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  1. Prediction Time

    Looks like Kyle has already been infected with da amonia
  2. MatBoss pros and cons

    Lake Central used Hudl and it works great
  3. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Tomorrow is now today, where are they Michael?!?!?!?!?!?!
  4. Scale question

    We used a local weigh scale place, they would send out a rep and certify it. Contact Belfour, you can ship it to them and they will fix it for a cost
  5. Jesse Mendez WOW

    Only time will tell, hopefully he stays in his hometown and can hopefully become Lake Central's 9th state champion and first 4xer. There is not doubt he has the potential and character to do so. With our team being so young if he decides to come to LC he will give us a big boost to having a very solid team the next 5 years.
  6. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    "Better was not defined nesacarilly, but the general idea was to make the tournament more fair and equal. There was some instruction to try and toughen up some sectionals and weaken others to make things more fair." Not sure how making the sectional Merrillville and Portage is in weaker would be fair, this basically solidifies that they will send all 14 to regional most with 1 seeds which would improve both of their teams chances of sending almost 14 to semi state. I am not saying that these teams dont have the talent ,coaching or capacity to do that without the realignment but that did not make things "more fair". Merrillville and Portage will battle for state record of consectutive sectional championships now
  7. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Sectional 1 was weak before they took us out and replaced us with west side, now extremely weaker. Merrillville will be sectional champs for the rest of time and will most likely hold the state record for consectutive team sectional champions. They should send 14 to regionals every year as well.
  8. Jake Kleimola redshirted this year and would have been the starter at 197 if he hadn't (won all his wrestleoffs) at IU and is already up to 220 and looking to take the HWT spot at IU next season!! Look out Kyle Snyder
  9. Freshman/sophomore state

    Dan Park from Lake Central finished 3rd at 138 and was not a SSQ
  10. Remarkable shortage of ####. Wheres #TheCounty at?

    Lets hope it is Lake Central and not Mt. Carmel
  11. 14 To Regionals

    I think it is possible, but I dont think their 20 and 70 will make it
  12. notable wins/upsets 1/14

    At DAC NR Matt Pallecone (LC) over #11 Drake Guerrero (PORT) Fall NR Walker Brummett (LC over #14 Aaron Corralez (MER) Dec
  13. DAC

    Your probably right, even though the same guys will be out, we should win at 52 and 95, 82 should hopefully be a good one. Based off years past though Portage doesnt wrestle their full varisty lineup so if we get shut out we have serious problems. I will say we have done about what I have expected this year with 9 soph, 1 freshman in the lineup and 9 out of those 10 being first year varsity wrestlers. seeding meeting last year took about 30 minutes, took laporte and chesterton longer to drive there
  14. DAC

    I put Merrillville at 2 Merrillville came to our place last night and absolutley smashed us 69-6. We forfieted 106 and113 and our 170 was out but that wouldnt have made a difference, they came in there with a purpose and put on a pinning marathon. if it had not been for our backup 170 getting the pin it would have been the first time we were shut out in a dual in LC history,,,,,,,,,,,,not one of our proudest moments
  15. Half-Way through the season Champs?

    From what I saw from the Davison brothers last week at Al Smith I would say they both have great odds of winning 182 and 195