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  1. Powerline

    Shawn Streck

    Purdue has always had guys ranked and been a perennial top 20-25 team ranking due to wrestling in the Big Ten. But last AA was in 2013, with some tough losses in round-of-12 since then. "Ersland has not even had time yet to complete a 4 year cycle"? This is year 5, hired in year 2014. His stalwarts were previously recruited guys except for Lydy, who was always a Purdue lean.... Your 4* 157lb face of the recruiting class was pinned 5 times last year, and you are about to lose grip on Indiana's best with Angel at IU, etc.....It's time for results..
  2. Powerline

    Weight cut

    Thank you for saying this.
  3. Powerline

    Shawn Streck

    Agree it is sad. Purdue is relatively conservative and by the book, not extremely liberal. The Purdue President Mitch Daniels is former Republican Governor or Indiana and was going to be the guy running for president a few years back. He went after the cost of college education by freezing tuition costs for last 5 years with cuts to dead weight - that was not so popular with the liberal teaching/indoctrination crowd, but he has steadfastly won over alumni, parents, students in his time. Very visible on campus and supporter of wrestling. Now as to the original post of Streck, very disappointed in the incident; most importantly, let's hope he gets help needed, and he and the young woman can safely move on. No excuses, it's a tough situation to lose your wrestling & academic career over. With technology & social media today, videos, emails, Snapchat, texts, etc. far more complex issues than years before to make some really stupid mistakes and have it recorded. Reminder to teach our children relationship management, but we are all not innocent of being hurt or verbally hurting others in love & war. Would not be surprised of other outside stress issues impacting as well. On the mat, he was a round-of-12-guy this year IMO. Not a great situation for the coach either. Rumblings of restless alumni in output and program handling last few years. Recruiting rankings only go so far. Bewilderment of weight class bouncing, bumping/cutting and management has been one issue heard. Bringing in Tanelli as assistant was viewed as a big mistake. But there is a real solid assistant in Todd, and let's hope the Schopp hiring works well, on paper seems good. But at the end of the say, results will matter. Dylan Lydy's growth could be a job saver.
  4. Powerline

    Ever wonder who...

    Great point about the influence of Blubaugh that raises some salient points. Love looking at the history of IHSAA sports and IHSAA wrestling; there are a very few sports or schools that have established 'programs', that can sustain programs regardless of who the coach is; like Warren Central or Ben Davis in football, Carmel in swimming. A combination of culture, geographical advantages, and endless talent resource pool to draw from. But then you look deeper at the unbelievable runs of other programs because of a once-in-a-generation truly great coaches that willed their programs to greatness, changing the lives of many, there are a few that stand out. Coaches like in: * Baseball - LaPorte w/ Ken Schreiber (7 Titles), * Basketball - Marion's Bill Green, 6 finals * Track & Field with Gary Roosevelt's John Campbell (10 titles), * Wrestling - Goebel at Mater Dei (12 Titles), or Delta's 5 year run under Patton * Football with Hobart's Don Howell who made 11 title appearances . You get an appreciation for what it took to make that happen, and the sacrifice. It's why we should be grateful to all our current coaches who put the time in changing lives. I can't imagine what they would do with some of today's over-involved parent / coaches. From that list above, weird to see how all of those programs have dropped off significantly. If you told me 20 years ago that the Gary Roosevelt track team would not have any state finals qualifiers for Track & Field in 2018, or that Hobart would not sniff the IHSAA finals for 20 years, or that Bloomington's wrestling scene would drop off the map, I would have ran to Las Vegas and laid $10,000 down.
  5. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Good grief, Helickson never said "sexual assault". Disabato is dumb as a box or rocks - look at his business history and scams. He worked for a company where he took licensing deals that were supposed to be in the name of his employer, and put them in the name of his own side company. He is a crook. Yetts is even a bigger crook - a felon who scammed is own friends and partners out of millions and went to PMItA Prison. Prior to going to Ohio State he was in trouble for locker room thefts while he was on the football team there. This statement is not obstructing; he knows Yetts is a scumbag, and reminds him he has the honor & ability to tell the truth. “If you think the story got told wrong about Jim, you could probably write a statement for release that tells your story and corrects what you feel bad about. I can put you in contact with someone who would release it.”
  6. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Will try and find the articles & video I saw, but Disabato was on video record saying to the point, "Dr. did medical exam for extend length of time, but there was no 'sexual activities' and (he homophobically stressed that); Also said many times he had never told Jordan of 'specific sexual abuse allegations'. Again, said he contends that Jordan should have known through locker room talk. Legally that won't fly and he know it. Now they are stretching extended exam duration as abuse; Helickson did say he talked about the shower hogging & creepiness. Ironically now it is revealed that the so called video Disabato made was "The Video was produced in June by former OSU wrester Mike DiSabato's company Combat Athlete Coalition, he told CNN. The company represents the collective interests of former college athletes in matters of compensation and safety issues." $$$ With Disabato's lawsuits against OSU, business issues, and now this, it is clear he wants money at all costs. https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/05/us/ohio-state-sexual-abuse-allegations-video/index.html As to shower stalking, not to hard to imagine that was the case, as in the 70's and 80's the facilities arms race and privacy are nothing like today. Except for Iowa and maybe Michigan, most Big Ten wrestling teams would have been lucky to have a room that was not crammed under some basketball arena seats or located/shared with a physical education co-rec facility, and were stuck in open multiple use locker rooms with the general student population, other olympic sport teams, and/or training staff, while football and basketball had their own secure locker rooms. So it would not be surprising to have members of the training staff using the same public showers. I am not excusing it, just providing context to how easy it was facility wise.
  7. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Again, this is about Jordan. Let's get to what we all agree on. All the video and quotes from Disabato (future felon) and Yetts (former felon) had taught us: #1 - "We were never molested, or had oral, etc....", but the the doctor was a "serial groper". #2 - They both publicly NEVER told Jordan of any allegations of sexual abuse, etc. (because they were none), but now they indicate that Jordan should have known from all the 'shop talk', or 'locker room banter'...yet they all said they did not report any abuse. Now Disabato story is on the move yet again and he is claiming that "...he told Jim Jones, the athletic director from 1987 to 1994, when he presented his master's thesis on issues of substance and sexual abuse among athletes at the school." But never said he was molested. We are finding out, DiSabato was frantically emailing Jordan AFTER he had gone to OSU to try and get a settlement when seeing the potential payout that was going on at Michigan State. So to put more pressure on, he also tried to rope in Jordan's brother who did not attend OSU. Yes, it is highly possible something happened to other students. No it ain't these two scammers http://www.dispatch.com/news/20180718/man-who-first-spoke-up-about-ohio-state-docs-sex-abuse-complicated-figure Sorry, but my college assistants knew little about my day-to-day life other than my major, and how well I was finishing my low single, could I put more hip and head pressure on defense, what time I had to arrive for two-a-days and 1 private work out a week. We didn't share the same locker room, the same shower, or go to the same bars, and he had no idea of what girl I was dating that week. The assumption that they should have know seems noble, but not the case. Of course, why would Jeff Jordan send his kids to Ohio State if he was aware of such a cesspool as Disabato claims? This is about wanting tarnish a great ambassador of the sport and man with integrity for $money$. By trying to smear Jordan, who is legally innocent. by their own words, they hope to make people think he is the one who did the abuse, and they are ok with that for the money. My predictions, Yetts will be back in prison AGAIN one day, because that is who he is, and Disabato will be sticking a gun in his mouth, before or after he is bankrupt. It will be interesting to see the long term impact on the Ohio / Jordan relationship going forward....
  8. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    The recent article states a wrestler that came forward was from before Jordan was at OSU.
  9. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Exactly, how many coaches are trained & familiar with many of these medical procedures. As coach, you try and set a good example and teach the values you wish to uphold as men and as a program. The coach that is too chummy with his wrestlers is guaranteed to screw himself later. Think back to the things wrestlers, or any college student might do on the weekend; as long as it is legal and ethical, you stay out of trouble, went to class, did your school work, and progressed to graduation, that was the top priority. Beyond that most assistant coaches are cognizant enough to NOT stay around and listen too, or swap war stories with your kids from the previous weekend's festivities, and for good reasons. #1, they should have their own life, #2, it does not set a good example, and #3 plausible deniability.
  10. Powerline

    Fargo List

    Story on the kid he wrestled - 'Strong Like Bull' - https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16469
  11. Powerline

    Fargo List

  12. Powerline

    Fargo List

    Illinois - 8 finalists and 12 other AA's with four (4) others going for third is a pretty impressive haul. Yet they get all their best guys out of California.
  13. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Confirms one thing what we already knew, that there is a lot of weirdos at Ohio State
  14. Powerline

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Agree - The conundrum is, report what? "If Jordan was told and didn't report it that is a big issue". There is a wide river between players being creeped out & sarcastically making light of "the doctor with cold hands", to the MSU and PSU situation. The doctor may have, to be determined after investigation, have been found to cross that line. If so, hang him, go after those who knew. But what get's me is that both instigators on the wrestling side have made this about Jordan and not the doctor; yet both these tools, Disabato & Yetts, have both claimed that NOTHING happened except the issues of what they believed was extra attention during a hernia exam, and even then, they said they sarcastically joked about it in the locker room as a running legend. And further, they ALL indicated that they individually never knew or never reported of anything of specific abuse to Jordan. But yet they still want to claim "he knew", because of locker room banter. The stuff that college kids say, stories they talk about, and did on the weekend gets pretty crazy - a coach who does not 'pal' around with the guys is not going to stick around and listen to that for good reason... Mike Disabato even tried to extort Jeff Jordan by copying him on the crazy emails he was sending to Jim Jordan, even though Jeff never wrestled or coached at Ohio State.

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