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  1. NCAA Nationals

    Good tournament for Indiana kids. Poor results for IU. Again. Top talent in state continues to leave. See Lee, Davison And Parris this year.
  2. NCAA Nationals

    Purdue making incremental progress. Still All-American drought continues. Loupachenki was last All American in 2013. Welch was close this year, but couldn't get through. Next year is the year. Lydy, Streck, Brunner Maybe? I like Strecks chances, lot of Seniors moving on. Indiana continues to disapoint.
  3. All Americans

    Wyoming tries harder
  4. NCAA Nationals

    Snyder is a stud. Big win
  5. NCAA Nationals

    OSU still alive. No cheap head beat call this year
  6. NCAA Nationals

    Buckeyes need help. Going to be tight.
  7. NCAA Nationals

    Im excited they score bonus points in the first round and wrestle back rounds. Not all places do that you know.
  8. NCAA Nationals

    Billy Baldwin is really knowledgeable about college wrestling. I just really enjoyed that interview.
  9. Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    I agree. The only way around that obstacle would be to make it optional. When a small school wrestles a small school, then you could go with the fewer weight class format and if they wrestled a big school, they could switch to the standard format. Maybe even a big school could have the option to go the lower weight class to make the dual more even. It might make the dual a more going concern.
  10. Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    As a similar idea, maybe we could copy a page from small school football where you have a 8 man or 6 man football teams. So the same way for wrestling, schools under a certain enrollment could have a 10 or 9 man wrestling squad for dual purposes. You would have a wider range between weight classes and would more likely fill all the weights. Maybe the schools like mentioned above could contract to go small school weight classes or standard weight classes. On the football note 8 man football is big in Texas and some other states. Its wide open and popular and enables real small schools to play.
  11. NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Since the Greater Lafayette area is in the same semi-state, can we get some quasi region status also?. Maybe we can go with Region south or with the Sub-Region title. Maybe the Region's cousin. Were always looking for some way to add some toughness cred to our resume? Maybe this will help.
  12. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Good points. Warren Central with 13 wrestlers back and probably the best Varsity 2/B in the state, and considering they were ranked in top 10 in duals and that they had the highest score, it would be surprising not to see them voted in. Mishawka vs Carmel looks interesting. Do ever either of those two teams have any big hitting freshman coming in?
  13. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    From a Mishawakan perspective, what's their argument for getting voted in over a Warren Central or Carmel?
  14. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    What a pleasant surprise.
  15. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Crown Point will be good next year. But in the context of the post, say they did get voted into participate in the team state tournament, would they accept the invitation? Didn't they turn their bid down last year?