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Posts posted by Y2CJ41

  1. 53 minutes ago, johnathanspencer said:

    Would James Brimm from Ev. Central make the list?  Think he won state back in mid-late 1990's and won a slew of matches.  Wrestled at Mich. St. I believe after HS.

    According to my records he was 153-7 for his career, thus just off the top 100 list.

  2. Just now, Thor said:

    Willie said to watch out for Brayden Palmer from Indiana, was that a mistake and he meant Tennessee, or did Indiana get a good move in?

    Palmer is from Tennessee...Williard made a mistake.

  3. 4 hours ago, IndianaWrestlingGuy said:

    I’m almost positive Jason Terry (Cathedral) has more wins than Lance. I know he was 50-1 his senior year. I believe 47-2 his junior year, he won it all his sophomore year, couldn’t have been more than 4 losses. And placed 6th as Freshmen. I believe he was north of 180. CHS was into the 50 matches a season program in the 90s. I’ll try to confirm actual record.  

    Believe Matt Hasbrook was north of 150 as well. 

    I'm working on updating everything with the Richard Jay information. It will take close to 170 career wins to get into the top 100 soon. The "juiced-match" era is one that will leave a big mark on the state win history. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, Sydokun said:

    These will be hard to beat with the IHSAA cutting the amount of matches a kid can get each year. 

    Very much so, when the Griffith trio was going through there were no restrictions at all. So they could wrestle all super duals(5+ matches) a weekend. Then on top of that you can add 5ish matches for the team state series. 

    With the new rules we'll see a lot less 50+ match wrestlers.
    18 points
    6 Duals- 6 matches
    5 Super Duals X 5 matches- 25 matches
    1 10 way super- 10 matches
    41 regular season matches
    State series
    3 sectional
    2 regional
    4 semi-state
    4 state
    54 total matches
    Note that doesn't include any tournaments and you could have multiple two-day dual events.

    Some states like Georgia have like 80 matches per year....which is just stupid.

  5. We have opened up the ability to upload a profile picture for your favorite wrestlers on here. Go to the wrestler's profile and hit edit.

    Make sure your keep the picture appropriate as due to our awesome search engine optimization when you search Indiana wrestlers our link is always one of the top links. College coaches, parents, grandparents, future ex-wives, etc all will see the picture that is uploaded.

    Go to Homepage->Wrestlers and then search or find your wrestler. You can also access them through the rankings tabs.



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