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  1. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Parris is a beast, on another level!
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Appreciate the updates Indysportsfan!
  3. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    FloPro video only.... not in FloArena
  4. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    how long til it starts? Will someone be updating here?
  5. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Predictions, anyone?
  6. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    A flat 7 lb allowance makes no sense to me. I'm not talking about this event specifically, but all events that have a large allowance. What i mean is a 7 lb allowance to a guy that wrestles 106-120 is far greater than one wrestling 182-220, from a percentage of weight perspective. I guess it doesn't matter since both sides have it the same, but it just seems like the lower weight guys have a much bigger advantage in making weight or moving down a class. Am I missing something?
  7. FLO v. Track

    Are we talking about the same video? The video for me pops up on top of the dashboard and covers 60+% of it, making it impossible to see any of the match grids until I watch it all or hit skip which usually takes at least 5-10 seconds.
  8. FLO v. Track

    The problem is, when you have the dashboard up for an event and there are 8+ mats going at once, there is ALWAYS a match ending
  9. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Can only speak for myself. But only an annual option is not ideal for some people. Sometimes they offer a monthly, but at $30 for one month, that's a bit pricey for one event someone may want to catch. My issue is I subscribed for Who's #1, got crappy, choppy video that was pretty much unwatchable. Emailed an hour after asking for refund and they blamed it on my computer/internet, which is the same computer/internet I had used watching previous events that had run fine. They canceled my annual but charged me for for a month at $29.95 because they said they could have fixed it mid-event. So I paid $30 for about an hour of sh*tty video. They won't get another dime of my money with that kind of service. I've heard similar stories, so I don't believe I am the only one. Not to mention FloArena sucks and no wrestler profiles like TW has.
  10. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Thanks for the reply Joe. Still don't like the Flo option, but I can see the results in type on here. But I get the financials behind it. Is there a place where there is a lineup of all the matches in one place?
  11. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Very disappointed its on Flo. Flo doesn't offer an event only purchase. On a separate note, Joe is there a web site that shows results from past years?
  12. FloNationals

    He will face Michael Wolfgram, PA 4th placer in final. His semi-final foe DeBoe beat Wolfgram 5-2 in PIAA seminfinal.
  13. FloNationals

    132 Semis have Manzona Bryant vs. Kris Rumph and Dawson Combest vs. Mosha Schwartz, Wyoming Seminary
  14. FloNationals

    Mills has Jakob Camacho, ranked #11 (Flo) a 126