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  1. Y2CJ41

    Elkhart Memorial & Elkhart Central Merger

    I wonder how they'll handle the coaching, both Weaver and Whickar are fairly young.
  2. Y2CJ41

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Where is he going?
  3. Y2CJ41

    RTC's Still Running?

    Carroll still takes part in wrestling activities on Tuesdays and if you like it enough come up on Thursdays through late June.
  4. The Varsity Job at Alexandria is open and accepting applications. This is an up and coming position. HS is competitive and youth program had over 70 kids in it over the winter. If you are interested please contact the athletic director Mickey Hosier at mhosier@alex.k12.in.us or 765-298-6402. Thank you.
  5. Nick and Brayton both win Nick is in the quarter finals now in a Fargo final rematch with Kanan Storr Brayton is in the semi-finals against Brady Berge a rematch from Vegas.
  6. 65kg Nick Lee Chad Red 70kg Brayton Lee 79kg Jacob Covaciu 92kg Lucas Davison Bracket Link https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/337856dd-8457-55d3-2260-6423e4a7c4e1
  7. Congratulations to Joe Leazier from Churubusco for signing with Manchester. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
  8. Y2CJ41

    Joe Leazier of Churubusco

    Joe Leazier
  9. Jacob Schrader
  10. Congratulations to Jacob Schrader from Greenwood for signing with Marian. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
  11. Y2CJ41

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Coaching with Tonte and Krulik is a dream come true! I can learn how to kill and skin any creature from Krulik and fashion advice from Tonte. Plus with Morgan on staff you are highly likely not to be the shortest one there.
  12. Y2CJ41


    What if we can beat him? Do we get a prize? I really need a Hall of Famer Paul Bachtel autograph to add to my collection.
  13. Christian Mejia
  14. Congratulations to Christian Mejia from Elkhart Memorial for signing with McKendree. He is projected to wrestle 133, 141. View full signing
  15. Congratulations to Conner Graber from Northridge for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 184. View full signing