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  1. poppem215

    Moves and Transfers

    In fairness we Michiganders add an S to everything. Meijers Krogers States etc
  2. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    We are back at it tomorrow 6-7:30! There will be plenty of technique and live as we prepare for competition next weekend!
  3. poppem215

    RTC's Still Running?

    Garrett will be running into July.
  4. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    WE are back tomorrow at 6 with special guest clinician Nathan DeVeaux of Homestead showing some great technique! We have had over 40 the last few weeks!
  5. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    We are back at it tomorrow with Coach Mike Ester showing some technique! Come on up 6-7:30! We have had some great rooms lately including 40+ Monday.
  6. poppem215

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I can’t speak about Southridge but I would guarantee a larger amount of returning Regional and Semi State Qualifiers if we were in the Peru Sectional/Regional two of the weakest in the State.
  7. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    Back at it tonight 6-7:30!
  8. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    We will be back at it tomorrow night! The room should be full as we are done with Spring Break. 6-7:30!
  9. poppem215

    Garrett RTC **Returns Tomorrow 3/12**

    We will be back tomorrow night 6-7:30. It has been a solid group of 30 or so the first week!
  10. We are back starting tomorrow 3/12 and will be every Monday and Thursday from 6-7:30! Enter in Door 3. Our club has grown each year and has been one of the best places for kids in the Northern Indiana area to train and get better! Come on up and join in on he fun.
  11. Please keep the family of Noah Combs in your thoughts and prayers. Noah was a Sophomore wrestler at Garrett who unfortunately lost his life this morning. There is a gofundme page to help his family with funeral costs. We all are unbelievably heartbroken by today. https://www.gofundme.com/funeral-exp-for-the-combs-family
  12. poppem215

    Undefeated guys at Team State?

    Garrett: Brayden Shearer 113 Clayton Fielden 152 Drake Baker 160/170 Cameron Smith 220
  13. poppem215

    Carmel Freestyle Duals

    Is this tournament filled for 6-12? I have been trying to register our team and cannot find a way to do so on the website.
  14. poppem215

    Team State Debate

    also if your goal is to win team state you will schedule more dual meet tournaments. our coach would try to schedule at least 6 or 7 of our weekend tournaments as dual meets. if you have round robin format, you can get each kid 5 matches every weekend. add that to double duals during the week and most kids on our team had nearly 50 matches going into districts. that is how you make kids better wrestlers by having them wrestle that many matches and in turn make the team stronger.
  15. poppem215

    Any HS teams in Fort Wayne practice late

    and from Michigan at that

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