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  1. Friday night / Saturday PRE-finals broadcast

    Region Sports could not broadcast live due to IHSAA doing it, however RSN will be down there doing some things such as highlight packages, live interviews and more, per their executive producer
  2. Jamari Washington, state qualifier at 182 from Hammond Gavit will be on JED this morning at 7:15
  3. Olympics

    Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, Come on y'all its bobsled time!
  4. East Chicago semi-state bracket

    106-Moran,Cruz, Diaz, Reagan 113-Moreno, Diaz, Hegedus, Tolin 120-Triana, Peele, Bautista, Kaiser 126-Poynter, Demien, Kelly, Gomez (Poynter-Alexander ticket round should be exciting) 132-Bryant, Brooks, Maldonado, Luna (So many things can go either way here) 138-Rumph, Dembowski, Davis, Burford 145-McIntosh, Cervantes, Laplace, Ellis 152-Washington, Lamore, Calhoun, Ruble 160-Kasch, Lemley, Adkins, Kensinger 170-Fattore, Crary, Lopez, Guerrero 182-Girgenti, Boland, Chaffee, Potosky 195-Davison, Fowler, Hurley, Ford 220-Streck, Thomas, Kidwell, Lewis 285-Pokorney, McWilliams, Crider, Atria
  5. The rankings going in to semi state

    And he also doesn't use his love for DA REGION or more specifically Calumet as a deciding factor.............or does he All jokes aside it really is quite incredible how accurate they are, nice work as always Mike!
  6. it is new, but Doc's BBQ in Dirty Dyer is pretty dang good IMO, Bombers is DA BOMB though!
  7. looks like I owe you a shaved ice...............I see what you did there
  8. Region Sports Network will be covering both regionals start to finish! Watch it live on their Facebook page Region Sports Nation Covering Crown Point- Josh Morgan, Nathan Laird Covering Hobart-Mike Reiser, Chris Ramirez, John Bognar
  10. Regional Brackets: 1. Hobart | 9 am CT

    I hope we break that record this year just to shut all those guys from <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny up #regionstrong
  11. Regional Brackets: 1. Hobart | 9 am CT

    My guess is he feels 4 at 106, 120, 145, 170 2 at 126, 138 126 obviously can be anyone based off the depth, but poynter is definitely a contender This is no disrepect, just observatory, but I sure hope Portage can bring home some titles, they have had a tendency in years past struggling at Bankers, they could possibly bring home 4 this year, Washington is really good but lets be honest, B.Lee is in his path to a title
  12. WJOB LIVE on facebook, Im at work so I cant post facebook link
  13. Changed his pic from last week