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  1. bluemonster

    Super 32

    I saw that too. He must have moved up.
  2. bluemonster


    You can contact me via personal message on here for New Castle SS information.
  3. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    At IU. There were several teams put together and wrestled 4/5 Duals each.
  4. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    No doubt Boarman is tough as nails. I didn’t realize he just came back. Jesse is a machine. Should be a fun class come state with that group of studs. I’ll take Mendez as the next 4xer
  5. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Mendez just majored him last weekend 11-3 with 3 cuts. But, I would agree Boarman can beat anyone and wouldn’t need to run away so to speak
  6. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    No! But when you have Mendez (phenom) and 2x state champ Curtis they would be the front runners. But Littel is definitely in the mix.
  7. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    I think we found an interpreter!
  8. bluemonster

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    I’ll just go with a few 113 - Moran 120 - Mendez 126 - Watts 132 - Garcia 160 - South 182 - Brewer Avon gets 2 champions
  9. bluemonster

    Moves and Transfers

    Where was he from originally?
  10. bluemonster

    Moves and Transfers

    Brandon James to PM and Cody LeCount to PM. But they really weren’t transfers, they started there they’re freshman years Tyler Fleener from PM to Center Grove was a big one. Tommy Cash from NP to LN
  11. bluemonster

    Fargo List

    Thank you Matt!
  12. bluemonster

    Class of 2021 Big Board

    For some reason they did an update 2 days later. Now they have: Alex Cottey 78 Aiden Warren 85 Brock Ellis 90
  13. bluemonster

    Disney Duals 2018

    Perry has arrived as well! Mattyb you going to keep everyone updated?
  14. bluemonster

    Warren RTC 4-18

    I feel your pain Lewdwar, I too had to look my adult son in the eyes and try to comfort him. What has this world come to when you bust your butt and there’s no medal to reward you.
  15. bluemonster

    Prayers for Jim Beeson -- long time IHSAA official

    Prayers from the Perry Family.

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