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  1. Zach Melloh of Cathedral commits to

    Congrats! Awesome, tough kid!!!
  2. Scholastic Duals

    My son Mason has been on Indiana Gold team the last 2 years and will be on it again this year. The tournament has been great , the coaches have been great no complaints here at all. It's been a great experience.... I also believe the best that Indiana can put on the mat should be on one team, and then have as many IN. teams as you want.
  3. 4x Semi State Champs

    Congrats to Breyden Bailey for his 4th semi-state championship. Hope to see him at the top of the podium Saturday night.
  4. InterMat Update January 11

    Thanks a lot! He doesn't know yet. He is still deciding. He is keeping all his options open. He has had a few offers, waiting until his senior year.
  5. InterMat Update January 11

    Parris did pin Schultz last time they wrestled, and was up in points! Have to agree with Y2J41, Schultz should be ahead in polls. Parris does 3 sports! Schultz trains at the Olympic center, big difference. If Mason decides to wrestle in college then we will see!!!!! Good Luck to all the wrestlers ranked, and to all those trying to make the rankings. It is a privilege to be considered.
  6. Midlands

    It doesn't matter he still got 4th and he needs to redshirt this year. If he places higher does he lose his redshirt? He is a beast, got 4th and not suppose to be the number 1 guy this year for Nebraska. Joe and Nick are in high school??? Not a good comparison!!!!!
  7. EIAC

    FCwildcat, what do you think? I see Franklin County as the best dual team, but are they the best tournament team? You have a couple of bias guys from Dearborn County.
  8. EIAC

    Jesster, Let's see your picks!!! I will try. We don't hear to much about EIAC, so here you go. 106- No clue? 113- Stapleton 120- Boggs 126- Tuff one, will go with Deal the senior. Walton, and little Negangard on his heels. 132- SAME AS YOU!!! 138- Humbert 145- Lane, Older Humbert is tuff 152- Negangard 160- Mitts 170- RUBERG 182- ROLFES 195- TIBBETS, another weight class up for grabs. 220- SAME AS YOU!!!!!! HWT. Minges, another tuff weight class with Cain and Selm
  9. Moran brothers?

  10. Kobe Woods

    Would like to give a shout out to Kobe Woods. I have seen him wrestle, know he is a great athlete but have never talked to him. After his loss on Saturday he came up to my son Mason Parris and said good luck go get 3 state titles. I think that says a lot about his character and I have a new found respect for this young man. I want to wish you luck in the future, and we will be following your career at Purdue. Mark Parris
  11. Notable results for 12-12

    Bane gets escape in overtime to beat Ruberg! Score was 4-3! If you are a fan this is why you come watch wrestling! Two awesome kids with a great match, and still friends afterwards! Ruberg sat out last year with an injury, watch out!
  12. Notable wins 12-5

    Parris Lawrenceburg 220 bumped up to heavy tech falled Minges from Union county and pinned Smith 1st period from SD!
  13. New Castle Semi-State Preview

    My thoughts on the Rypel vs Parris match! Rypel is a freaking man! Mason is not there yet, just turned 16 in October. Mason has always looked up to Blake. Now with that being said, would never count Mason out in any match. He did beat Jacob Cooper this summer who beat Rypel, Woods , and Gunner Larson twice. That is 3 great wrestlers. The match-up just favored Mason a little bit. Mason is going to have his hands full with all the other 220 lbers., that class will be a meat grinder this year.
  14. Ohio TOC

    If you got in losers bracket it was brutal, seen kids rest one match and go at it. I enjoyed it, my son wrestled 6 times in about 4 hours. On your feet non stop action.