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  1. Any idea on why three different dates/locations for Final X? Would be fun to be able to go to one site and see all of the big dogs at once.
  2. BClark

    Indiana D1 commits

    Can't seem to find that. I apologize. It was something I thought I read or heard.
  3. BClark

    Indiana D1 commits

    I tried to do some research. Who is missing? Or what has changed? McIntosh-Minnesota BLee-Minnesota JLee-Penn St Parris-Michigan Davison-Northwestern Mills-Duke Cressell-North Dakota St Poynter-Air Force Rooks-Indiana Streck-Indiana Triana-Purdue Melloh-Purdue Sellmer-Indiana Hunt-Army
  4. BClark

    Dream Team Classic Recap

    Was an actual final attendance ever posted?
  5. BClark

    Indiana Mat 101

    What Is Tact? Tact is the ability to tell the truth in a way that considers other people's feelings and reactions. It allows you to give difficult feedback, communicate sensitive information, and say the right thing to preserve a relationship. Tact encompasses many things, including emotional intelligence, respect, discretion, self-awareness, thoughtfulness, compassion, subtlety, honesty, diplomacy, and courtesy.
  6. BClark

    P4P king of ‘19

    Criteria? Multiple state titles? National accolades? Other candidates? Moran Curtis Pokorney How high up a P4P list is Mendez?
  7. Team Scores Ohio State 164.5 Penn State 148.0 Michigan 118.0 Iowa 90.5 Nebraska 72.5 Wisconsin 67.0 Minnesota 66.5 Illinois 62.5 Purdue 59.5 Northwestern 55.5 Rutgers 42.5 Maryland 30.5 Indiana 10.0 Michigan State 9.5
  8. Current recruiting class according to Intermat 11-03-17 Indiana Graham Rooks Columbus East IN 149/157 04-04-18 Indiana Brandon Streck Merrillville IN 285 11-08-17 Indiana Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central IN 141/149 12-15-17 Indiana Breyden Bailey Indianapolis Cathedral (via Northern Illinois) IN 133/141
  9. BClark

    NCAA Nationals

    Maybe a jump by Griffin Parriott? He was highly touted.
  10. BClark

    Best Collegiate Career

    It's amazing to me how hard it is to win even compete for a national championship. You have to be world class. How many of these guys have made a world team/won a world medal? Lee, Yianni, Micic, Zain, Hall, Zahid, Coon, Snyder. I'm sure more.
  11. BClark

    NCAA Nationals

    Fun tournament. Amazing careers for all timers IMAR (2x champ, 4x finalist), Zain (3x champ), and Snyder (3x champ, 4x finalist). Plus Coon, maybe in the discussion for one of the best to never win (2, 3, 2). Plus the start of some exciting careers in a couple of true freshman world champs (Lee & Yianni). Can Gable do the same? Heavy opens up a bit with Snyder & Coon graduating. Get one more year of Nolf and Bo both going for their 3rd (each would be a 4x finalist).
  12. BClark

    NCAA Nationals

    But the topic was Wabash?
  13. BClark

    NCAA Nationals

    Riley Lefever was a 4x national champ
  14. BClark

    NCAA Nationals

    Bet on the dudes who have multiple world titles/medals. Lee, Yianni, Hall, Zahid plus add guys like Fix and Gable next year with success on the world stage.