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  1. johnnyh

    Rudis shoes

    Ben Askern said he has never worn a pair of shoes that feel as good as the Snyders. I think they are made with quality in mind and should not only look great but last. If you are debating on style, I am a big fan of the Sly Fox. I think they are true to size with zero break in period.
  2. Dave Hinkel Boone Grove dhinkel@mvsc.k12.in.us
  3. A Group of former PU grads (12) recently and collectively formed a scholarship in memory of George Lilovcih. George just recently passed away, and this is a tribute to him and all he has done for Purdue University. Criteria. Purdue student studying Civil Engineering who wrestled in high school. This has nothing to do with athletics except for the fact that they had to have wrestled in high school. So it has nothing to do with being on the Purdue Wrestling team. I would like to make sure our Indiana wrestlers who are applying to Civil Engineering at Purdue know to include this on their application- that they wrestled in High School – otherwise there is no way for selection committee to know this. As of now but, subject to change Scholarship would follow the recipient through college for four years. Amount per year 2000-2500 a year.
  4. Boiler Up, September 25th high noon, Purdue Wrestling golf outing will take place at SummerTree Golf Course in lovely Crown Point Indiana. Special guest will be current UFC fighter Jon Fitch as the official started to the event. NOTHING but good times and the occasional good golf shot.
  5. johnnyh


    Once again, I cannot help but point out how well the light weights did this year. It goes to show the quality of coaching Purdue has in the room. Congrats to Cashe for his great effort, Congrats to Coach Hinkel and Fleeger for getting him ready. Congrats to Coach Williams of LN, but no love for Coach Weimer.
  6. I know with all the hoopla at 149, other stories seem to pale in comparison. But how about the Boilers finishing 6th at Big 10s when everyone had them picked to be 10th or 11th. It goes to show that Purdue is doing some good things and should continue to improve. Congrats to the Boiler wrestlers and a nice job to Fleeger, Hinkel, Lanham, Erikson and Wissel. Boiler Up.

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