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  1. http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/college/purdue/2017/06/08/purdue-trio-earns-shot-u-s-world-wrestling-teams/381577001/ Interesting read.
  2. Tough New Wrestling Schedule

    Maybe the Ohio coaches will work with the Indiana teams on the 300 rule and limit some teams. I think Brecksville will be ok anyway, as the big hitters like Blair, Brandon, Clovis, etc go to the Ironman in December. It would be redundant and not very time and cost effective to travel two times to Northeast Ohio for a tournament that's not as high rated. I think going to Detroit Central Catholic is good for Brownsburg. Its good competition and will let the national rankers know how good you guys are.
  3. Tough New Wrestling Schedule

    The Al Smith is a tough tournament, but it doesn't do much for National rankings. If a wrestling team is into setting the bar higher and getting the national ranking, then Brecksville is the way to go. If the the 300 mile travel rule doesn't conflict, then kudos to teams getting in Brecksville.
  4. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    Fabio would be a great fit, but he would command his price. I don't know if Avon could afford what his asking price would be including his relocation costs. The #County is a big county, and Fabio wouldn't want to move into one of those upscale gated movies. You know so he would be closer to school.
  5. Boise State wrestling article

    Back in late 90s and 2000, 2001, Boise State was competing for national championships. They had good teams.
  6. All 2017-18 Team State participating teams confirmed

    Maligned, So what happens if another 3A team for some forsaken reason has to drop out. Who's the next team in? Would it be Hobart because of the next highest score? You never know, Brickfor might get that shot he's been hoping for to take on Harrison.
  7. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Didn't Joe already post the double secret transcript from the pre committee of power meeting.
  8. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Well, What did the committee of power say last night?
  9. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    I guess I missed that. Did someone post that earlier?. But that's good for Perry, but it takes out some of the drama.
  10. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Is it today or tomorrow when the prestigious "Committee of Power" meets to decide the final 2 teams that qualify for the team state. Now that Harrison got the final spot, the other schools are breathing easier as this opens up an opportunity for other schools as we know Harrison would have been a shoe in vote. Here's my prediction and why. 1st spot: Chesterton: They will be too hard to pass up with two state finalists and a 3rd returning. They might have some wholes in the lighter weights, but their top level big hitters are too much to overlook. The C.O.P wants big names down at the tournament, and that's what they get with Chesterton. They also have the "Region" mystique going for them, that's worth a few intimidation points in itself. 2nd spot: Perry Meridian: Perry graduated a ton of wrestlers from this years team. But the guys they have back are pretty good. No one reloads better than Perry, with always one of the toughest JVs. They also got that blue blood name going for them. Still 9 spots will be tough to fill to put them back where they were, and next year still will be a rebuilding year. 1st team out: Crown Point: I think as a dual team, they probably will be slightly more balanced than Chesterton and Perry Meridian. But their problem will be the Heisman effect. I think the C.O.P will be somewhat reluctant to put in two teams from East Chicago. Just like voting for the Heisman becomes regional, Chesterton and Crown Points will split some votes. It will be enough votes to put Perry Meridian ahead. 2nd team out: Center Grove: A well coached team with some good very solid kids back. The problem is they had the lowest point score of teams in the vote. Also haven't heard as much buzz about them, and even though a regular power house, they don't have the blue blood mystique like Crown Point and Perry. 1st team to the 1st annual NIT tournament: Hobart: I guess they don't get enough state returning points, so they don't get a chance to get a vote by the C.O.P. Last team out sucks. Some really stud wrestlers, but too many wholes to compete with a team like Harrison. They will do really good at the NIT, but I wont be there to watch like the rest of us. Ill be at Fort Wayne watching. But if Brickfor wants to come to Fort Wayne and watch the top 12 teams, Ill be glad to buy him one of those famous Fort Wayne corn dogs.
  11. Are parents ruining wrestling?

    So parents are going down to the local sporting goods stores and buying tons of trophies? I keep how hearing how these excessive trophies are being given out. I should get in the trophy making business, because must be real good. You could probably make a fortune. Maybe we should get back to reality and put some perspective on this. Maybe kids playing and competing at an entry level or a recreation level, they probably give the kids a medal, ribbon or trophy. The reason they're doing it more is to try to keep the kid interested in that sport, there's so much competition between sports. So what, so the kid gets a medal. Maybe he'll stick with the sport and get better. Also, if a kid comes out and competes, hes not a champion but still a winner.
  12. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Is Fabio also the geography teacher at Brownsburg. He did a good job on the maps. Based on the Scholar's analysis, I see a lot less Gerrymandering than I thought. I don't see significant overlap. I wish our congressional districts were like these.
  13. Venues

    A lot of people go to Indy for state tournament due to Indy's central location. Its right in the middle of the state. If you moved it to Evansville, 1000s people would not attend because they wouldn't want to drive there. It would just be very inconvenient.
  14. Retherford was unreal but Hall

    I still think he was lucky on the review they didn't call that a takedown.
  15. Team State accept/decline updates: Update 3-20

    See, I knew you liked my posts. Maybe if I get some time, Ill come up some stuff. But just like Trump says, the election is over. We need to get along and cooperate together to make Indiana wrestling great again. And come on MoWrester: There was logic to my posts, maybe bias logic. But I made a point.