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  1. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Nick Willham -- Greenwood
  2. Brownsburg 30 Cathedral 24
  3. State Rankings #1

    Top 6 at 126 Top 4 at 138 WOW!
  4. Results-We can do better

    A quick reminder on who the 36 teams are for team state?
  5. Even without Angel, those Griffith three all wrestled Division 1. Andrae & Jose went to IU. Alex to Iowa. 7 state titles. Andrae and Alex college AA's. Alex -- 1-1-1-1 Andrae -- 4-3-1-1 Jose -- 7-2-SQ-1
  6. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    So you guys would be okay telling a kid, if you have serious aspirations of playing college football, you shouldn't wrestle because you might get hurt after your season is over? Or if you are serious about playing college baseball, you shouldn't wrestle because you will come in to the season beat up. I'm just not a huge fan of telling kids to quit other sports and focus on one sport. I love what a kid like Mason Parris is doing. One of the top football players in Indiana and a Division 1 wrestling recruit. I loved watching a kid like Gelen Robinson dominate in so many sports. Maybe these guys are the exception. I've never met him and I don't want to speak for him, but I'm guessing Mason wouldn't give back these past couple of football seasons (state runner up last year, 11-1 this year) with his brothers to go to more national tournaments and maybe be a little fresher once wrestling starts.
  7. Weight Lifting on Game Day

    Pretty sure Whiteland has sport specific APC classes so they receive modified routines? Doesn't football have it's own class?
  8. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    http://www.gopack.com/news/2016/5/4/wrestling-2016-packwrestle-recruiting-class-ranked-no-1-nationally.aspx Reenan, Hidlay, etc.
  9. Top 5 #thecounties in the state

    St Joe County -- Penn & Mishawaka
  10. NCAA Division I updates!

    Streck, Rypel What about a guy like Brandon James?
  11. Play What If

    How are they seeded?
  12. IHSWCA Survey

    No dog in this fight either way -- For arguments sake: is the singlet really the determining factor on whether a kid is wrestling or not? I'm sure we all have anecdotes of this kid or that kid saying they didn't want to play a sport in a "leotard"......but was he going to wrestle anyway? I guess when you start wearing one as a young elementary student, you never really think about it when you are a middle school or high school athlete. It's just always been part of the sport. Maybe it's a bigger issue at the youth levels? Would this be worth trying at the elementary and middle school levels first? Is there actual studies/evidence that this increases participation?
  13. Best Matches Ever

    Red vs. Lee Harper vs. Carr Petrov vs. Campbell
  14. Which semi state will rule ?

    FW-3 EV-6 NC-3 EC-2
  15. what match does everyone want to see this weekend

    yes that was me. I didn't say any results were guaranteed, I said that those matches were guaranteed. You WILL see them. So I was only projecting matches I wanted to see beyond the first round.