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  1. Looks like several unfilled coaching positions still. What's going on at some of these schools? Seems like some of them should be filled by now.
  2. I also can't find team content or team history
  3. Either hyway or iswa according to flier
  4. Team Scores: 1 Prairie Heights 208 2 Wawasee 186 3 LaSalle 165 4 Sturgis 162 4 FaIrfield 162 6 Edgewood 161 7 Lincoln 157 7 Lakeview 157 9 Angola 154 10 Blackhawk 131 11 Whitko 129 12 West Noble 107 13 White Pigeon 24
  5. PH 63 Garrett 33 PH 96 Westview 27 PH 62 Fairfield 45 PH 79 Angola 34 PH 83 Eastside 19 PH 75 Churubusco 27 PH 99 West Noble 19 PH 85 Fremont 30 PH 67 Lakeland 41 PH 69 Maple Creek 46 PH 93 Churubusco 18 PH 89 Blackhawk 24 PH 105 Whitko 18 PH 91 Edgewood 33 PH 74 Central Noble 30 PHMS finishes dual season 15-0 and Whitko Super Dual champions. Will be competing in the WN Frank Iddings Invite this weekend and then the NECC tournament on the 11th.
  6. I don't really have any to speak of that haven't already been discussed. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Get in to the schools as much as possible and promote it. Get to the kids before year round elementary basketball takes over. Make it fun. Take kids to club tournaments. Don't emphasize winning so much at an early age, let the kids learn, handle defeat in a positive way. Move towards compression shirt/shorts. Invite/recognize kids at ms/hs matches. We have an autograph session with the hs team the week of the State Finals that our ms and club kids really like.
  7. Bring it to Brushy Prairie and have it on the Prairie Heights School farm....Lots of parking in our harvested corn fields and the bleachers already in place from the tractor pulls!
  8. Now we are getting somewhere. I see this as a big issue in our area. Not that youth clubs have low numbers, but there are lots of ff's in most schools lineups. We have 21 weight classes in our conference for ms (which is probably a few too many). We have wrestled 9 duals so far this season. Only 1 of those didn't give up a single FF. Here is what the rest have had: 9, 6, 4, 2, 6, 9, 5, 6. Our ms numbers have dropped a little this year also. We generally have 45-50 kids, this year about 35. I work in the elementary school, been in the middle school for 10 years prior. I am recruiting kids all the time. I think you are right, got to start fixing the number situation at the lower levels first, then carry over a lot of these kids and keep the numbers up in the hs ranks.
  9. No harm done. Keep it the way it is currently. Classed Team State Duals have been great for us. Placed 4th in first year of it, runner-up 2 years ago to AC, then won it the past 2 year and going back next year. Single class individual state finals. We have had 7 qualifiers (2 of which placed) the past 3 years. We like to roll with the big dogs even though there's a chance we are gonna get picked off, but that happens. We also are capable of picking some of them off too. We have a great schedule for the most part: we get to see Goshen, Lafayette Harrison, Yorktown, Jimtown, Elkhart Memorial, Garrett in duals throughout the year. Going to Mishawaka and placing in the top 7 with some of the top teams in the state, getting 5 medalists the past 2 years each is always fun. Did we underachieve this past weekend, absolutley. But that's the way it goes. 3 kids on the podium at 160 we beat earlier this year, 1 on the podium at 182 we beat this year. Plus a couple at 145. We have great coaches, family support, and kids that bust their butts everyday. They go to Scholastic Duals, Virginia Beach, Disney Duals, rtc's, open tournaments, etc. Our numbers are up for various reasons: regular season success, sectional champs, regional champs, team state champs, relationships with kids/parents,the tradition at PH, and whatever else you can think ok. Not sure if I answered some/any/all of your questions, but I say leave it as it is now. Would I like to see more wrestlers, absolutley. I get tired of wrestling schools giving up several ff's in a hs dual. In our ms schedule, it's even worse. We have 30+ kids, tonight we received I believe 8-9 ff's in both matches each. I don't think going to classes is the cure-all answer to get more kids competing. I don't know if anyone does. Too many variables to fix that problem I believe.
  10. Ouch
  11. Put the poll in for coaches from 1a 2a 3a so we can see breakdowns on how coaches across the board view this
  12. Another out of curiosity question: Which states have recently (within last 10-20 years or so) switched to class wrestling? Of those, what were their participation numbers like before and after the switch?
  13. Just out of curiosity, Joe do you have any attendance numbers from states that are close to our size that have class wrestling? Not that it would be a deciding factor, but I just would like to see some comparisons.
  14. Anyone looking for a room, I have one that came available tonight last minute. Stones throw from the Fieldhouse. PM me for details if interested
  15. Malachi Walters fron Prairie Heights with a :05 pin