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  1. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Now that, I'm not sure about. I would venture to say probably not
  2. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Correct. Coach has to be there with weigh-in sheet, as we were informed a week or so ago.
  3. 01/12/2018

    Prairie Heights
  4. We have had 2 jv events cancelled this year due to weather. Anything this weekend in the Fort Wayne or South Bend area?
  5. Seeding Meeting Change???

  6. Seeding Meeting Change???

    "For seeding purposes, forfeits should not be included in a wrestler’s record." What is the definition of "should", or I guess "should not" be?
  7. Seeding Meeting Change???

    No doubt....win by ff is still a win correct? Not kids fault opposing schools had to ff a weight. However, last year a kid whose only wins were ff's got seeded ahead of kid with a worse record, yet his wins were actually against kids in 1 sectional that i know of
  8. 01/06/2018

  9. 01/06/2018

    Prairie Heights
  10. 01/06/2018

    Prairie Heights
  11. 01/06/2018

    Prairie Heights
  12. 01/06/2018

    Prairie Heights
  13. Best 4 year span-dual meets, etc.

    Bellmont, Yortown also come to mind
  14. A while back, there was a thread about the best graduating class, and it mostly pertained to individual state champs, place winners, etc. Got me thinking. What are some of the top dual teams over a four year span, regardless of school size? Records?Accomplishments at sectionals, regionals, team semi state, team state, ihswca state duals?