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  1. TeamGarcia

    Kyle Cornwell of Elwood commits to

    Congrats Champ !
  2. TeamGarcia

    Asa Garcia of Avon commits to

    Woooooo..... had to come out of retirement for this one . (Picture me stretching, cracking my neck) Thanks, from my Family. Just wanna say a few things before I hand the torch to my gun firing alter ego Pistol Pete . #IgniteIndiana is spreading like wildfire under Angel, if you haven’t heard, Asa makes the 3rd Flo Top 100 Seniors signings for YOUR.... Hoosiers #75 Asa Garcia - 133 #85 Matt Ortiz - 174 #88 Luke Baughman - 157 also have 2 other Indiana State Champions Senior hammers coming in with them. Cayden Rooks & Nick South. Great things are happening ! and ....... according to my Sources more is coming to Bloomington, Indiana. It’s just the beginning of a Hoosier Revolution. #B1G Things Happening at Indiana. Thanks again
  3. TeamGarcia

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    That’s it ... I’m unleashing TheCounty Knight ... He’ll help us ! P.S. ... @Fabio Jr. is our TheCounty Knight just made him that cause he’s apart of TheCounty N.W.O... Get “the Wayne” ! Carry on with your Class Wrestling ... don’t mind us..... keep chatting fellas !
  4. TeamGarcia

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Hold up... since when does # TheCounty is offensive to get blocked by schools ? It’s just # combined word . Now I get using “word filter” on some words but # TheCounty and call a community that it smells and degrade Hendricks County is right ? C’mon Man you can do better than that. Carry on folks with your Class Wrestling debate while “the Wayne” & TheCounty negotiate these Sanctions.
  5. TeamGarcia

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    So ... what was we chatting about here ? Ohhhh... that’s right Class Wrestling. Carry on fellas... Carry on... ! Sorry to interrupt . Might get called out again for taking over Topics ... lol
  6. TeamGarcia

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    County Sanctions cause we are TheCounty N.W.O.
  7. TeamGarcia

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Let’s see <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny yep that looks edited by someone
  8. TeamGarcia

    IHSAA Press Release... State Draws

  9. TeamGarcia

    Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    See what I mean... another fine example right there #motivation
  10. TeamGarcia

    Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    Prime example why you “Prouddads & sometimes Moms” should never make picks on a open forums . Wrestlers read it get pissed off and start beating everyone causing havoc to brackets wins State Championships ect ect ect.... example (that Stock kid) I bet he read one of your guys picks and said .... What The.... ! I’ll show them Haters ! See .... and here we go again . Thanks Guys & Girls !
  11. TeamGarcia

    Evansville Semi-State Predictions

    BENJAMIN *whatever your middle name is* DALTON.... picture... In your moms voice...... don’t read or listen to these haters say/picks about anything . They know zero about wrestling and your hard work & determination Champ ! Use it as #motivation Champ !
  12. TeamGarcia

    120 Rankings

    Hey.... I like tacos, Scholar put that in the Negotiation .
  13. TeamGarcia

    Because nobody reads the college board

    University of Ball State University of Notre Dame (Indiana) University of Avon (3A) All 3 offer great wrestling studies in Sports Medicine.
  14. TeamGarcia

    Because nobody reads the college board

    Purdue a great College, my daughter goes there pursuing a Teaching Degree. My Family knows the Campus well . #BoilerUp With that said ... I’ll have little say in where he lands in the Future. It’s not me Wrestling or going to school there. My wife & I will Support him where ever he lands . I will say he’s been highly recruited by all Indiana Colleges & out of State these days .
  15. TeamGarcia

    120 Rankings

    @ontherise219... he’s TheCounty #statguru not Region . If you like to talk negotiations you have to get in touch with TheCounty Lawyer. You know who he is . Lol

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