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  1. Illegal equipment

    I’m just guessing here... wouldn’t doubt they say it’s altering the uniform. I’ve seen a few kids wearing them on both knees and it looks like tights on them. Other States have banned them as well in Basketball & Wrestling in Iowa for example.
  2. Illegal equipment

    Confirmed by a IHSAA Official. Clarification is coming Monday by IHSAA.
  3. Illegal equipment

    Seen this coming last year. Why not wear a traditional elbow or knee pad. My son wore one last year the full sleeve padding. The little pads did become loose, stickout and offer no support . He switched back to traditional knee pad this year because of the flaws .
  4. Tulsa Nationals

    #TheCounty has 2 in the Finals, 2 Wrestling for Placement in Flo Tulsa Nationals Avon has Nate Rioux in the Finals in 10 Under Avon Case Bridge wrestling for 5th & 6th in 8 Under Brownsburg has Parker Reynolds in the Finals in 10 Under Plainfield has Revin Dickman in the Going for 3rd & 4th in 10 Under Future is Bright ! Region - Jesse Mendez is in the Finals in the 15U
  5. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Yep.......(flipping my collar) We’re just wanting on Joe to flip that switch to # trending on this site. I figure once Facebook buys this multi billion website they’ll to will realize #TheCounty is trending by the Millions & Millions Fans including your Mom. Facebook will offer me a endorsement check. See always thinking ahead #Innovator Thanks Mrs. Westforkwhite, mother of Westforkwhite.
  6. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    #TheCountyLawyer.... quickly find out what this “panegyrics” word is and see if I can # it in a sentence. @WrestlingScholar
  7. Western Indiana Conference - Preview

    Nice write up Mr. Sego
  8. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    #WeAreLivingLegends #G.O.A.T. on Indianamat #Innovators Keep promoting #TheCounty
  9. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Clearly it would have to be the people with the most “likes” from a non- administration position. Probably do Top 5 Posters . If they are getting that much attention they’re doing something right . #RealLegends #innovators #TheCountyTMZ ..... is reporting that MattyB is the front runner for Hall of Fame .
  10. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I nominate all #TheCounty Pit of Misery Prisoners. Their suffering is for a lifetime Misery . ! LOCK THEM UP !
  11. First Hangout of 2018 at 8:30pm EST

    They’re always late
  12. Big Matches Tonight

    There goes the Rankings at 138 , Thanks Mike !
  13. Undefeated????

    We pay you the Big Bucks to handle this business ! Bob....... The People have spoken ... JMill will escort you to #TheCounty Pit of Misery..... with Avon own Carson “Da Bull” Brewer, Da Bull has no mercy, horns coming out his head gear longer than a Texas Longhorn, Bob I hope you enjoy being gourd, trampled, crushed by Da Bull . ! LOCK IT UP ! #hookemhorns
  14. Depth of 126

    We could get another 2017 State Finals rematch when Brownsburg visits Columbus East later this week future match at 126 . This past weekend fans seen a State Finals Rematch at 113 with #1 Curtis vs #2 Black. Gotta love great matchups this late in the year ! This weight class gets better & better every week with studs going head 2 head . #7 Ty Mills vs. #2 Cayden Rooks
  15. Undefeated????

    What do you have to offer #TheCounty People ? “Better be good Bob” I speak only for the Milions and Millions of People & Fans of #TheCounty ! Nobody..... and I mean NOBODY .... a member till I lay the Hammer and say you are. If I don’t like it, you go to #TheCounty Pit of Misery Special Room of Pain & Suffering. One of my Loyal Champions will show you around the #ThePitofMisery. Chances are you will rot in there . Nobody Leaves ! It’s damn near #Alcatraz