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  1. SIACfan

    Dream Team Classic Recap

    Congrats to Ty Mills & all the Indiana wrestlers. Wish I could have attended this event, it sounds like it exceeded the hype.
  2. SIACfan

    All Americans

    Indiana has 4 AA's with Micic in the finals! Lee Red Tsirtsis
  3. SIACfan

    Stevan Micic

    OK, thanks!
  4. SIACfan

    Stevan Micic

    Are you guys sure they wrestled this season? I can't find where they did. Intermat has Micic with losses to Pletcher (7-5) & Austin DeSanto (MD 22-10) at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational as his only losses this season.
  5. SIACfan

    Stevan Micic

    Just wanted to show some love to Micic for his BIG title. Hope he keeps it going in a couple weeks!
  6. Love this! I am going to have to use this in the future even though 99% of the time everyone will look at me not knowing what the heck I am talking about, but the 1% when there is someone who gets it it will be great.
  7. SIACfan

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    It goes to show how top heavy the B1G was this year. Outside of OSU, PSU & Michigan there was only 1 champ (IMar) & 3 other finalists (Lezak, Carr & Sorensen). Iowa & Minnesota each with only one finalist & no champs - WOW!
  8. SIACfan

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125 Lee (4) 133 Micic (5) 141 Lee (3) 149 Retherford (10) 157 Kemerer (1) 165 Martinez (2) 174 Hall (8) 184 Nickel (9) 197 Moore (6) 285 Snyder (7) Penn State - 127
  9. SIACfan

    Nick Lee question

    If we are going to get Red/Lee II it will be in the finals of the B1G Championships - fitting.
  10. SIACfan

    Big 10’s

    From a quick search, he will be better off buying individual session tickets. MSU no longer has any 'All Session' passes available & the ticket brokers want ridiculous prices for them. He should be able to get individual session tickets directly from MSU for each session. From my quick search, at this point you will spend twice as much buying an 'All Session' pass from the brokers than if you simply purchase the individual session tickets from MSU. Might want to act fast though - good luck & enjoy the action.
  11. SIACfan

    Best Career

    I don't know if I agree. Not about the athletic part, but there are always some monsters in the D1 HWT class. Going under these guys can be deadly. I'm confident Parris will do very well, but I'm not sure he wouldn't fair better at 197 if he could handle staying at that weight efficiently. It's just a shame that college has nothing between 197 & 285 - kind of silly really.
  12. SIACfan

    Best Career

    If this info is accurate, it wouldn't be easy for him to wrestle 197 in college with the length of the college season.
  13. SIACfan

    Who impressed you the most

    My vote goes to Nick South. I knew nothing about him going into E'ville SS. He was extremely impressive that weekend & again at State as well. Beating Mappes in the finals two weeks in a row 3-2 then 9-6. Congats to Columbus East as a whole. They have always been a good program but really elevated to an elite level this year.
  14. SIACfan

    Best Career

    I have been wondering the same thing. I guess it depends on what Parris naturally weighs. Does he already cut for 220? I would think that if he naturally weighs less than 220 that the cut would be possible, but maybe not if he already cuts for 220.
  15. SIACfan

    End of an Era

    In all I think this was a good post but... I can't agree with this statement. What era has ended? I also don't agree with this. Funk & high risk wrestling began before 2011. I agree, but again IndianaMat has been around since before 2011. I am not trying to disrespect you, but I can't agree that a new era/revolution started in 2011 &/or that this years State Tournament is in any way some sort of end to an era. The sport of wrestling has been evolving for many decades & will continue to evolve. Wrestlers have had & always will have different styles. Some wrestlers are straight forward hammer types while others have wide open/high pace styles, while others still are extremely funky. The best wrestlers are the ones that can incorporate all of these into their repertoire. I do believe we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the quality, more specifically the depth of quality, of wrestlers in the past decade or so. But I don't think there is any reason to believe this trend is coming to any sort of end. I think that this is largely due to the increase of club & academy wrestling, which is certainly not going away.

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