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  1. Undefeated guys at Team State?

    Garrett: Brayden Shearer 113 Clayton Fielden 152 Drake Baker 160/170 Cameron Smith 220
  2. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    We are back Monday 7/10! Already have some names confirmed should be a good room for those wanting to sharpen their technique or get ready for Fargo!
  3. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    We are going Monday and Thursday this week 6-7:30! We've had a solid room the last few nights. Come up and get better!
  4. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    We are still going like usual tomorrow night at 6! Next week with the holiday and unforeseen scheduling changes we are going Wednesday next week at 6! Come on up and get better, we have had a solid group as regulars with occasional guest appearances!
  5. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    We will be running Thursday 6-7:30! Come on up and work your Freestyle and Greco to get sharpened up and lose some weight for state! We'd rather throw ya than know ya in the purest Olympic sense of the word!
  6. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    Should be another great room tonight! Come up and throw some people around! #olympicspirit
  7. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    Back at it tonight 6-7:30! Will be lots of Freestyle and Greco live goes as we gear up for State!
  8. Garrett Club**Mon 7/10**

    Tonight we will be reviewing gut wrenches with Coach Fielden! Even if you are not doin Freestyle there will be a correlation with folkstyle tilts. Plus evwill be doing plenty of live goes! Come on up and get better!
  9. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Swapping Huntington North and FW Northside just makes the Carroll Sectional that much better than New Haven.
  10. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    We have a coach that LOVES West Nobles Pullef Pork
  11. Carroll (FW) Regional Picks/Predictions

    Y2 will cover his bald spot during a tense moment and will do the little fist pump and head shake after squeaking out a win
  12. Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated

    285 Camp of Garrett again defeats Leeper of Eastside. 220 Camp decision over Bixler Northridge
  13. Al Smith

    Bless his heart the announcer for the finals is terrible.
  14. Fort Wayne Semi-State

    From my recollection Clayton Fielden of Garrett defeated Trae Hand from Eastside. Also Cordell Camp of Garrett bested Leeper of Eastside at HWT. Also Brayden Shearer decision Joe Just of Carroll. Cordell Camp downed McKeever of Carroll.. https://media1.giphy.com/media/umuIFEkQ33aSI/giphy.gif
  15. NECC Thread

    Only a little over 4 years difference remember I'm from Michigan not Kentucky