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  1. The Spartan Classic

    Much appreciated MATCAT. Keep it up.
  2. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Agree 100%, you can't just overlook the depth after the top few teams. Compare the genius scores of those two regionals, Castle is much deeper in the middle.
  3. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    There are only four regionals with a higher category than Calumet, do you believe one or all of those regionals (Mooresville, North Montgomery, Castle, Perry) are weaker than Calumet?
  4. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Jay County had 17 qualifiers, three champs, two runners up and five more placers and was categorized the 3rd strongest regional in Fort Wayne (only ahead of the worst regional in the state) and in the bottom five regionals in the state and is a category 3. You guys are missing the point on depth, which is what the categories measure.
  5. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    I've had as many issues with the system as anyone, including the committee and their selections, but saying that the composition of the committee plays a part in the categories being lower for Northwest Indiana just shows a lack of understanding of the system and how the categories are developed.
  6. Class Wrestling - Participation

    It's amazing to me that these percentages consistently match the percentage of total student enrollment in each class. 63% - 3A 24.5% - 2A. 12.5% - 1A Its almost as if it takes a special kid to make it to state regardless where he goes to school. And when you have 2000 kids walking the halls you're gonna end up with more special athletes. As Y2 stated above, where do these "special athletes" go when it comes to placers and champs? Why don't the 1a schools follow their population percentages in that area? Every single time we have this discussion, I have posed this same question, and have yet to hear a relevant answer. I'm open to changing my mind, but I've never heard anyone answer this question.
  7. Class Wrestling - Participation

    Last I looked 11% of the population was from 1a schools, so 11% of the population, based on your logic, should produce 11% of the placers and champs, right?
  8. Jay County Sectional

    The obvious goal of any wrestler is to impress the great Thor.
  9. ACAC Tourney

    What's that mean?
  10. ACAC Tourney

    That's a strong take there boss. Fists thrown and refs just stood idly by? That's enough to create an account just to whine about it.
  11. Jay County Regional Picks

    It was quite the production.
  12. Jay County Regional Picks

    Expanding a little on Y2's comment of semi state placers distribution by regional, below is a quick count over the last 4 years: Qualifiers Jay County-71 Goshen-64 Carroll-54 Peru-35 Champs Jay County-26 Goshen-12 Peru-10 Carroll-8 Second Goshen-21 Jay County-14 Carroll-14 Peru-7 Third Carroll-20 Jay County-16 Goshen-15 Peru-5 Fourth Goshen-16 Jay County-15 Peru-13 Carroll-12 Again, quick count, don't kill me.