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  1. Powerline

    NCAA Nationals

    125 - Hudkins - Lamont comes in hurt, thought Brock had a chance. When healthy, Lamont is a top 5 guy. 125 - Welch - for him that first match off the scale might be the hardest. First round wins are huge in avoiding an extra round of wrestle back. Problem is he has Lee from Iowa in next round who is a monster on top and teched him last at Big Ten's; sorry, he's in for some pain. He has a winnable match in the wrestlebacks, but then he gets the loser of Russell of Edinboro and Piccininni of Oklahoma State. He lost to Russell earlier in the year like 8-5 at Midlands, but I think it is a good match-up for him. If he wins that, he then gets loser of the Cruz, Bresser, Lizak quarter to AA. Lizak could tech him on top, but he I don't know if he gets Lizak of the scale in that round, which would be a huge advantage since Lizak is cutting a ton. He matches up well with Bresser, and has unfamiliarity with Cruz. 141 - Red - College is a bit different than high school, when a 4x state Champ takes his lumps. Now wrestling guys who are more physically mature, even the average guys. He had a good stuffing top game in high school, which I thought would translate well into college, may take some time. He could get away with rednecking young Indiana guys, but not college kids. 141 - Lee - Ryan Diehl caught him with a cow catcher. I predicted at Big Tens that Diehl would catch Red and he almost did. Diehl is a funk, high risk guy who will roll and funk throw you. This is how he caught Thorn a few weeks back who was an AA years ago. You don't want to scramble on the mat or in a front headlock with the guy. He is setting you up.
  2. Curtis - Yorktown 7th @106 in 2016 Champion @106 in 2017 Champion @113 in 2018 2019 Weight & Place? 120 & 126 have some depth coming back, with his frame, have to expect a growth or jump. Garcia - Avon Champion @106 in 2016 3rd @113 in 2017 Champion at @126 in 2018 2019 Weight & Place? 132 could be this years 126 in terms of depth....Rooks, Mosconi,
  3. Powerline

    Best Career

    Sometimes those losses are the catalyst to creating the career he has after.
  4. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Questioning why such common sense safeguards are not employed is the issue. It does not matter who the official is or his integrity. This rests on many shoulders. You don't think the refs have a quick meeting before the tournament on specific issues or rules every session? I would expect the head ref to say every round "thanks for being here and doing what you do, everyone appreciates it. Now go out and enjoy some good wrestling, be consistent, communicate with your 2nd official, don't become part of the match, and for the sake of common sense & appearances, if you have a match where you might be affiliated in any way with either of the schools, stay as the secondary official, or come get me and I will swap you out for a match" Boom, all done.
  5. Powerline

    Finals rankings

    that's pretty dam good
  6. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    I'm sure he is, but it doesn't matter, he could be the Dalai Lama.- the appearance is enough to encourage all to use common sense. How hard was it to tell the other official on the mat to take the lead as the primary ref for the match, especially in the semi-finals? Again, common sense goes a long, long way.
  7. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    But sometimes with the familiarity, and official can get used to one wrestler's flow/style/schtick (can work both ways), hence sometimes focusing on the wrestler they have not seen; that's just human behavioral nature. Back in the day, we had several boosters, alumni, and teachers/administrators that were refs. During the season, they would occasionally get our team's dual meet, no big deal. But in postseason, they always went to other regional or semi-state; at state, they were sure to take themselves off of a match that involved someone from our school, because it was common sense. As a wrestler, I never wanted any of these guys doing my match for reasons on both sides of the ledger. It's a cop-out to say it is logistically difficult. At the State Finals, each mat has 2 officials; not hard to make a switch with the primary or 2ndary, or to tell the chief official, "hey put me on the other mat for a match, this kid coming up is from my school". It's not like they don't keep 2 extra refs on duty as they rotate. Sorry, I put this on the Supervisor of Officials, head coach, and the ref. Use some common sense.
  8. Powerline


    He’s got athletic skills you can’t teach - if he opens the throttle a little more, look out
  9. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    For the semi-state or state finals it’s not that hard
  10. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    What’s his name? So you are claiming intimate knowledge of how well liked & successful as a ref he is, but have no knowledge of his alumni status?
  11. Powerline

    How about that Jimtown team

    Well done, impressive
  12. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    So are you confirming his alumni or involvement status to Cathedral?
  13. A finalist and 2 placers, ? well done.
  14. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    Here is video of the aftermath
  15. Powerline

    Melloh and Mulkey

    That’s beside the point. don’t think anyone is disputing his actions or repercussions, even for a boneheaded call like that. they may understand the frustration & anger, but know the penalty. I’d expect you will see their coach with a sincere apology. If McGinnley had any honor, in a big match for the state final at stake, and seeing an Cathedral alum and Program benefactor on mat to ref, with two kids that have had epic matches prior, would have sought a new ref.