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  1. Y2CJ41

    2-piece singlet and Traditional

    They are only allowed to do this if the head coach is wearing a 1980's reversible singlet.
  2. Y2CJ41


    North Newton
  3. Y2CJ41


    Isiah Levitz
  4. dectournament.pdf HOSTED BY: CARROLL WRESTLING CLUB WHERE: CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL 3701 CARROLL RD (Alumni Gym - Door 13) WHEN: 16-Dec-18 WEIGH-INS / Registration : Satellite Registration closes 8pm Saturday Night. Wrestlers NAME, WEIGHT, AND GRADE are to be emailed to admin@carrollwrestlingclub.com REGISTRAION: Saturday Weigh-Ins (only if you do not satellite weigh-in) 3-4pm (Door 13) No Sunday Morning Weigh-ins! Be Honest – the integrity of the sport depends on honesty! AWARDS: 1ST ,2ND AND 3RD MEDALS START TIME: 9:00 AM sharp ENTRY FEE : $15.00 Must have ISWA card or HYWAY card (please include number in email) MEMBERSHIP CARD: See: www.nuwaymembership.com or www.ISWA.com ADMISSION: $3.00 Spectator Admission (Pre K - Free) AGE GROUPS: (5TH/6TH GRADERS) ( 7TH/8TH GRADERS) RULES: Modified High School Rules · Singlets or t-shirt and shorts are required. · 3 One Minute Periods · If less than three wrestlers are in a weight class, we have the right to move the wrestlers up one weight class (in the same age group) except for heavyweight. · Round Robin Brackets * MOUTHPIECE and HEADGEAR are recommended for all wrestlers WEIGHT CLASSES: WEIGHTS WILL BE DETERMINED BY GRADE QUESTIONS/CONTACT: Admin@carrollwrestlingclub.com
  5. Y2CJ41

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    http://indianamat.com/index.php?/team_listing.html/ Or http://indianamat.com/index.php?/wrestler_detail.html/
  6. Y2CJ41

    Added 200+ New Wrestlers

    Weight classes get updated when we do the rankings updates.
  7. Y2CJ41

    Hayden Watson

  8. We just got done adding all returning semi-state qualifiers and many wrestlers in the rankings and in the watch list. If there are mistakes(misspelling or name, grade, etc) please send me a message and I'll get it fixed. Also, don't forget you can edit your wrestler's information such as season and career records, GPA, and even add an appropriate picture.
  9. Y2CJ41

    Isaiah Owens

  10. Y2CJ41


    Riley Rust
  11. Y2CJ41


    Levion Bellemy
  12. Y2CJ41


    Riley Bettich
  13. Y2CJ41


    Riley Bettich
  14. Y2CJ41


    Trey Finnearty

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