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  1. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I apologize if I have offended you in any way. I can assure you it was not my intention. I do not know you &/or your son but I am aware of his accomplishments on the wrestling mat. It is obvious you are a caring father who only wants the best for his son. Any comments I have made where only intended to get you to think. Given your last post, it appears your son knows what he wants & is very committed to achieving his goals. But it also seems as if he has decided that playing football for his high school is something he wants to do as well. I would never dream of telling someone how to parent their children, but I will remind you of what you stated in your opening post: " And in this case.....regardless of whether your a parent, coach, or both......your feedback and opinions are welcomed. "
  2. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    I agree with you as well. All adults who have relationships with young people have the opportunity to be mentors & to help guide these individuals make informed decisions. Let me ask a question & I'm not trying to suggest or insinuate anything here. Did your son start wondering whether or not he should be playing football or did this originate from you?
  3. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    The only person whose opinion matters here is your sons. If you support him in whatever that decision is then you are being the father he needs. Life is short and if your son is truly the one that makes the decision, then he likely will not have regrets. But if his decision is what he thinks you want... You are obviously a concerned parent. Just be careful with the influence you have, that's all I'm saying.
  4. He qualified for the city finals but his run did not make the telecast. Hopefully we will get to see him run in the city finals.
  5. Are parents ruining wrestling?

    This phenomena is certainly not unique to wrestling & I'm not sure how new it is either. I believe the advent of youth sports specialization (concentrating on a single sport year round) has definitely intensified &/or increased this behavior, & youth sports specialization has been around quit a while now. I actually think that the emergence of soccer bears a lot of the blame for this. In my neck of the woods anyway, soccer was the first sport in which you began seeing "travel" teams that would ask/expect year round commitments from kids/parents. The result of this sports specialization is that we now see elevated & often unrealistic expectations from parents. And many fall into the habit of changing teams if things aren't going their way. As has already been mentioned, the good parents really out number the bad ones but unfortunately all it takes is one bad apple to spoil it for the rest. The only advise I can give to coaches is make it clear up front that while you will certainly listen to any & all concerns, all team related decisions are made by the coaching staff alone. Furthermore, you as a coach must conduct a no special treatment atmosphere & be fair & firm with it. Because if you lax in that at all, you are going to create animosity.
  6. Paul Konrath Interview

    Oh yes, that would explain it.
  7. Paul Konrath Interview

    I see that he won the 132 lb Junior division but there was no mention of him in the 2017 FloNationals thread. Congrats!
  8. Thanks! Maybe my memory is skewed by how dominate he was this year. I concur with this top 5. Not familiar enough with MD wrestling to give an educated opinion on the rest. Come to think of it, I'm not qualified to give an educated opinion on anything.
  9. Who did he lose to? I thought you said this year. He looked awfully dominate in last years state tournament.
  10. I wouldn't change the top 5, but possibly the order. #4 is definitely low for Joe Lee IMO. I don't remember seeing any MD wrestler look more dominating than he has these past 2 years. I understand why you have Nick Lee ranked #1, but I would have to put Blake there. If for no other reason because Nick chose not to wrestle his senior year. I'm not trying to knock the Lee's for their decision, but we are talking greatest MD wrestler ever & to put a 1X State Champ who decided to forego his senior season for personal reasons ahead of Blake...
  11. Indianapolis Area Super Team

    I know there is some argument about exactly what is "da region", but how many counties (& which ones) are represented in your line-up?
  12. Indianapolis Area Super Team

    Why is it only seniors? He wanted to know how team "TheCounty" would compare to a super-dual team from the rest of the state. Considering there is only one champ this year from #TheCounty, Team Indiana would consist of 13 State Champs & one runner-up.
  13. College Style

    That is one slick move by Nolf. That dbl leg was deep & it appears he knew the take-down was inevitable if he didn't do something quick.
  14. Class Wrestling - Fairness

    The most unfair issue in a single class system is the team aspect. Small schools are at a distinct disadvantage from a team perspective. The single class system makes it extremely difficult for the smaller schools to win a team title. Given the IHSAA doesn't even have a team tournament (even though they crown a team champion from the individual tourney which is another argument) but we do have a team dual tournament ran by the coaches association which is classed - It's all good as far as I'm concerned. I like the individual tourney being a single class so we get a true state champ in each weight class, but that's just me. As far as no wrestle-backs, it certainly makes for some exciting rounds but does not ensure proper placement of all wrestlers. I am OK with it as is, but wouldn't argue against wrestle-backs either.
  15. 2017' Mr. Gorilla

    I want to throw a shout to White as well, meant to mention him in the previous post. What a weekend he had.