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  1. Top Middle School Wrestlers 2017/2018 Season

    Hey Sig40, you might start to pay attention to the name Kaden Lone. He wrestled with us at Sparty and went undefeated. He’s a tough kid. I really enjoyed watching him. Probably still needs some feathers to make the list, but I’d be surprised not to see him high on the podium at MS State.
  2. Edgewood needs a heavy

    Edgewood Wrestling is looking for a 175lb 6 grade or below to fill our team for elementary team state on January 7th. If interested contact Nate Koontz at 812-272-5039
  3. Last year's team took 3rd. They were one close individual match away from beating the MN team in the semis. I don't how many kids were from the County last year.
  4. Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    So I've been reading my rule book and preparing for my test. It is apparent that there are officials that have not looked through the illustrations in the book.. at least not for a while. I'm sure I can look this up, but is there a requirement to keep up to date with current situations? Wrestling has evolved over the years and many of the positions, such as ankle pass situations, just weren't as common years ago. Just wondering of there was accountability for keeping up with current trends. To be specific, I have been told several times that in order for a takedown to be awarded, a wrestler must control the opponent's hips. This is common when a defending wrestler is on his butt and his opponent is on top of both legs, but has not yet crawled up the body to cover the hips. According to the book, this is a takedown, but I have seen it many times that a referee does not award a takedown because the offensive wrestler has not yet covered the hips. I do not intend for this thread to be any sort of area to complain. I'm just wondering if there are systems in place to make sure referees stay up to date.
  5. Middle School State

    2, or even 4 regionals, then state is something I've talked about for a couple years. Get the number down to 16 per weight with separation based on placements at regionals, Much like we do our HS semi state and state. Make sure you have wrestle backs!!! This would definitely hurt the $ coming in on Sunday, but it would improve the event and prevent kids from wrestling an unreasonable amount of matches. And we might get home at a decent hour!!!
  6. IHSWCA Middle School State

    So I have some compliments and critics about the event and I'm hoping some good or at least some answered questions will come out of it. First, I thought the tournament overall was nothing short of spectacular. So much quality wrestling and the folks at New Castle are awesome. They always have been. Question: If they are going to weigh everyone in at once, why the two pound allowance in gear? This whole weight allowance epidemic is baffling to me. No matter what you do with the weights, kids will cut. Period. So why mess with it? Just set the weights and have the kids weigh in a competition singlet or underwear just like every other tournament. I don't get this weight allowance thing that everyone seems to be doing. The other concern I have is awards. Let me be clear. I'm not a big award guy and I hate participation awards, but this is a really good tournament. Lots of kids enter and pay $35 to enter. Placers get a stock medal that pales to what you get at most local tournaments that make pennies on the dollar to what is being made at this thing. Why so cheap? A tournament like this should stand out in all areas to match the competition level. Maybe I'm just a jerk, but those two things really just kind of bothered me. It was an excellent tournament and it ran really as smooth as I've ever seen. The workers were great, the facilities were great, and I'm looking forward to next year. I just wanted to get that stuff out there.
  7. Header Picture

    I saw Garrett this weekend. Coach Goldman mad him cut the hair. No more Beiber.
  8. Be the bracket buster

    Great post. You never know what's gonna happen. My son's junior year, we were just hoping for him to qualify. Toughest guy in the bracket got spladled; opening the door. He went on to win semi state, had a good draw at state and went on to place 3rd. To this day, that was the most fun/joy I've ever experienced in my kids' wrestling experiences. More years to come, but so far that tops the cake. He was the underdog and wrestled without the pressure of expectation. The underdog has nothing to lose, no pressure, and everything to gain! Have fun with it boys! There is nothing more exciting than a community rallying behind the local kid in high school. College wrestling is great, but it's very difficult to match that family/community experience you get in high school. Leave everything on the mat and leave your fear at home.
  9. IU beats Minnesota

    So last night I spoke to my son who is a red shirt wrestler at IU. He is in Cleveland State for an open. He gets all excited on the phone and says, "Did you hear we beat Minnesota?!!!" He then gives me a run down of matches and says it ended 18-18, Hoosiers win on criteria. Thought it was pretty big news. I think he said Alonzo Shephard had a big pin. Luke Blanton had a huge win! Now I don't know if Minnesota wrestled their top guys or not, but this is still some momentum in the right direction. If you haven't watched true freshman Elijah Oliver at 125, you need to. He's a beast! The Hoosiers wrestle this Sunday against Manchester and Eastern Michigan. It's time to jump on board. They've got some great young guys coming up and recruiting has been better the last couple years. And they are doing this with some Indiana kids too. Blanton, Irick, Masengale, Shephard, Goldman... All Indiana guys. http://iuhoosiers.com/news/2015/12/11/WREST_1211152303.aspx
  10. who left iu?

    Matt Powless is going back to school full time to pursue his PhD. He will still be around quite a bit, but is unable to be a full time assistant coach.
  11. No love for the north

    I would agree with the fact that this rule has and will help numbers at local tournaments. The die hards will find a way to qualify. That being said, I think only the die hards will show up at state. If I'm wrong I will admit it when the time comes but I don't think I will be. I love freestyle and so does my son, and we will be at state; but I think this will really hurt numbers at state. Especially in the cadet and junior divisions. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Flo National Results

    I feel dumb, but how do I see brackets? I found the preseeds, but I can't find brackets. Help please.
  13. Why are people deleting Track Profile?

    Goes both ways though. I've been guilty of assuming a kid with no profile means he isn't that good. Can be deceiving. I've considered deleting my kids' profiles just so I'm not tempted to get caught up in the hoopla.
  14. Cleveland State to Drop Wrestling

    So the AD played and coached lacrosse. I'm sure the decision to ax wrestling and ad lacrosse was thoroughly thought through with no bias. Insert sarcasm face.
  15. ISWA teams selection question....

    You didn't leave the number. I'll message you.