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  1. piscis1956

    Super 32

    I think it is called “schtick”. I believe is intended to add “color” to the website and make it more interesting. We’ve had other folks in the past take on different personas on here in the past for similar reasons. (The Region Rat comes to mind.). They certainly add color. Some folks find it interesting and think it makes it more enjoyable to read the posts. Others may find it a bit annoying. But love them or hate them, most of our “colorful” participants are avid wrestling fans and contribute a lot of information and add insight to the website.
  2. piscis1956

    Super 32

    Are you sure? 🤔😀
  3. Congratulations, James!
  4. piscis1956

    Best Collegiate Career

    I think Kelvin Jackson was from Anderson Highland rather than Anderson Madison Heights, but true that he was an NCAA champion while at Michigan St.
  5. piscis1956

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Ha ha. Somebody edited my post. I wonder who that could have been.
  6. piscis1956

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    So in 3A, 2 Region teams, 2 <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny teams, 3 Marion County teams, 2 southern Indiana teams, and Nortridge. The Ft.Wayne semi-state is very well represented in 2A! In total, I think 3 teams from southern Indiana and the rest north. I was a tad surprised there is only 1 southern team in 1A...I think.
  7. piscis1956

    Professional Wrestling League

    It's something that I would probably watch and enjoy if it really happened. But I'd think it would be difficult to sustain such a league. Wasn't there a go at such a league several years ago that didn't last?
  8. piscis1956

    2x State Champions

    So if I look at our previous 28 3X State Champs and look for one who has a name of Chris, then ...
  9. He received offers from several Division I schools (or whatever their called now ?) including at least a couple Big Ten schools. At least a couple offered for him to play both sports. But in the end, he apparently opted for wrestling.
  10. piscis1956

    Best Career

    Is Mason Parris still planning to play football in college, too? If so, it would be hard to imagine that he would be considering a cut to 197. First of all, let me say that I don't know Mason at all. However, I'm pretty sure he weighed several pounds under 182 during his freshman season when he wrestled 182. So just speculating, but I would guess he was probably still some amount under 220 his sophomore year. So further speculating, I would guess his weight has been determined more by football than wrestling up to this point. So if he is planning to play football at Michigan, I would doubt he will be making any cuts. Just speculating though.
  11. piscis1956

    Finals rankings

    Indeed a great job, OTR! Thank you for your efforts. As for Majors of Lawrence North, not bad for his first year of high school wrestling. He just seemed to get better every week until his placing at state. Not surprising that he was one of the six not in the rankings who placed at state.
  12. piscis1956


    Fair enough.
  13. piscis1956

    Cathedral on FIRE

    I think there were at least a few individuals who lost matches during the season, too, who were named state champions because they won under the lights on Saturday night.
  14. piscis1956


    That doesn't seem like a very fair statement. They came away with 4 state titles. And even they were down quite a bit in over all placements, I hardly think being down one year constitutes being over-rated.
  15. piscis1956


    ????? I assume you mean a scaled up Davison or a scaled down Parris? I assume you wouldn't want Davison to have to wrestle someone who is maybe 25 pounds heavier, a lot stronger, perhaps just as quick, and at this point a more accomplished wrestler. Davison is a very fine wrestler who just won his first state championship and is going to be attending a Big Ten school. But didn't Davison just barely squeeze out a double overtime semi-finals match to advance to the championship round? Meanwhile, Parris just completely dominated his 3rd consecutive state finals. He seemed to easily pin some very fine wrestlers in their own right. The wrestlers Parris wrestled were no jokes. Parris is ranked where he is nationally for a very good reason. Mason is one of the truly great wrestlers in IHSAA history. So I don't think I would wish Parris on Davidson ... unless you were at least doing some size scaling.

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