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  1. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Meridith gets in on Red's leg way to easily.
  2. Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

  3. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Thanks Fabio, that was awesome to watch.
  4. Prediction Time

    Da Region get's a minimum 7 Gold this year. That's being conservative.
  5. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Is there another video?
  6. Nick Lee question

    Flowrestling has them in the floarena
  7. Let the good times roll

    Hey Region Rat our boy Dewey is headed to Crown Point. The new Mater Dei dynasty of the region in da making.
  8. Let the good times roll

    Cosgrove is correct, as usual.
  9. Lucas Davison of Chesterton commits to

    Excellent News!
  10. Nick Lee question

    Some people on the PSU Wrestling board seem to think Nick is gonna start this year at 141
  11. Rumble in The Region II

    I'd like to see an Alex Tsirtsis vs. Brennan Cosgrove dream match if possible. Winner is declared Region Wrestler of the Century.
  12. cosgrove

    Hobart dropped the ball not picking up the best high school wrestler in the history of Indiana wrestling. I'm officially a Crown Point fan now.
  13. Nick Lee question

    Thanks everyone for the answers. So I'm guessing he'll redshirt this season then start next year. I was under the impression that he could use his redshirt whenever he wanted to and he could also use the olympic redshirt in addition. So he could have 2 redshirt years.
  14. Who's #1 (B.Lee & J. Lee)

    Joe just couldn't get his offense rolling.