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Everything posted by Ironbear

  1. Most losses

    Here's a better question who had the least amount of matches in a year to win it?
  2. 2017-2018 Jr. Academic All-State

    All 3 years.
  3. Prayers from the Hamilton Heights Huskies.
  4. IHSGW Weight Allowance

    Please coaches do not forget your girls get a 4lbs weight allowance Friday/
  5. This Friday at the girls state there will be an 4lbs weight allowance. Example: If you wrestle 132lbs then your cap weight is 136lbs. Weigh ins at 6pm.
  6. Saturday weigh in after girls State

    There are girls competing on Weds and Thurs.
  7. Due to the uncertainty of the weather we willl reschedual the girls state. Next Friday at Lawrence North. 6pm weigh in time.
  8. Girls State Friday.

    Weigh in time is 6pm at Lawrence North High School this Friday. There will be a 3lbs weight allowance at this tourney. Please go to track wrestling and see your brackets. Girls in the north we have emailed your coaches but double check your brackets as we took more from several weight classes in the north.
  9. Girls State Friday.

    Yes if there is any changes we will wrestle the next Friday at the same place. We are trying to keep it on track.
  10. IHSGW.net

    South Regionals where up by 6 wrestlers this year but the north went from 64 to 106. You can go to track wrestling to see brackets. Just put in IHSGW and it will get you to the state brackets.
  11. IHSGW.net

    Attention All High School Wrestling Coaches!!! Wrestling season is just around the corner so start thinking about getting your girls ready. We will once again be having the Indiana High School Girls State Fnals Series. Continue to watch for more information. Gary Myers IHSGW
  12. IHSGW.net

    4 mats and it is double elimination.
  13. IHSGW.net

    Well, we so far we have more female wrestlers this year then last year. The south regional needs more girls so hopefully today more will sign up. The north has over 100 girls in that regional that have signed up compared to 64 last year. IHSGW.net
  14. IHSGW.net

    If you have any trouble registering your girls just inbox me or call me at 317-514-0102. Gary Myers IHSGW.net
  15. IHSGW.net

    Remember that a 3lbs weight allowance will be awarded to the girls next Friday night at the Regionals if they have made scratch weight at least 1 time during the season and have 4 weigh ins.. Go to IHSGW.net to register your girls for the state championships. if you are North of I-70 then you register for the North Regional and if you are South of I-70 you register for the South Regional. If you need any question answered off this sight inbox me. Gary Myers
  16. IHSGW.net

  17. IHSGW.net

  18. IHSGW.net

    When you put your athlete in it should have giving you a confirmation number.
  19. IHSGW.net

    Registration ends 1/4/2018
  20. IHSGW.net

    When you go to submit your female athlete info just push submit and she's registered do not go to the credit card page. Registration ends 1/4/2018 if you are North of I-70 then you are at the North Regional. If you are south of I-70 then you register in the South Regional. Just go to IHSGW.net Gary Myers
  21. IHSGW.net

    Since there are several meets and tourneys the night before the girls regional 1 additional pound will be allowed at the regional Jan 5th. Gary Myers
  22. IHSGW.net

    Go to our web page and look for updates on Girls State. IHSGW.net. There you can register your girls and get up to date info on locations and times.
  23. IHSGW.net

    We are using the same weight classes as last year. 88lbs 98lbs 106lbs 113lbs 120llbs 126lbs 132lbs 138lbs 145lbs 152lbs 160lbs 170lbs 182lbs 195lbs 220lbs HWT. Loactions: Jan 5th 2018 South Regional: Edgewood High School 601 Ellettsville,IN 47429 Jan 5th 2018 North Regional: Maconaquah High School 256 East 800 South Bunker Hill,IN 46914 State Championships: Jan 12th 2018 Lawrence North High School 7802 Hague Road Indianapolis,IN 46256
  24. IHSGW.net

    We are using the same weight classes as last year. 88lbs 98lbs 106lbs 113lbs 120llbs 126lbs 132lbs 138lbs 145lbs 152lbs 160lbs 170lbs 182lbs 195lbs 220lbs HWT. Coaches please start making sure your girls have proper fitting head gear as that was an issue last year. Hair net required. Gary Myers IHSGW
  25. IHSGW.net

    Well, The IHSAA thought that was a good compromise. They could have charged us 4pts. When she wrestles in the regionals she can get between 3 to 5 matches and the state 3-4 matches and be charged just 2pts for both. That's 6 to 9 matches against her peer group for 2pts.