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  1. EIAC

    145 should be a good battle. Redd, Humbert, and Otto!! Redd is a SQ and is the #3seed. He will wrestle Otto #2 seed in the semifinals. Otto beat Redd 11-3 at the begining of the season. Humbert #1 seed has a win over Otto 4-3. Redd with a Fall over Humbert. Green could cause Humbert some trouble, depends what Green shows up to wrestle. 132 Negandgard Vs Boogs should be a fight 138 Wolf Vs Walton should be good also!
  2. EIAC

    Should be a good fight for the title!
  3. New Castle Semi State Predictions

    2-champions 4-runner-ups 4-3rds 4-4ths Doesnt seem to weak. 1-Champion 3-runner-ups 3-3rds 2-4ths From the EIAC 1-Champion 3-runner-ups 3-3rds 2-4ths From the EIAC
  4. Best wrestling duo

    Couple classy dudes!
  5. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    We go to a middle school dual there and there is enough food to fill a large army! You name it and its there! Coach Jones knows hospitality and he has things in check in JC!
  6. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Another question to ask...does the quality of the hospitality room help in deciding to return to that tournament? Does the quality of the hospitality room trump the quality of wrestling? For example Jeff Classic has good competition but the hospitality room is pretty bad...the free samples at Krogers has a better spread then Jeff !!
  7. South Dearborn Sectional

    106- Looking thin we have Lee [FC] looking tough after EIAC vs winner of Schneider[EC] and Lonneman[M] 113- Another thin weight class…we have Joya[RU] with the only solid record 120- Boggs [sD] VS winner of Condo[FC] and Meyers [M]. Boggs and Condo had a good match early in the season 126- Very DEEP weight class! Loos [FC] vs Negangard [EC] and Walton [sD] VS Deal Deal is a big 126lb but Walton wrestle best against big kids. Negangard beat Loos 7-1 last week. Negangard and Walton had a brawl going on with a controversial missed back points?? Weight class will be worth watching 132- isn’t very deep! With Schaefer [sD] here ranked #9 in the state. Good match in this weight class will be Browning [FC] vs Wilburn [M]. Browning is banged up pretty good inj def to Schaefer last week in EIAC finals and Wilburn could pull of a upset because of it. 138- Humbert [FC] had a scare in the Semis last week against Roberts [LB] but Humbert brought his A game in the Finals against Otto [sD]. Redd [C] has a win over Otto early in the season so this will be a match to watch. 145- Lane[EC] isnt flashy but can wrestle tough! Humbert [FC] and Roth [LB] had a dog fight last weekend and expect the same again! Roth is 2-0 against Humbert but they been close! 152- Negangard [EC] IS Ranked #10 is strong solid wrestler and should see Coffman[uC] in the Finals. Coffman is young and strong and can flat out wrestle! This will be another match worth admission. 160- another thin weight class. Mitts [EC] is long and lanky and knows how to use it. 170- Ruberg [LB] is ranked #10 is a step above the competition at 170. The battle will be for second between Murray [C] and Orschel [FC] 182- Is pretty solid with Rolfes [LB] VS Utterback [sD] and Bowman [FC]vs Thorp [RU]. Utterback has a win over Rolfes but you never know which one of these two guys are going to show up to wrestle! Thorp is very strong but the Bowmans are lanky and can wrestle. 195- pick-em! Rohrig [M] Byrd [sD] Tibbets [LB] Krause [FC] all can wrestle and are strong! 220- Parris [LB] Ranked #1 is just to damn good! Osborn got lucky and might be his claim to fame in life that he beat Mason Parris! 285- Minges [EC] and Selm [FC] should be good finale! Each jave wins over the other. Coach Deters has all the pieces put together to win him a sectional title! The Wildcats looked tough at Conference and blew everyone away and I’m sure Deters will have them ready this week! The battle will be for second with EC, The Burg and SD.
  8. Sectional seeding

    I only saw 1 kid undefeated in the Jeff sectional at that was Jaden Sonner and he is the number one seed??
  9. Sectional seeding

    I would say his coaches should of argued a little more. Sometimes that is what it takes.
  10. Sectional Brackets

    Joe usually post some stats together on how many fft per weight class and other stuff. I agree I've seen quite a few more this year also.
  11. EIAC

    106- Lee [FC] 113- Rose [GB] 120- Wells [GB] 126- Negangard [FC] 132- Schaefer [sD] 138- Humbert [FC] 145- Lane [EC] 152- Negangard [EC] 160- Mitts [EC] 170- Ruberg [LB] 182- Rolfes [LB] 195- Tibbets [LB] 220- Parris [LB] 285- Cain [GB] Franklin County wins the EIAC. Lawrenceburg runner up. Parris & Schaefer both MVW of the EIAC.
  12. EIAC

    Stapelton [ec] out. Rose [GB] should win 113.
  13. EIAC

  14. EIAC

    Sucks about Bartosz! Would of made some noise this weekend!
  15. EIAC

    Rose is 113. Wells was pretty banged up after Knights Classic last weekend. He might have a concussion.