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  1. MEC

    Anyone have the results?
  2. EIAC

    What happened with the Rushville kid at 160? Why didn't he wrestle?
  3. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    RegionRat gets my nod. Never has a poster been so good at promoting wrestlers, and so bad at spelling.
  4. New Uniforms

    A few things I've noticed on the new uniforms - I saw a couple of kids in a scramble and one kid's hand got caught in the other kid's fight shorts. The ref was quick and he literally jerked the arm out of the shorts and wrestling continued without any other issue. This was a middle school meet. In high school the only negative I saw was a kid's shirt came way up while he was wrestling. I know that had to be uncomfortable, but it didn't affect the wrestling. Personally I think it's somewhat of a money grab. Now instead of using singlets for 5 years, they get new uniforms every year. But, that's not a big deal to me. If the kids like them, go with them. I will say that the compression outfits like Yorktown wears is the way I think they should all be.
  5. Weight Allowance

    Sorry about that. Got short-sighted. Yes, the Hoosier Heritage Conference is on.
  6. Weight Allowance

    The HHC wasn't cancelled, but because schools were cancelled on Friday their will be an additional 1 pound allowance tomorrow.
  7. Qualified Weigh-ins

    Not really - rules are rules. If the rule is you can only cut roughly two pounds (at the 113 pound for instance) - and a person cuts three. That's no better than the person cutting 10. It's still a rules violation, right? Personally, I don't have an issue with kids cutting as much as they want as long as they are healthy. That's part of the beauty of the sport - the ones that sacrifice the most are the ones that succeed. Wrestling isn't easy. In fact, it's by far the most difficult high school sport. If kids devote so much to it that they will cut 10 pounds in a week and be able to keep that up an entire season - more power to them. Goals aren't easy to achieve - unless you set the bar low.
  8. Hoosier Heritage Conference 1/13/18

    FYI - this has been pushed back to 11:30 start time tomorrow.
  9. Qualified Weigh-ins

    What is your suggestion? Should kids weigh daily - and maybe multiple times a day? Drink a Gatorade...weigh in? Eat a hamburger, weigh in? If they weighed in right after dinner and that put them three pounds over, and the rule is you can only be two - should they not be able to compete?
  10. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Yes, he would - because they ducked Joe's guy. Had he not forfeited and then wrestled later in the day, who knows.
  11. Hoosier Heritage Conference 1/13/18

    Hopefully it pans out and we'll get to see No. 1 vs. No. 2, and a rematch of last year's state championship match between Curtis and Black. Should be worth the price of admission.
  12. Most Wide Open Weight Class

    I was going to go with 152 - but I didn't want to see any #TheCounty comments. Dangit - I hashtagged.
  13. Most Wide Open Weight Class

    220 is anyone's for the taking. Nobody there screams unbeatable.
  14. Too many takedowns(?)

    I guess I just don't see the point in a takedown record at all. If you're the superior wrestler, go for the most team points and get the fall. If you can't pin them, tech fall them as quickly as possible. Cutting from the back (illegal), purposely giving up points, etc. is just poor sportsmanship and benefits nobody.
  15. Richmond invite

    I've been to hundreds of wrestling matches - but this is the first one I've ever seen charge $10 for single session admission for a Friday night with three rounds.