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  1. Are you guys coming on tonight?
  2. Thank you for those kind words about Jordan. I remember that match quite well and I know how bad your son felt. Jordan felt bad as well, remembering how this coach got all over him about the loss. That really shook up Jordan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan has Baxter’s phone number. He probably has most of these wrestlers phone numbers. Jordan loves all his wrestling brothers. He is truly having fun.
  3. luv2compete


    Check out this article from IndyStar: Doyel: It takes all kinds to win a state wrestling title, even the occasional goofball. http://indy.st/2Hpmcyl
  4. luv2compete

    Cathedral on FIRE

  5. luv2compete

    Cathedral on FIRE

    Wow!!!! Can Jordan win a match because he knows how to win? Jordan did exactly what he had to do!!!!!
  6. luv2compete

    Sprinting to get seats

    They should just reserved the sections that the same schools sit at each year. It seems each year that the same schools get their same spots. Instead of “running with the bulls”, just let the schools go to their areas that they always go to.
  7. luv2compete


    Jordan Slivka
  8. luv2compete


    Jordan Slivka
  9. luv2compete


    Jordan Slivka
  10. luv2compete


    Jordan Slivka
  11. luv2compete


    Jordan Slivka
  12. We are wishing Breyden a victory!!!!!! No one deserves it more!!!~!!
  13. luv2compete


    Indianapolis Cathedral
  14. What a great night of wrestling!
  15. What a great night of wrestling. It was a battle from bottom to top!!!! Raiders wrestled their butts off!!!!!!!

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