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  1. Jayruss

    Perry Meridian Wrestle Off's

    Any updates here
  2. They got a steal
  3. And another one , we are stocking up on the smaller weights
  4. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

    I think he’s hurt because even if Konrath bumped Weaver I am sure Weaver could bump Sellmer
  5. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

    Good call I didn’t think about that
  6. Jayruss

    Nick South --Progress and Growth

    I was about to ask who beat him last year.
  7. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

    Konrath over Nathan Boston 4-3
  8. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

  9. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

    Was trying to get the match by match results, but I did see the final results
  10. Jayruss

    Hokie Open

    Anyone have a link to the results or can you post the results for the IU guys?
  11. Jayruss

    Hoosier boys Super 32

    What was the south vs facundo score
  12. Donnell is on the rise, Love this kid’s upside!
  13. Like this kid a lot
  14. Jayruss

    Jacob Covaciu to Indiana

    He’s getting it rolling

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