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  1. 01/10/2018

    Jordan Slivka
  2. 01/06/2018

    Jordan Slivka
  3. 01/06/2018

    Jordan Slivka
  4. 12/02/2017

    Jordan Slivka
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    Jordan Slivka
  6. We are wishing Breyden a victory!!!!!! No one deserves it more!!!~!!
  7. Cummings /white death draw

    Don't think White, injury or not, would have beat Slivka.. Jordan was on fire!!!!!! If White decides to wrestle with a bandage on his head, then you cant make excuses. Jordan by far was the better wrestler.
  8. 4x Semi State Champs

    Congrats to Brayden for also being a 4x sectional, 4x regional and 4x semi-state champ!!! Who does that????? This is your year Brayden!!!!!! GO IRISH!!!!!!
  9. Magazine

    Nice job on the magazine and I am sure its hard to get all the information correct. I am so proud of my son, Jordan Slivka's accomplishments and your magazine says he finished 4th, when he actually finished 3rd in state. I am so proud of his 3rd place finish. Just a proud mom.
  10. One of the hardest matches to watch at New Castle Semi State was the ticket round match between Sam Fair and AJ Black. I love both of these boys and they are very good friends. AJ was probably the one most were cheering for, not because of his awesome undefeated record, but because he lives in New Castle and the tragic loss of his brother Levi in November. Shenandoah brought a huge crowd to cheer on the Raiders and AJ. Even Sam told me that he was cheering for AJ. So you can imagine when it was their turn to wrestle in the ticket round, knowing someone was going home. I felt this was AJ's year to shine and wrestle in honor of his brother. But Sam had the same family tragedy happen to him. So emotions were running high as they began to wrestle. Great match for both boys. But Sam came out winning the match. I cried for AJ, Sam cried for AJ, and probably most fans shed a tear. We are so proud of Sam for doing was he was taught to do. Wrestle hard and win. We are also so proud of AJ for battling hard till the end. Its not a loss for AJ! He will only build on this and become a top notch wrestler!!!! Kudos to both Sam and AJ, for showing respect to each other. They will be friends forever!!!!!
  11. Lawrence Central Sectionals

    Good luck Cathedral!!!
  12. Any chance of this..?

    I agree on the small crowd at the end of the night but I am sure the IHSAA wont change it because they get there admissions anyway and I dont think changing the order they wrestle would bring in any more paid customers.
  13. Indianapolis Cathedral vs Yorktown

  14. Hangout TONIGHT at 8:30pm EST

    Waiting to HANGOUT at 8:30. I see no video?
  15. Another reason to love wrestling

    I miss Levi everday.