have been pulled for various medicine requirements not allowed, and they were not provided special protections.
  11. Best 1xer

    I agree Brad or Mark Whitehead from Warsaw who was NCAA runner-up at 190 lbs in 1989. Both were 3 sport guys. Whitehead was one of the best athletes I've ever been around. Guy could play football, wrestle, and could probably run a sub 5:00 mile for a guy who was linebacker size...wrestled high school part time until he went to Northwestern.
  12. Indiana's Best Ever...

    Any 4x timer or 3x timer + top 3 place is in the discussion. Sliga is a great athlete, or phenomenal athlete, who had a fine career, but tough to include him on this list a few reasons: 1. Big Guy Bias - Far more little guys wrestle year around, making the competition & talent far more deep. While the big younger guys seem to be at a disadvantage strength-wise vs. seniors, a little technique goes a long way against the guys are playing football and only wrestling part time. For every great big man wrestler, there are probably 20 lightweights or middleweights 2. He's not even the best big guy. Guys like David Palmer in Muncie, 2nd (lost 3-2 in final),1st,1st,1st was cutting-edge for the State of Indiana in the late 1970's, a big guy wrestling year round. See both wrestle many times, IMO, he would manhandle Sliga. He was a BAMF with technique. 3. Competition and only a 2x champ + 3rd, and 3rd - His senior year he beat a guy in the State Finals that was a 4th place Semi-State placer; that is indicative of both his dominance, but more so the lack of depth. Jr. year he beat Courtney Berry who is a great all around athlete, but a very part time wrestler. Sliga's sophomore year, if I recall, he got manhandled by Stevenson from Indiana Creek who finished 2nd. Both guys he lost to did not win State. He had the rare advantage of staying one weight class (189) for all 4 years if I recall as well, which is a maturity advantage he had. All the best have transitioned through 3 or 4 weight classes to place. That's why Dake's 4x feat in NCAA's is superiorly underrated. It did not seem Sliga had that tough or memorable opponent in Indiana (not his fault) to wrestle that had experience & strength, that went on to be and ass beater in college. And finally, a guy like Howe just had that next gear of nastiness that could break his head through a wall, that folks don't want to touch. There are a rare few guys that have that I have seen since 1970's...probably 5 or 6.
  13. Indiana's Best Ever...

    This is the correct answer - the specialization for the sport did not start until the early 1990's. Most guys were 3 sport athletes wrestling part time. A few of the Delta/Muncie guys were some of the first to do it year round.
  14. Lee , Lee, Parris

    Where is Lee looking?