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  1. SIAC Preview

    Nice preview
  2. SIAC

    Brackets out ?
  3. Reitz vs Mater Dei, Thursday Night at 6pm

    Reitz is a little down but still a great program
  4. Mater Dei at Madeira, Ohio

    Ain’t that about a ...
  5. Evansville Semi State Rankings

    You don’t have time to die. We southerners need our rankings!
  6. Best brother combo ‘17-18

    I can live with that list and ranking
  7. Best brother combo ‘17-18

    For some reason I thought the oldest one already graduated. Yea they are tough
  8. Rooks brothers and then the Egli boys. Any other potential state qualifier brother duos this year ?
  9. Mater Dei/Trackwrestling

    I appreciate it
  10. Mater Dei/Trackwrestling

    Do you have the team scores ?
  11. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    James wrestled with my brother and I had the honor of watching so many of his matches. Seemed like he was before his time.
  12. Holiday Classic

    I don’t know if that will go over too well snapping photos in bathrooms 2017 at a Catholic school
  13. Holiday Classic

    Man wish I knew about the streaming earlier
  14. Holiday Classic

    Very solid tourney with some great matchups
  15. Undefeated guys at Team State?

    A lot of those guys should be favored to win individual state