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  1. NCAA Nationals

    Maybe a jump by Griffin Parriott? He was highly touted.
  2. Best Collegiate Career

    It's amazing to me how hard it is to win even compete for a national championship. You have to be world class. How many of these guys have made a world team/won a world medal? Lee, Yianni, Micic, Zain, Hall, Zahid, Coon, Snyder. I'm sure more.
  3. NCAA Nationals

    Fun tournament. Amazing careers for all timers IMAR (2x champ, 4x finalist), Zain (3x champ), and Snyder (3x champ, 4x finalist). Plus Coon, maybe in the discussion for one of the best to never win (2, 3, 2). Plus the start of some exciting careers in a couple of true freshman world champs (Lee & Yianni). Can Gable do the same? Heavy opens up a bit with Snyder & Coon graduating. Get one more year of Nolf and Bo both going for their 3rd (each would be a 4x finalist).
  4. NCAA Nationals

    But the topic was Wabash?
  5. NCAA Nationals

    Riley Lefever was a 4x national champ
  6. NCAA Nationals

    Bet on the dudes who have multiple world titles/medals. Lee, Yianni, Hall, Zahid plus add guys like Fix and Gable next year with success on the world stage.
  7. NCAA Nationals

    It's been a while. I said something around mid season about getting 5 AAs and it was quickly dismissed based on lack of history
  8. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Team Champ: Penn St 135
  9. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125 Suriano 3 133 Gross 9 141 Yianni 2 149 Zain 10 157 Nolf 7 165 IMAR 6 174 Zahid 4 184 Nickal 8 197 Moore 1 285 Snyder 5
  10. Skin check debate

    The number of children playing team sports is falling, with experts blaming a parent-driven focus on elite travel clubs, specialization in one sport and pursuit of scholarships for hurting the country’s youth sports leagues. “The system is now designed to meet the needs of the most talented kids,” said Mark Hyman, a professor of sports management at George Washington University and the author of several books on youth sports. “We no longer value participation. We value excellence.” “The adults have won,” Hyman said. “If we wiped the slate clean and reinvented youth sports from scratch by putting the physical and emotional needs of kids first, how different would it look? Nothing would be recognizable.” Amanda Visek, an exercise science professor at George Washington University, recently surveyed nearly 150 children about what they found fun about sports. (Her sample included kids who play travel and recreational sports.) The kids identified 81 factors contributing to their happiness. Number 48: winning. Also low on the list: playing in tournaments, cool uniforms and expensive equipment. High on the list: positive team dynamics, trying hard, positive coaching and learning. Whenever Visek presents her findings to win-hungry parents and coaches, there is a lot of pushback. “They don’t want to believe it,” she said. Yet the No. 1 reason why kids quit sports is that it’s no longer fun.
  11. Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    I would rather give teams an option (if mutually agreed) to replace one of the weights with another weight. For example, neither team has a 106 but both teams have an extra 145. They could slot those guys in and still let 14 kids wrestle.
  12. Sign me up for these matchups: 125: Semis of Cruz-Suriano/Lee-Tomasello 133: Would love a Gross-Micic final 141: Yianni-Meredith rematch (would love to see a Lee upset) 165: IMAR vs Cenzo rematch 174: Hall vs Zahid rematch 285: Snyder vs Coon rematch Mildly excited: 184: Nickal vs. Martin (I'm still interested in this rematch) Not that excited about: 149: Zain (love watching him wrestle but no real challengers) 157: Healthy Nolf and then everyone else 197: although it could factor in team race
  13. Angel to head coach

    Id hire that guy in a heartbeat if I'm Wisconsin. But thats just me and probably why I'm not a D1 Athletic Director.
  14. Big Ten Tournament Contest

    At least IU scored double digit points and beat one team 13. Indiana: 10 14. Michigan State: 9.5
  15. Big Ten Tournament Contest

    True but wish I had taken Nolf. Thought he would default out.