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Status Updates posted by Y2CJ41

  1. Reminder that the preorder for Dream Team gear will close tomorrow at 5pm. After that the only gear available at th… https://t.co/Mw7xUwnWPd

  2. @WillieAtFLO @frank_smithwick @CPyles8 @MarkSBader @wrestlingnomad @Kbratke @PAPowerWrestle @IAwrestle… https://t.co/IHEdgZDGwB

  3. @zzsmiller @knarkill @WillieAtFLO @CPyles8 @FloWrestling @OhioAthleticCom Give Cliff a pass his brain is still thaw… https://t.co/mJ9VE7Wj0H

  4. @knarkill You're soft

  5. @SethPetar @Snyder_man45 He was born November 20, 1995. That makes him 22.

  6. @wrestlingnomad @SemWrestling Wow I'm impressed

  7. I spy Nick Lee with the national champions https://t.co/0yCv1PhNlU

  8. RT @zzsmiller: .@JasonTsirtsis’s goes out a #Winner for @ASUWrestling https://t.co/4EyYXTUulK

  9. @jasonmbryant Cheater buying shirts during the run

  10. Ladies and gentlemen that's how you pin a two time national champ in the blood round. https://t.co/oUbEPRoexu

  11. Stevan Micic into the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. With Abounder's win @_stedswrestling now has 36 straight years of having an All-American!

  13. Josh Alber a four-time #IHPO placer and two time champ against #IHPO champ Nick Lee right now.

  14. RT @ASUWrestling: .@JasonTsirtsis is MOVING ON! He advances on a 2-1 decision in extra time #SunDevilIntensity https://t.co/bKGniKLi9Y

  15. Make sure to watch these Indiana natives 125- Luke Welch- Purdue Brock Hudkins- Northern Illinois 133- Stevan Micic… https://t.co/jXb1jTSRQN

  16. @NathanWynn77 Kinda we had a couple of the big guys decline so he was our next best option.

  17. Representing the RAIDERS of Northridge High School @connergraber35 will take the mat at 182lbs for Indiana at… https://t.co/PRduBrMOw4

  18. Doing a little math on the wrestlers representing Indiana at #DreamTeam18. In total there are 11 state championship… https://t.co/KVHB18vBEY

  19. @JacobLevengood Thanks, see you in about a month

  20. @ZMize @zzsmiller You have problems with the ref in calling stalling here, just wait until you introduce the colleg… https://t.co/9y8HI0oSNQ

  21. Let's crank out ANOTHER #DreamTeam18 match-up! We have 2 FloNationals placers that were one round from meeting in… https://t.co/if4AVQ6xGW

  22. @zzsmiller 1. By rule someone is stalling, determining who is not easy. 2. I don't want to be a ref in this situati… https://t.co/oEzcb6DJLV

  23. @WillieAtFLO https://t.co/YLZnqIGD8z

  24. RT @RedhawkWrestle1: Team Indiana @IndianaMat @lil_nandi https://t.co/EvH8sEOYH5

  25. Splendid career for the former Jimmie grappler. https://t.co/5D7GNWCHIN