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  1. please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Anybody having issues with sound? I'm only getting sound on mat 2. Is this user error? Lol
  2. Chesterton vs Portage

    After watching last night, I have a couple questions... 1.) Any idea why these wrestlers weren't out there? * Portage - #2 Rumph * Chesterton - #1 Lemely; #14 Girgenti 2.) Moran looked good, but he wrestled at 113. Will that be his new home, or did all bump up due to Rumph being out. With a full line-up Portage will be the team to beat IMO.
  3. Chesterton vs Portage

    Tonight Portage welcomes Chesterton and I am interested if anyone has any predictions. Both teams have studs, but Portage is just deeper and I predict they will win pretty easily. Thoughts?
  4. Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Yes! Very well deserved. Great choice!
  5. Team Rankings: IndianaMat Power Poll

    We need dislike buttons! We used to have something on the forum, but I forget what it was called.
  6. Jeremiah Reitz of Griffith commits to

    Very impressive! Congrats!
  7. jarred brooks

    I saw he just won a fight in Feb... Does anyone know his plans in the future?
  8. 125 - #2 Delgado 133 - #4 Johnni DiJulius 141 - #1 Logan Stieber 149 - #2 Jason Tsirtsis 157 - #3 James Green 165 - #1 Bo Jordan 174 - #3 Mike Evans 184 - #5 Kenny Courts 197 - #5 Studebaker 285 - #4 Bobby Telford 1.) Iowa 2.) Ohio State 3.) Penn State
  9. Midlands - Indiana wrestlers

    Does anyone know what time action starts today?
  10. jarred brooks

    I saw it got cancelled. Anyone know what happened?
  11. jarred brooks

    Is this fight still taking place tomorrow?
  12. jarred brooks

    Did this not come to fruition? I was pretty excited to see him on this. Good luck on the 29TH! And congrats on the offer with American Top Team!
  13. brooks

    Thanks for the updates guys! Looking forward to it!