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  1. Toughest SS ?

    Unless he really picked up a lot of size we can add a very tough Owen Sego from Indian Creek in the mix too. I believe he's only a sophomore this year.
  2. Toughest SS ?

    170 @ EVV is going to be another exciting one. Gleason MappesCenter Grove 2Chase WilsonPrinceton 3Carson BrewerAvon 4Triztan CarsonDanville 5Zane BeinekeJennings County 6Devon StikesFloyd Central
  3. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Tough loss for Jesse today in the Flo Kickoff Classic. Lost to a very tough Missouri lad Ethan Miller in the finals.
  4. Nick Lee question

    Lee actually got beat in the semis and ended up 3rd
  5. Michigan state open

    Here's the final: Champs are Konrath, Welch,Davisdon Hughes got put on a takedown clinic and finished runner up 3rd place finishers:DeLa Pena,Streck 4th: Hildebrandt,Sliga,White
  6. Michigan state open

    In the finals: Konrath,Welch,Hughes,Davidson Going for 3rd: DeLa Pena, Hildebrandt, White Still in the hunt and going for 3rd with a win: Streck, Sliga, Eli
  7. Michigan state open

    Streck falls 10-3 to Coon.
  8. Michigan state open

    We are about to find out as they're on deck. Coon is always a tough battle
  9. Michigan state open

    Tsirtsis loses in conso. Gonna be tough for him to get his spot on the roster.
  10. Michigan state open

    Indiana boys in the semi: Langeloh, Welch, Konrath, Sliga, Hughes, Davidson, Streck.
  11. Michigan state open

    Streck advances to semi w/8-5 victory White still alive in conso w/10-3 victory Hildebrandt advances in conso- inj
  12. Michigan state open

    Eli advances with 12-0 in consos Covaciu falls in qtrs 12-3 Hughes wins in ot qtrs to advance Sliga advances to semi 6-0 Stephenson takes 2nd loss 7-1 DeLaPena w/ conso win 5-2 Luigs gives up late reversal and the pin while leading to take 2nd loss Woods qtrs loss 5-3
  13. Michigan state open

    Tsirtsis falls to teammate 8-4 in qtrs Davidson wins a thriller 10-9. In semis On deck: Hughes qtrs Sliga qtrs Eli conso Stephenson consos
  14. Michigan state open

    White advances in conso with a fall Hildebrant loses in OT 3-1 Welch advances to semi w/ ot takedown
  15. Michigan state open

    Langeloh with a fall in the qtrs Welch on deck qtrs Hildebrant on deck qtrs White on deck Consos