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  1. grappleapple

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Indiana mat didn't give me a trophy for placing somewhere along the lines of 65th in the State Pick'em contest. I'm on the hate wagon now too.
  2. grappleapple

    Best state tournament

    This year's state meet was great, as always - but, what is your favorite state finals and why? For me, it was probably Chad Red's senior season. The electricity in the air for that Lee/Red match was one of the coolest things I've experienced in the sport. Last year the most fun was the third-place heavyweight match.
  3. grappleapple

    Who impressed you the most

    Absolutely. Not knowing him personally at all, he carried himself extremely well even when faced with that questionable call. I was also really impressed with the attitude of Sam Hansen of Roncalli. He seemed to be having the time of his life, and was very polite. I talked to him for a second after the finals and he was just a very gracious kid.
  4. grappleapple

    Who impressed you the most

    Yeah - of course Lee and Parris were impressive. I had seen them wrestle several times though. I was referring to wrestlers I hadn't seen in action yet.
  5. grappleapple

    Who impressed you the most

    What wrestler at state, that maybe you hadn't seen before, impressed you the most? I have watched most of these guys at some point or another. But, probably the one that stands out for me was Manzona Bryant. He was pretty fun to watch, and I think he'll be a force next season for sure.
  6. New Castle's Dalton Clouse might possibly be the only person to have a lead on Mason Parris this season. Clouse stepped to the mat, and strategically didn't remind Parris that he hadn't taken his t-shirt off yet. Clouse was awarded the point and the lead. Somehow Parris recovered, but man, what a start for the Trojan senior.
  7. grappleapple

    Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    If I interpreted what I saw correctly, it looked like Yorktown's assistant coach told Hunt that it was his decision. He chose neutral right away. I like the call. He was going for the win, not the field goal for the tie. It didn't pan out - but he put it all on the line.
  8. grappleapple

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    If I remember correctly there was a point in the state championship match years ago between Jason Tsirtsis and Connor Mullins where it looked like Tsirtsis shoulders were flat for much longer than Fattore's - in a defensive pin situation. I am getting old though and my memory may be off. Anyone remember this?
  9. grappleapple

    Melloh and Mulkey

    What a match. That call might be debated for years...could help shape team state title and individual title.
  10. grappleapple

    Sprinting to get seats

    Maybe the Banker's Life ushers should crack down on seat saving. If you see a big blanket taking up multiple seats - tell them to take it down. The people who get there early and wait in line absolutely have a right to their seat - but not seats for 15 of their friends.
  11. grappleapple

    Sprinting to get seats

    A few years ago my sons sat near the top with five of their friends. One of my sons got up to use the bathroom and came back down and a man was sitting in his seat. My son's friends had told the man that someone was sitting there - and he just said that it's open seating and no seats get saved. My son came back and asked if he could sit with his friends, as there were plenty of other seats around - and the man refused. I went from near the floor level up to the balcony and asked the guy if he would mind moving - he was dead set on not moving at all. Finally the guys mother (I am assuming) told him it wasn't worth the fight and they moved a few rows up. I know this has nothing to do with sprinting to seats - but it's my seating nightmare story.
  12. grappleapple

    Worst draw

    Say both wrestlers placed fifth. They are wrestling at 170 pounds - but they placed fifth at 152 and 160 pounds the year earlier. What happens?
  13. grappleapple

    Worst draw

    I don't know how you can determine who the "best" wrestlers are. No disrespect to those that do the awesome rankings here, but those aren't gospel. You can't say kid A is ranked higher than kid B, so he must be better. If that was the case, only the No. 1 ranked guy should win each year. Ultimately, the best wrestler in the state tournament that weekend will be the one that wins, no matter who is in front of them.
  14. grappleapple

    Worst draw

    The first round draws aren't so bad here, but 182 is loaded on one side of the bracket. You have No. 1 Walton, No. 2 Cressell and No. 3 Allred all right there together.
  15. grappleapple

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Who said that? I never discredited him at all.

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