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Status Updates posted by Y2CJ41

  1. 16. @MHSPirateWRSLN 17. @ChargersWrestle 18. @YtownWrestling 19. @brickiewrestlin 20. Bloomington South

  2. @MillerWrestle1 Put a leash on him https://t.co/07TUzYqm8x

  3. RT @YHSAthletics: Congrats Christian https://t.co/SOONtPxi4h

  4. What a great MONDAY it is! @NickyDubz125 updated the Evansville Semi-State rankings https://t.co/nxgHG131Xl

  5. #MondayMatness with @SteveKrah: Plymouth's @grahamcalhoun11 getting better everyday https://t.co/96daD7J8zG

  6. RT @JoshMLowe: Portage still has some personnel to resolve, missing a SQ at 195 and a semi-state kid at 113. That said, they'll slide out t…

  7. If you know of notable matches from this weekend or earlier in the season, post them here! https://t.co/b7U0wTEqdq

  8. RT @BlueHoseSports: BREAKING: PC Adds Men's (@PCMensWrestling) and Women's Wrestling (@PCWomensWrestle); Men to Join @SoConSports STORY:…

  9. @titan_mercury Squeeeeeeeeze

  10. Mmm mmm milkman line?

  11. RT @PurdueWrestling: It should be no surprise to see @DylanLydy and @S_streck95, along with @THE_welch_125, splashed all over the national…

  12. RT @CalebSpires: My first Ft. Wayne semi-state rankings have finally been published. For the very few of you following me for my obscure In…

  13. RT @SilverCreekWC: @IndianaMat @SilverCreekWC in southern Indiana is looking to break into the ranks and get wrestling into SCHS in the nex…

  14. Updated Top 11-20 Dual Rankings 11. @RWF_Rebels 12. @PennWC 13. Crown Point 14. @brickiewrestlin 15. @CUSAWC 16. Ha… https://t.co/xQU6M9gpK4

  15. @extinkt_C Preseason rankings aren't final rankings, they are preseason based on returners and what is KNOWN about… https://t.co/Nl94VEQYpf

  16. #MondayMatness with @SteveKrah this week we learn about Laville's heavyweight Alex Cartright https://t.co/3zy8uyZQA1

  17. RT @JoshMLowe: Perry Meridian upsets No. 35 Portage at Harvest Classic 308-283.5, Portage without 2x SP Rumph and SQ Maceo, each backup was…

  18. Lots of great matches and performances today, who stood out to you?

  19. @extinkt_C I'll go out on a limb and say that it will change soon

  20. RT @UpsetAlertSmith: Happy birthday to the 800 pound gorilla. Here is an old picture of the gorilla. @IndianaMat https://t.co/Eb0ycY7SHs

  21. RT @HuskerWrestling: 141 Quarterfinals: @_cjred is on to tomorrow’s semis with a 7-5 decision over Eli Stickley of Wisconsin! #Huskers #CK…

  22. RT @BoxellTyler: @IndianaMat “Pain is points”

  23. Miracle and Hildebrandt both win against Japan. Indiana > ?? https://t.co/jVfn3LJRUP

  24. It's WEDNESDAY so that means it's #WrestlingWednesday. by @thehines7 We hear from Center Grove's @mappster12 on his… https://t.co/5xSPPXDrIQ

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