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  1. Powerline

    Fargo List

    Story on the kid he wrestled - 'Strong Like Bull' - https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16469
  2. Powerline

    Fargo List

  3. Powerline

    Fargo List

    Illinois - 8 finalists and 12 other AA's with four (4) others going for third is a pretty impressive haul. Yet they get all their best guys out of California.
  4. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Confirms one thing what we already knew, that there is a lot of weirdos at Ohio State
  5. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Agree - The conundrum is, report what? "If Jordan was told and didn't report it that is a big issue". There is a wide river between players being creeped out & sarcastically making light of "the doctor with cold hands", to the MSU and PSU situation. The doctor may have, to be determined after investigation, have been found to cross that line. If so, hang him, go after those who knew. But what get's me is that both instigators on the wrestling side have made this about Jordan and not the doctor; yet both these tools, Disabato & Yetts, have both claimed that NOTHING happened except the issues of what they believed was extra attention during a hernia exam, and even then, they said they sarcastically joked about it in the locker room as a running legend. And further, they ALL indicated that they individually never knew or never reported of anything of specific abuse to Jordan. But yet they still want to claim "he knew", because of locker room banter. The stuff that college kids say, stories they talk about, and did on the weekend gets pretty crazy - a coach who does not 'pal' around with the guys is not going to stick around and listen to that for good reason... Mike Disabato even tried to extort Jeff Jordan by copying him on the crazy emails he was sending to Jim Jordan, even though Jeff never wrestled or coached at Ohio State.
  6. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    So far, the public claims by all 5 is that the doctor may have held on longer during hernia check, and they felt he ogled them in the shower. They, so far, publicly indicate nothing beyond that. Creepy, yes, and easy to claim abuse 30 years later. All have claimed none of them told Jordan of any 'alleged abuse'. The definition has changed in their eyes. But if that is all they said happened in passing to the coaches, legally hard to allege they knew about 'abuse' - weirdos, yes. It's totally another level if any of the students had also said he acted beyond their current allegations, if you now what I mean. All they have attested to is that they told Jordan kinew that the doctor was creepy. IMO, They are taking a serious situation with blurred lines, and exploiting it for personal gain.
  7. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Disabato & the other wrestlers speaking out are claiming the doctor held their genitalia longer than they thought it should during a check for a hernia, and that the doctor had cold hands. They have not claimed anything beyond that - talking just about the wrestlers and what may have been communicated. Hard to take action back then on just that. That is not exactly indicative of abuse, less so if you are not a specialist or knowledgeable to the procedure, etc. Creepy, sure, but not illegal in that context. The other aspect mentioned is the voyeurism on behalf of the people trying to use the shower or watch, which may or may not have included the doctor, which Hellickson has publicly said he addressed Their quotes: Anonymous Athlete - ""I remember coming up and saying, 'Strauss held my balls longer than normal" Disabato - "The former wrestler recalled one of his encounters with Strauss, saying, "He examined my genitalia in detail. There was no masturbation or anything, but he definitely looked it over and checked it out."
  8. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    I lived through that era with creepy trainers - most wrestlers are well informed at that age of what someone is doing. I fear for the younger kids exposed. I am sure plenty college kids would be uncomfortable with a request for more than a normal extra coughs, etc. Sorry, but the Larry Nasser pelvic exam is not going to work the same on wrestlers - that would get around fast. Thus far, the only accusations for the wrestling side of these stories is objectification in showers and doctors during the cough exam. Will be interesting to see what else is reported. Most important is legitimately addressing true abuse cases. You just have to know that era of the OSU wrestling team - Hellickson just came over from Wisconsin as assistant and head coach, and had to try and turn OSU around which was a under-performing gold mine. He had some good early guys like Marinelli, the normal Dasabito (Adam), Ramsey, Holman, but then he started landing some of the crazy's and misfits of Ohio instead of the normal Ohio guys he started off with - some strange dudes. Everyone on that list making the accusations Jordan knew something is so predictable to anyone that knew these guys in that era. Jordan was a boring, no nonsense guy and did not click personally with some of these misfits. Will be interesting to see fallout of the Jordan clan with these profiteers salacious accusations that Jordan knew, despite ALL of them to a man claiming they never said anything or knew of any other specific cases. That's a serious character assassination and betrayal...just another example why Jeff & Jim went to Wisconsin in the first place.
  9. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Those were young kids - I would expect mature Big Ten Wrestlers to act different.
  10. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Hearsay and 'being handsy', showering with the team, or allegedly 'holding your nutsack' for a physical cough test a little longer is very, very creepy, but not exactly a reportable abuse. As a matter of fact, if you brought that up today, you would be sued for defamation from the LGBT crowd, Knew what? If they all claim they never told him, but you had locker room banter that the doctor may have been creepy that doesn't prove anything. It seems that 30 years ago, all of these 5 claim legitimately of being homophobic of the doctor's actions, which is not a crime (their homophobia); yet from that 'joking around', they expected Jordan to take action to their homophobia? Again, none have claimed they directly told Jordan anything of abuse they suffered beyond the above creepy hearsay. Funny how none of the other assistant coaches are being discussed. I know most of the 5 who claim 'he knew' through competition and camps. I will take the word of people like Luke Skove, Rex Holman, Lee Kemp, Russ Helickson over guys like Mike Disabato (who is nothing like his brothers) and has rampant legal issues against OSU (and is admittedly having financial issues), or Yetts, who went to prison for weed and ripping off friends & clients of millions, or a roider transfer like Mark Coleman. And Disbato just didn't have licensing issues, he was scamming his current company by putting his sales agreements, while working for his employer, into legal names of other companies he personally owned - that is low class illegal. As to being a 'Big Ten Medal of Honor' winner, every school get's two to four recipients per year and based partially on grades - Ohio State is a fine school, but the academic difficulty there is like getting a diploma in a Cracker Jack box. I feel bad for the actual victims... If Helickson had no direct complaints, but talked to the administration to get the creepiness to subside, what else is he to do? I can tell you first hand what they Jordan guys are like; they coach hard, will come in and work private one-on-one work-outs for the best or worst guy on the team, and then they go home and take care of business and family in a private way. They are not the type to linger, hang out with the team at bars, etc. It was a coach and student relationship of respect. They are not negative and demeaning, and are willing to put in what you are willing to put in. If you told them of illegal activities, these are not the type of people that take no action - it's not that they are brave, etc., it just the type of no nonsense people they are. Tell you what, our assistant coaches had their own locker room and shower, not sure about OSU. But the other irony is the lawyers doing the investigation being Hillary's lawyers. Read Holman's statement: http://ohiowrestling.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6734&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45 And here is what David Range said - "Range said he never discussed the issue directly with Jordan one on one and did not know whether anyone made a formal report, but he said Jordan was present during group conversations in the locker room about Strauss’s behavior. “We talked about it all the time in the locker room” while Jordan was there, he said. “Everybody joked about it and talked about it all the time.” Range said Strauss, who has been accused of abusing athletes in more than a dozen sports during his time as an athletic doctor, touched wrestlers inappropriately during examinations and ogled them in the locker room showers. “He just fondled you a little too long while he gave you a hernia check,” said Range, a Cleveland resident who said he is involved in mixed martial arts. “And then he stayed in the showers, like, an hour until everyone was done.”
  11. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Exactly - these two are out for the money and will take down anyone; the bull pucky that "they considered Jordan their friend". Both Yetts and DiSabato have shown they will fook their friends for anything. Yetts got people he befriended to invest with him, including their retirement savings, and he stole that, before being busted with marijuana distribution, etc. Only served 18 months and he got off light. He originally attended Purdue for football scholarship his RS & freshman year and had a reputation then before bolting for Ohio State to wrestle. DiSabato has sued or been sued in just about every venture he has participated in, and is possibly still having money issues; he also has had litigation with Ohio State University; will be interesting to what his brothers say about him or Head Coach Russ Hellickson. https://www.thelantern.com/2009/11/fighting-for-then-losing-to-ohio-state/ Some of the other wrestlers are claiming that they are doing it for the money given the payouts MSU is looking at: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/395461-ohio-state-sex-scandal-complicates-jordans-possible-speaker-bid?amp&__twitter_impression=true "Pardos, who has been interviewed by investigators, accused some of his former teammates of trying to cash in following Michigan State University's $500 million settlement with hundreds of sexual abuse victims of former university and USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar. "After Larry Nassar, everyone is seeing dollar signs," Pardos said. If you have ever had any dealings with either Jeff or Jim Jordan in the 1980's or 1990's, you would find they are two of the most down to earth, no-nonsense people you will ever deal with. They will have your back, but are professional about it - they are not the type of people to be out partying it up with the team, setting a bad example. They are persons of few words, but those few words they did use were important and honest.
  12. Powerline

    NCAA Nationals

    125 - Hudkins - Lamont comes in hurt, thought Brock had a chance. When healthy, Lamont is a top 5 guy. 125 - Welch - for him that first match off the scale might be the hardest. First round wins are huge in avoiding an extra round of wrestle back. Problem is he has Lee from Iowa in next round who is a monster on top and teched him last at Big Ten's; sorry, he's in for some pain. He has a winnable match in the wrestlebacks, but then he gets the loser of Russell of Edinboro and Piccininni of Oklahoma State. He lost to Russell earlier in the year like 8-5 at Midlands, but I think it is a good match-up for him. If he wins that, he then gets loser of the Cruz, Bresser, Lizak quarter to AA. Lizak could tech him on top, but he I don't know if he gets Lizak of the scale in that round, which would be a huge advantage since Lizak is cutting a ton. He matches up well with Bresser, and has unfamiliarity with Cruz. 141 - Red - College is a bit different than high school, when a 4x state Champ takes his lumps. Now wrestling guys who are more physically mature, even the average guys. He had a good stuffing top game in high school, which I thought would translate well into college, may take some time. He could get away with rednecking young Indiana guys, but not college kids. 141 - Lee - Ryan Diehl caught him with a cow catcher. I predicted at Big Tens that Diehl would catch Red and he almost did. Diehl is a funk, high risk guy who will roll and funk throw you. This is how he caught Thorn a few weeks back who was an AA years ago. You don't want to scramble on the mat or in a front headlock with the guy. He is setting you up.
  13. Curtis - Yorktown 7th @106 in 2016 Champion @106 in 2017 Champion @113 in 2018 2019 Weight & Place? 120 & 126 have some depth coming back, with his frame, have to expect a growth or jump. Garcia - Avon Champion @106 in 2016 3rd @113 in 2017 Champion at @126 in 2018 2019 Weight & Place? 132 could be this years 126 in terms of depth....Rooks, Mosconi,
  14. Powerline

    Best Career

    Sometimes those losses are the catalyst to creating the career he has after.
  15. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Questioning why such common sense safeguards are not employed is the issue. It does not matter who the official is or his integrity. This rests on many shoulders. You don't think the refs have a quick meeting before the tournament on specific issues or rules every session? I would expect the head ref to say every round "thanks for being here and doing what you do, everyone appreciates it. Now go out and enjoy some good wrestling, be consistent, communicate with your 2nd official, don't become part of the match, and for the sake of common sense & appearances, if you have a match where you might be affiliated in any way with either of the schools, stay as the secondary official, or come get me and I will swap you out for a match" Boom, all done.

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