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  1. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ohio-state-university-ex-athletes-describe-lewd-atmosphere-2018-07-12/ related news
  2. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Think of what happened to the staff of people involved at PSU and MSU. Starting from the athletic director to all the coaches on the staff and to the campus security, I think they would be worried about their career and reputation based on the results of this investigation. Of course they're not going to say anything that incriminates themselves. At least Hellickson had the courage to complain a little bit. So you know all of the 7 guys that have made statements so well, that you can go online and attack their flawed character and as being misfits that Jordan didn't like or get a long with being the reason they're now coming at Jordan. Yes, on the "Medal of Honor", each school gets a female and male recipient each year based on athletic and academic success. Former winners include John Wooden, Drew Brees, Bob Griese (Purdue has the big names), and aforementioned Mke Disabato. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Big 10. Yes Ohio State is a fine school, but you say getting a diploma there is like getting a diploma in a cracker box. My son and his wife graduated from the Ohio State University and a lot of his good friends did. They would really be very offended by that comment. My son got an accounting degree and a good job with PWC in Columbus. He worked his butt off. Keep in mind the average ACT for OSU is 29. I would like to see how many people on this board ever got a 29 or higher on the ACT. I wrestled at the college level in that era albeit at the NAIA level, but I don't remember that era as the "Creepy trainers" era. Maybe I was lucky and missed the creepy guys. Was there really a problem?
  3. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Y2, you're right about Jordan being a lightning rod. Like or love his politics but he's gone extreme in his slash and burn brand with very little compromise, and he's the assigned the role attack dog going after his political opponents for any perceived irregularity. His trademark is no mercy and in his political investigations. Ironically his multiple accusations are based on govt employees not being responsible on their watch, and accusing govt employees for not monitoring the people around them and his best attack is claiming employees are immoral for being silent. And in his investigations, he recommends these employees to be prosecuted and terminated. Yes he put a target on himself, but now the shoe is on the other foot and he's the one being accused. He also backed himself in the corner, originally totally denying the claim. When Disabato comes at him, he can pawn it off as Disabato wanting some class action compensation, but when 6 other wrestlers step up and the head coach Hellickson admitting there was an issue that's a whole other ball game. When that many people step up, the character attack strategy doesn't work so well. Also, he then changes story using the old "Donald Trump Locker Room talk strategy". Yes, the ironic thing was his locker was next to Strauss's, and he really didn't know what was going on. He really looses his credibility when he starts blaming the timing of he accusations based his Rosenstein attacks last week. Yes, the investigation has been going on since April at OSU and involves all the men's sports teams and at OSU and the investigation is not just about him. And trying to link the law firm to Hillary is even a joke. Y2, on your point about wrestlers not fitting into the mold of being weak (mentally or physically), it does seem odd to go after wrestlers. But Dr Strauss was accused of sexual deviance with members of all the sports at OSU including 15 athletes making claims. The investigation didn't start in wrestling. I would say all scholar athletes at the OSU D1 level would be mentally and physically tough, not weak. Albeit Football, tennis, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, track, etc all these guys are strong and mentally focused on their discipline. The Dr probably had a method on how far he could go with molesting student athletes.
  4. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    https://www.whio.com/news/local/report-former-osu-wrestlers-say-jordan-aware-team-doctor-alleged-sex-abuse/9UqmRCllGOn0JeCH3mXecL/ Looks like 5 OSU wrestlers are now coming out saying that Jordan knew about the abuse. Also, Russ Helickson (Head coach) even commented in one of DiSabato's videos that he complained to the administration that the Dr was being too handsy. So Helickson knew, 5 wrestlers knew and Jordan didn't know anything. (Shawn Dailey and UFC champ Mark Coleman) And 14 former OSU student athletes also have claimed abuse. You can go after these guys backgrounds. But DiSabato did win the Big Ten "Medal of Honor" and his he had four brothers wrestle for OSU. Does it mean anything that he's got in some lawsuits. He in the apparel business, there's always licensing disputes when working with colleges and even pro sports like MMA. So is that the strategy to attack the background of these whistle blowers. Yes, you could say they potentially could be getting some settlement money in a class action suit. But do you think they would go to the point of making this up. You could say the same thing about Jordan, with his political career and aspirations. Yes maybe he is a nice guy, but so was Paterno. He definitely has the motive to lie to cover up his involvement to CYA. Look what happened to the staff at PSU and MSU, and that's scaring the crap out of him. You can say he's nice and honest, but political power changes people. Also, doesn't look like he has the back of his former wrestlers at OSU.
  5. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    ESPN Article says there's 14 accusations against Dr Strauss. So there's more than just smoke. With this hitting the public, I bet more people will make allegations. The big difference with this and Michigan State is that this was 20 years ago and a lot of water went under the bridge and that Dr Strauss committed suicide in 2005. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/23948342/sex-abuse-inquiry-former-ohio-state-doctor-now-includes-high-school-students
  6. Wrestling Scholar

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    It is interesting, you have Disabato who has a litigious past including a licensee agreement that went bad with OSU. You got Yetts with a felonious criminal fraud history. I wonder if the third guy will come out. The MSU thing started small and then everybody came out of the woodwork. Also add, Jordan has thrown a lot of stones in his political career, which makes him a target and this could hurt Jordan politically. Ill be curious if more people come out. Curious to see if some Skeletons come out of Dr Strauss' closet. If people dig up a history on him, it could escalate this.
  7. See the article on congressman Jim Jordan, (former OSU) wrestling coach. Makes you wonder what's up with the Big 10 with Penn State, MSU and then this at OSU. This one probably wont be that big but if makes you scratch your head. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/powerful-gop-rep-jim-jordan-accused-turning-blind-eye-sexual-n888386
  8. Wrestling Scholar

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    He should go kick something that can kick back. I hope he didn't kill the swan.
  9. I was reading the news and saw this very unusual story. Something's not right with this guy. Maybe too many concussions back in the day. See the link to article. This was in USA today, so I think a real story. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2018/05/03/ex-indiana-wrestler-rocco-mantella-arrested-kicking-swans-head/576832002/
  10. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Wrong. Cathedral was 3rd in points last year and had the autobid for New Castle. They just elected not to attend team state. See team points from last year. 572 Olympian Super Fan 572 3,416 posts Location: Marseille School: TripleB is my homeboy Posted January 31, 2017 Scores now updated and finalized through state. A summary of the final results: East Chicago automatic bid: Portage Evansville auto bid: Brownsburg New Castle auto bid: Cathedral Fort Wayne auto bid: Carroll Automatic wildcards (6): Avon, Merrillville, Columbus East, Mater Dei, Castle, Penn Eligible for both vote-in spots: Roncalli, Harrison, Crown Point, Perry Meridian, Chesterton, Center Grove Return = number of returning starters next season * = injury or transfer points included Rank Score Return Class 3A Teams 1 257.5 11 Portage 2 251 10 Brownsburg 3 230 11 Indianapolis Cathedral 4 217 11 Avon 5 213.5 10 Merrillville 6 209 14 Columbus East* 7 206.5 9 Evansville Mater Dei 8 199 11 Castle* 9 196 8 Penn 10 195 10 Roncalli 11 189.5 13 Harrison (West Lafayette) 12 189.5 11 Crown Point 13 188 10 Chesterton 14 184.5 5 Perry Meridian 15 183 10 Center Grove 16 170 7 Carroll (Fort Wayne)
  11. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I got to say this system is a lot more fairer than the IHSAA the previous team state system. What about the old system when you had two top teams in the same regional, then a top team in the state doesn't make it to the dual meet. For example, you had Brownsburg and Avon in the same regional this year. Since Brownsburg won the regional, Avon would have been out? You have top teams At least this system puts in the best teams into the competition and it also puts the competition at a time that its not competing against the individual state tournament at the same time. Now were arguing about whose 11th and 12th and most likely these last two team wont be much of a factor in the championship. I don't care how you slice it, there's always going to be a last guy out.
  12. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    572 Olympian Super Fan 572 3,416 posts Location: Marseille School: TripleB is my homeboy Report post Posted February 11 (edited) Now updated through state. The top 10 here will be invited to Team State soon. After bids are confirmed, teams 11-17 from this list will be sent team information sheets to fill out concerning their incoming talent and any other information about the potential ability of their team for next year. * = injury points added; "Return" = number of starters returning next year from sectional lineup Rank Class 2A Teams Score Return 1 Western* 220 11 2 Wawasee 215.5 10 3 North Montgomery* 195 11 4 Jimtown 180 11 5 Leo 172 12 6 Yorktown 163 6 7 Edgewood 162 11 8 Bellmont 159 11 9 South Dearborn 154.5 9 10 West Vigo 153 10 11 Southridge 151 10 12 Garrett 151 8 13 Rochester Community 148 13 14 Oak Hill 148 11 15 Delta 147 11 16 Hammond Gavit 140 11 17 Southmont 138 10 18 Gibson Southern 135 14 19 Madison Consolidated 132 10 20 Maconaquah 131 9 21 Culver Academies 131 10 22 Boonville 129 12 23 Greencastle 128 13 24 New Prairie 126 9 25 Monrovia 122 10 26 Heritage Hills 121 10 27 Lebanon 121 10 28 Lakeland 121 7 29 Franklin County 120 7 30 Peru 119 8 31 Calumet 118 8 32 Norwell 116 11 33 West Lafayette 116 8 34 Lawrenceburg 113 9 35 Rensselaer Central 113 8 36 Angola 112 7 37 New Haven 110 9 38 Indian Creek 109 8 39 NorthWood 109 10 40 Hamilton Heights 106 14 41 Columbia City 104 9 42 Manchester 103 13 43 Vincennes Lincoln 102 10 44 West Noble 102 9 45 Marion 100 6 46 Crawfordsville 98 10 47 New Castle 96.5 4 48 Evansville Reitz Memorial 94 7 49 Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 93 10 50 Danville Community 85 8 51 Wheeler 84 7 52 Benton Central 79 7 53 Twin Lakes 77 8 54 South Vermillion 73 10 55 Northwestern 70 9 56 Mississinewa 67 9 57 Pike Central 66 6 58 South Bend Washington 66 5 59 Sullivan 65 5 60 Guerin Catholic 65 7 61 Fairfield 64 7 62 Beech Grove 62 5 63 Rushville Consolidated 60 8 64 Frankfort 59 7 65 Greensburg 58 7 66 Mount Vernon 57 10 67 Griffith 57 10 68 Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran 56 9 69 Tipton 54 5 70 Hammond 54 4 71 Scottsburg 53 8 72 Hanover Central 53 4 73 Glenn 52 8 74 Charlestown 51 9 75 Evansville Bosse 50 6 76 Brown County 50 7 77 Hammond Clark 50 7 78 Heritage 48 8 79 North Harrison 48 9 80 Owen Valley 47 6 81 Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter 46 7 82 Fort Wayne Bishop Luers 46 7 83 Northview 42 7 84 Woodlan 42 8 85 Batesville 39 8 86 Corydon Central 38 6 87 South Bend St. Joseph 38 8 88 Tri-West Hendricks 36 8 89 Salem 34 4 90 Western Boone 34 6 91 Princeton Community 30 6 92 Tippecanoe Valley 29 8 93 Eastbrook 24 5 94 Knox 24 2 95 Indianapolis Emmerich Manual 13 4 96 Speedway 12 4 97 Blackford 12 2 98 Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory 10 2 99 Gary West Side 8 3 100 Mishawaka Marian 5 2 Edited February 19 by maligned
  13. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    You guys dropped the War on the Wabash. Theres always 3 or 4 pretty good teams that would have upped your schedule.
  14. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I had to over analyze and give picture of all the teams in consideration. Just saying it was close. Delta and Oak Hill could of got consideration.
  15. Wrestling Scholar

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Genius Qual Genius rank Genius State SS Reg Ret Sectional School Record 2018 Score 2018 SOS rank Qual Qual Qual Wrestlers Rating Garrett 22-3 69.96 151 30th 58 0 2 6 8 5 Rochester 13-6 45.59 148 103rd 173 0 6 7 13 4 Southridge 20-12 55.17 151 63rd 118 1 4 10 10 3 Hammond Gavit 31-1 53.92 140 66th 292 0 3 8 11 3 Oak Hill 18-0 70.55 148 29th 217 0 4 8 11 4 Delta 7-11 45.12 147 106th 57 1 5 11 11 3

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