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  1. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    They don't add an S to Lions play off wins though.
  2. Y2CJ41

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    I see, that is interesting. You'd have to ask someone way higher up to know how/why they modify that. Maybe our good buddy @JMILL could help us out.
  3. Y2CJ41

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    Conform to what?
  4. Y2CJ41

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    I believe so
  5. Y2CJ41

    USAW New Weights/Age Groups

    That's not a good pic Bantam- 43-45-49-53-56-62-70-85 Intermediate- 49-53-56-59-63-57-71-77-84-93-105-120 Novice- 58-63-67-70-74-78-82-86-92-98-108-117-135-160 Schoolboy- 71-77-83-87-90-97-102-106-110-114-119-125-130-136-149-165-187-250 Cadet- 88-94-100- High School weights Junior- High School weights
  6. Well the age groups are the same, but they did semi-designate them U16, U19, etc. You still can't move up divisions and such. The biggest weight change is taking out 100lbs from the Junior age division. There may be other changes, they just didn't stand out to me.
  7. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    Brandon Wright from Cathedral to Warren Central David Palmer from Muncie South to Delta Deondre Wilson from Arsenal Tech to Warren Central
  8. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    There are others coming, with school starting they become more "official" now. It seems there has been a lot of movement in the offseason the past few years.
  9. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Fixed, thanks
  10. Y2CJ41

    Moves and Transfers

    Probably the biggest move is Manzona Bryant to Western Reserve Academy in Ohio.
  11. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Thanks, looks like all the 7th place match result details are the same as the 5th place.
  12. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    2017 brackets are fixed, had an issue with my converter. Hopefully the other years aren't messed up.
  13. Y2CJ41

    Dan McCartney

    Dan was a great guy and one that left an impact on many people. Whether it's his smile or his good natured ribbing that I should have played summer baseball instead of riding horses, he will be missed. Attending his funeral today it was amazing how many people came to say good bye. He touched many lives and is one that we lost way too early.
  14. There is a lot going on here and the press articles are barely the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Y2CJ41

    Past State Brackets

    Thanks, it looks like many of the 2017 first round matches are not correct.

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