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  1. Who impressed you the most

    My vote goes to Nick South. I knew nothing about him going into E'ville SS. He was extremely impressive that weekend & again at State as well. Beating Mappes in the finals two weeks in a row 3-2 then 9-6. Congats to Columbus East as a whole. They have always been a good program but really elevated to an elite level this year.
  2. Best Career

    I have been wondering the same thing. I guess it depends on what Parris naturally weighs. Does he already cut for 220? I would think that if he naturally weighs less than 220 that the cut would be possible, but maybe not if he already cuts for 220.
  3. End of an Era

    In all I think this was a good post but... I can't agree with this statement. What era has ended? I also don't agree with this. Funk & high risk wrestling began before 2011. I agree, but again IndianaMat has been around since before 2011. I am not trying to disrespect you, but I can't agree that a new era/revolution started in 2011 &/or that this years State Tournament is in any way some sort of end to an era. The sport of wrestling has been evolving for many decades & will continue to evolve. Wrestlers have had & always will have different styles. Some wrestlers are straight forward hammer types while others have wide open/high pace styles, while others still are extremely funky. The best wrestlers are the ones that can incorporate all of these into their repertoire. I do believe we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the quality, more specifically the depth of quality, of wrestlers in the past decade or so. But I don't think there is any reason to believe this trend is coming to any sort of end. I think that this is largely due to the increase of club & academy wrestling, which is certainly not going away.
  4. Best Career

    I was being sarcastic, coach.
  5. Best Career

    Maybe I am wrong but given this is the Indiana HS forum, I assumed we were talking HS career.
  6. Best Career

    You are correct, I did say may have been. The 4-timer reference was simply convenient to my point about wrestlebacks. Actually, your point brings up another angle to that story. With wrestlebacks we may have gotten to see the highly anticipated Lee/Lee matchup. Instead it the story ends with the Bethel upset over B. Lee.
  7. Best Career

    Given the question, I don't see how you can't go with Parris. But this doesn't mean Parris is better than Lee. Lee got unfortunate & got caught by a very good/funky wrestler in Bethel in the ticket round as a freshman. Lee mounted a tremendous comeback & simple ran out of time. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed that match, & IMO Lee would of won a rematch (but Bethel completely earned/deserved the victory). Perfect example of why wrestlebacks are a bad idea - Lee may have been a 4-timer!
  8. 126

    Add to this the notion that there were (2) additional wrestlers at this weight that could have possibly placed if they had not drawn Mills & Garcia in the ticket round at the E'ville SS. Egli of MD lost to Garcia 4-1 & Willis of Castle lost 5-1 to Mills. When you consider that fact that all (4) qualifiers from the E'ville SS placed & three of them (Garcia, Rooks, Mills) finished 1,2,3, it is easy to see that 126 at E'ville was brutal.
  9. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    This is probably the best post in this entire thread. This was a bad call, but everything else I saw from this official tells me his is a good official. I don't know if this particular official does any college officiating, but that was a college call - a fall is awarded the instant both shoulders &/or scapulas are on the mat simultaneously. Not sure where the opposite angle photo came from, but it clearly shows that Fattore's left shoulder/scapula is not on the mat. After watching/rewinding/pausing the video several times you can see that at the moment the official is in the position shown in the opposite angle photo the clock reads 1:25 of the 3rd period. It then reads 1:24 when the official slaps the mat & 1:23 when the time keeper stops the clock. By the time the official slaps the mat, Fattore's right shoulder is now off the mat - thus the roll through was completed in 1 second at most (less IMO). The HS rule book reads that for a fall to be awarded, both shoulders &/or scapulas must be on the mat for 2 seconds. The 2 second count does not start until the official is in position to see both shoulders/scapulas.
  10. Blake Boarman

    He looked a lot better than I expected after last Saturday. Not counting him out but I sure would of liked to see a 100% Boarman this weekend. Tomorrow is going to brutal for any wrestler not at 100%.
  11. Manzona

    Ditto. Looking forward to seeing more of him tomorrow.
  12. Doors open??

    8:00 am eastern
  13. Blake Boarman

    Yes, I understand that he was no lock or even the favorite, but he clearly was (possibly still is?) the best chance for a title from the E'ville area. Thus my curiosity regarding his injury.
  14. Blake Boarman

    Thanks Navy! 'Should be ready' is a little vague. I don't really expect to get much out of the MD community, but I will ask anyway. What exactly was the injury? How bad is it? Is he close to 100% or is he just going to go out there & gut it out? I'm not trying to be a pain here, but prior to the injury Boarman appeared to be the best hope for a State Title from the E'ville area - so I'm simply interested.
  15. Blake Boarman

    Any word on young Mr. Boarman? That injury looked pretty serious last Saturday.