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  1. 1prouddad

    UWW Cadet and U23 This Weekend

    61kg- Reitz and Luigs advance to round of 32. Luigi with a tough match up against a very tough Sean Fausz. Konrath battling back in consolation after a tough loss. 65kg- Bailey rolling and into round of 32. Others battling back in consos 70-All in consos now. 74kg- Both guys in round of 32 79kg- Webster and Lydy in round of 32. 86kg- Conley and Hinz in round of 32 92kg-Kleimola in round of 32 97-Woold in round of 16 by way of FF 125- both fellas in round of 32
  2. 1prouddad

    Brooks vs Torres

  3. 1prouddad

    UWW World Team Trials Friday/Saturday

    65 kg challenge finals Alirez over Lee Best of three finals- Alirez vs. Demas 65 kg had one of the most unexpected results of the tournament as high school junior Andrew Alirez took out Penn State All-American Nick Lee, 10-0. Alirez scored quickly, converting a single-leg takedown directly into a leg lace, which eventually ended the match. Alirez will have Dom Demas in the best of three finals. The two did not meet at the U.S. Open. When asked about wrestling college All-Americans as a high school junior, Alirez replied: “I have a pretty brutal mentality. When I go in I think when you catch somebody in the street you don’t get to pick their age and weight, so I just go out there and fight and see how it goes.”
  4. 1prouddad

    UWW World Team Trials Friday/Saturday

    Alirez over Nick 10-0 :36
  5. 1prouddad

    ISWA Freestyle & Greco State

    Matt Lee beat out Viduya, Miranda and Mosconi to take that weight class. That's a tough gauntlet. Congrats Matt
  6. It would disappear as fast as it showed up on screen.
  7. True at the next level. I was talking in the present. This has been a discussion many times this year. Gonna have to transfer to the collegiate board now.
  8. Whoa whoa whoa, pump the brakes. Why so defensive when Mason is given such high praise. To even be talked about when the name Gable comes up should be an honor. This isn't the first time that this hypothetical match has been talked about. Now we all know it's not gonna happen cause of weight differences but it's fun to put the best vs best scenarios together a time or 2.
  9. To only be 17 yrs old and place 4th on a Senior level competition isn't something that happens everyday. So, I'd say the young man is on a different level. While Mason is an exceptional athlete himself, I don't see him on Gables level
  10. Lee wins his 5th place match in dominating fashion.
  11. 1prouddad

    Best Incoming class

    Sig40, isn't Purdy an incoming freshman as well? I'm thinking he and Hayhurst are both going Castle and not sure of KT but leaning towards Ev Reitz.
  12. 1prouddad

    Best Incoming class

    That always seem to be a popular thing to say when a stud hits the high school scene. Not saying Jesse can't do it, but nothing's for sure. Doesn't every wrestler a chance to be a 4x'er
  13. 1prouddad

    P4P king of ‘19

    In all seriousness, can you remind me the weight class difference? If this is in regards specifically to the pics of Asa The one on the right is he @106 state champ. The one on the left is @126 champ. The young man has definitely put the work in. Seeing him at Ford Center this year, he was intense prior to his matches just pacing and awaiting his chance to get on the mat. With that intensity, he almost needs a Goldberg shirt "Who's Next"
  14. 1prouddad

    Dream Team Classic Recap

    ^ well deserved for Ty.
  15. 1prouddad

    P4P king of ‘19

    Just finished second at FloNationals. Reached the finals with a controversial(depending on ones own view) win over Rumph.

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