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  1. Next big tournaments?

    Bad Karma Duals in PA. October 8th
  2. NC SS Sneak Peek

    106: 1.) B. Lowery - RHS 2.) L. Bailey - CHS 3.) A. Cottey - PM 4.) D. Pierson - WC 113: 1.) AJ Black - Shenandoah 2.) G. Smith - LC 3.) R. Luhmann - HSE 4.) C. Eldred - Westfield 120: 1.) S. Fair - PM 2.) G. Rose - GC 3.) S. Johnson - NM 4.) B. Mattingly - Carmel 126: 1.) A. Viduya - RHS 2.) L. Walendzak - CHS 3.) T. Ragle - NC 4.) B. Hall - SD 132: 1.) A. Mosconi - CHS 2.) T. Freije - RHS 3.) C. Noehre - GC 4.) B. Coleman - WC 138: 1.) Z. Melloh - CHS 2.) E. Smiley - BG 3.) A. Strueder - Fishers 4.) A. Warren - PM 145: 1.) J. Slivka - CHS 2.) A. Graves - WC 3.) J. Mancera - LC 4.) J. Servies PM 152: 1.) N. Warren - PM 2.) E. Rogers - CHS 3.) G. Lane - EC 4.) C. Groves - NM 160: 1.) J. Eiteljorge - Carmel 2.) C. Klettheimer - Frankton 3.) T. Coffman - UC 4.) A. Mosconi - CHS 170: 1.) D. Berkebile - Frankton 2.) E. Mahan - RHS 3.) T. Booker - LC 4.) B. Davis - PM 182: 1.) S. Allred - Shenandoah 2.) T. Penola - Zionsville 3.) B. Lowe - GC 4.) C. Baker - Frankton 195: 1.) J. Rolfes - Lawreceburg 2.) S. Hansen - RHS 3.) D. Brooks - LC 4.) D. Delph - Frankton 220: 1.) J. McClaine - Lebanon 2.) A. Guhl - CHS 3.) K. Cornwell - Elwood 4.) L. Burton - NP 285: 1.) M. Parris - Lawrenceburg 2.) C. Kunkleman - HSE 3.) J. Obst - CHS 4.) M. Stone - Elwood
  3. Perry Meridian is very excited to have Coach Wes Gibson back home. He was an integral part of the State Champinship runs the Falcons had a few years back. Coach Gibson was the head coach at Lawrence Central High School and has really turned that program around. He will now be the head Perry Meridian Middle School coach and will look to guide the Mustangs back on top! Coach Gibson will be in the high school room as well helping out at all levels.

    Hector is Mikes secret weapon for the rankings! Those LC guys stick together! They both know their stuff.

    Conley- Avon Montgomery- Danville? Dalton- Cascade? Mis- Mt. Carmel
  6. Fargo

    Perry has: Alex Cottey Cadet 94 and Austin Lane Roncalli: Lowery ?, Viduya Cadet 126 and Sam Henson
  7. Fargo

    Will anyone be posting whose going and what weights? Before Friday when it's released by Track
  8. Caught red handed

    Please leave the Cottey's out of this. We've known the McClurgs a long time and would prefer not to be mentioned. Wishful thinking I'm sure!
  9. Brayden Lowery

  10. Impact wrestlers for 2018

    Crap shot on next years PM Line-Up 106- A. Cottey 113- B. Lowery (3rd) 120- Ceu 126- S. Fair (5th '16) 132- ? 138- J. Servies (SQ '17) 145- A. Warren 152- B. Davis (SSQ) 160- N. Warren (Runner-Up) 170- J. Wells 182- ? 195- ? 220- S. Jones 285- F. Hammond I'm sure Coach Schoettle will have solid kids to fill my ?'s
  11. Impact wrestlers for 2018

    Someone else mentioned Alex in a previous post so I was just adding others. I forgot about Ceu, he'll fit right in at 120-132 next year.
  12. Impact wrestlers for 2018

    EMD : A. Freeman-106 B. Boarman 120? C. Egli-126? PM: A. Warren-145/152, J. Wells-170 Cathedral: L. Bailey-106/113 (Will be back better then ever) Avon: C. Brewer-160/170, T. Conley-106/113/120 Portage: J. Moran-106/113 CG: B. Littell-120/126 RHS: A. Mahan-160/170, S. Hansen 182/195 Ben Davis: D. Duncan 106/113 Just a few off the top of my head.
  13. #TheCounty

    Avon is well coached and the kids are tough as nails. I love the fact that their parents are emotionally attached to the program! That's a definite sign of a successful program. Matt Brewer has given a lot to IN wrestling, not just #THE COUNTY.
  14. 15th Annual Zach Pierson Pick E'm Contest

    He's a legend in his own mind