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  1. P4P king of ‘19

    In all seriousness, can you remind me the weight class difference? If this is in regards specifically to the pics of Asa The one on the right is he @106 state champ. The one on the left is @126 champ. The young man has definitely put the work in. Seeing him at Ford Center this year, he was intense prior to his matches just pacing and awaiting his chance to get on the mat. With that intensity, he almost needs a Goldberg shirt "Who's Next"
  2. Dream Team Classic Recap

    ^ well deserved for Ty.
  3. P4P king of ‘19

    Just finished second at FloNationals. Reached the finals with a controversial(depending on ones own view) win over Rumph.
  4. Rooks and Mulkey Drama

    sad that a career ended with this hoopla. Best of luck on his next journey
  5. Rooks and Mulkey Drama

    Weightgate 2018
  6. Final Flo Rankings

    Yeah, Joe made the joke that these were completed prior to this last weekend. He said good thing they locked them in cause Indiana studs were about to knock off a few. Way to call it Joe and I agree about Mills and Rumph. On a side note: they have Joe Lee listed at 2 but also has him as "out". I would assume that had he wrestled high school this year, he'd be #1.
  7. P4P king of ‘19

    I believe Moran is right up there too.
  8. Up next

    I'm not sleeping on anyone. I was just hitting on the rankings. Completely overlooked Pokorney though.
  9. Awesome job

    Im sure Lee didn't want to win on account of stall calls. However, if the official called the late stall on lee just to force ot, then that's bad officiating. He's got to have enough confidence in his calls to not make an erroneous one to make up for it.
  10. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    You always this late to a party. Lol
  11. Up next

    What are the odds of having some from Indiana repping the USA team next year. As Joe has stated, they don't normally do the event back to back in a state. With that being said, we have some studs in the ranking but are down the rankings a bit. Hopefully with some big wins in the off season and next year they can move on up. Here's some on the move depending on what ranking you look at: first is Flo then Intermat Moran-Unranked, 17th Curtis-15th, 11th Garcia-17th, Unranked anyonelse I'm missing
  12. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Not even worth bringing up man, sorry.
  13. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Gotta let that go man. The voices(mine included) were spoken and it's done. No need to keep harping on something that can't be undone.
  14. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Congrats to all the seniors and best of luck on your next journey. That double in OT by Lee might have been one of the most explosive and emphatic ones I've witnessed. And this was against a world class wrestler. SPEECHLESS.