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  1. Sectional mis-seeding

    That was seeded incorrectly then, per the Winter Bulletin NOTE: A wrestler with less than ten matches may not be seeded ahead of a wrestler with at least ten matches and a winning record unless he/she meets criteria in a, b or c. Criteria C is semi-state quarter-finalist
  2. Illegal equipment

    Can you provide a link to an example of these so we are clear on what will be called illegal?
  3. Sectional mis-seeding

    Brackets should be released tomorrow night after the seeding meetings.
  4. What happened to @StevanMicic's hair?

  5. Sectional mis-seeding

    Our coaches association needs to push for this. I'm not privy to their conversations, but I'd hope they have brought this up.
  6. ACAC Conference

    1. Adams Central 246.00 2. Jay County 233.50 3. Southern Wells 183.50 4. South Adams 154.50 5. Bluffton 150.50 6. Woodlan 106.00 7. Heritage 81.00
  7. Penn wrestling club youth meet

    Depending upon the level of the kid each event type has a good purpose. For beginners and novice wrestlers the Penn event seems like the perfect event. Kids that need a step up in competition would be better suited for another event.
  8. Penn wrestling club youth meet

    Can you expand on what they did?
  9. Sectional mis-seeding

    Our athletic director inquired with the IHSAA on the ability to place the pig tails with unseeded wrestlers. He was told that we CANNOT do that and any change of that nature needs to come from a proposal from our coaches association. Mooresville and others doing this are not abiding by the IHSAA rules.
  10. ACAC Conference

    Right here in our wonderful bracket area http://indianamat.com/index.php?/brackets.html/2018/2018-conference-tournaments/
  11. Evansville North Regional

    A few sectionals rotate between two schools. However, I do not think there are truly that many schools that want to host a sectional or regional. They take a lot of work behind the scenes that most athletic directors do not want to do.
  12. 31. Castle (10)