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  1. First Hangout of 2018 at 8:30pm EST

    They’re always late
  2. Big Matches Tonight

    There goes the Rankings at 138 , Thanks Mike !
  3. Undefeated????

    We pay you the Big Bucks to handle this business ! Bob....... The People have spoken ... JMill will escort you to #TheCounty Pit of Misery..... with Avon own Carson “Da Bull” Brewer, Da Bull has no mercy, horns coming out his head gear longer than a Texas Longhorn, Bob I hope you enjoy being gourd, trampled, crushed by Da Bull . ! LOCK IT UP ! #hookemhorns
  4. Depth of 126

    We could get another 2017 State Finals rematch when Brownsburg visits Columbus East later this week future match at 126 . This past weekend fans seen a State Finals Rematch at 113 with #1 Curtis vs #2 Black. Gotta love great matchups this late in the year ! This weight class gets better & better every week with studs going head 2 head . #7 Ty Mills vs. #2 Cayden Rooks
  5. Undefeated????

    What do you have to offer #TheCounty People ? “Better be good Bob” I speak only for the Milions and Millions of People & Fans of #TheCounty ! Nobody..... and I mean NOBODY .... a member till I lay the Hammer and say you are. If I don’t like it, you go to #TheCounty Pit of Misery Special Room of Pain & Suffering. One of my Loyal Champions will show you around the #ThePitofMisery. Chances are you will rot in there . Nobody Leaves ! It’s damn near #Alcatraz
  6. Depth of 126

    Looks like next year Brecksville will fall on a Sunday, no Indiana HS teams are allowed to wrestle on Sundays. Hopefully from what I heard they are going to move back the days so Indiana Teams can comeback . If not I’m sure Avon will seek out the best competition out there for their wrestlers.
  7. Depth of 126

    So, this is some of Indiana wrestlers faced Brecksville Holiday Tournament had class ranked D1- #1, #2, #5, #6, #8, #16, #18 D2- #1 Decatur agree with you very deep in Ohio. I think DiSabato was Ranked #1 coming into this tournament.
  8. Depth of 126

    Interesting ? Any of those wrestlers wrestled at Brecksville tournament ? I know Brecksville HS is D1 Class in Ohio as well as others that was there.
  9. Make him pay for his Non Meteorologist skills, acting like one of these Nap Town fake news weather callers . “It’s going to be 67....., 2 hours later.... -20, 6 inches of snow . STOP IT ! JUST STOP .... lol
  10. 01/13/2018

    Nathan Conley
  11. Notable wins 1/13

    (145) #6 Nathan Conley over (152) #6 Kody Wagner 3-1
  12. 01/13/2018

    Raymond Rioux
  13. 01/13/2018

    Asa Garcia
  14. Notable wins 1/13

    HCC #8 Carson Eldred over #10 Tyler Conley 3-2 #12 Ray Rioux over #6 Drake Campbell 4-2 #1 Asa Garcia over #7 Ty Mills 3-1 #6 Drew Kritzer over Jaden Reynolds 5-3 in a nail bitter. Great match ! #1 Brayton Lee over #6 (145) Nathan Conley 21-7 Maj.
  15. No worries, I texted Tyson Lane to Throat punch his dad 84x for that Florida weather update on the air . You can thank me later Indiana .