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  1. Not as prestigious as the Brennan Cosgrove Trophy but impressive none the less. Congrats B. Lee
  2. BrennanFan


    Come on man he got hurt in the semi's and bounced back in the finals to give a competitive match.
  3. BrennanFan

    Escobedo is the New Head Coach of IU!!!

    Time to bring in Cosgrove!
  4. BrennanFan

    Goldman had enough time?

    IU is recruiting some studs but it seems like they're just not getting developed for the College stage.
  5. 1st in the United States! Congrats on being the Senior 145 NHSCA World Champion!
  6. BrennanFan

    Nick Lee question

    Dang did ya'll see Jordan pin Kemerer? I looked across the arena at Cosgrove after it happened and he just happened to be looking at me at the same time and gave me the, "it's the Big 10's, anything goes" look then gave a wink. Wild night of wrestling.
  7. BrennanFan

    Nick Lee question

    I'm watching Streck put it on the MSU guy in the consis.
  8. BrennanFan

    Nick Lee question

    These Big 10 semi's are gonna be insane!
  9. BrennanFan

    Best state tournament

  10. BrennanFan

    Epic Clash

    That's tough cause Gelen wouldn't let Mason man handle him like he did to everyone else this year. I'd still pick Mason to win by a few points.
  11. BrennanFan

    2017 vs. 2018

  12. In what was the most difficult decision this committee has ever made we decided to award Brayton Lee the Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy. It came down to two contenders, Brayton Lee and Mason Parris. The first criteria is which Wrestler is from the Region. Unfortunately neither wrestler is from the Region. The next criteria is which wrestler was most technical. Both demonstrated amazing technique but we all decided that Brayton was superior to Mason in regards to his skills. Congrats to Brayton for winning this award.

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