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Updated logo in 2012 Updated logo in 2012 First logo for the website First logo for the website
IndianaMat was started on December 2, 2008 to give people involved with wrestling in the state of Indiana a spectacular venue for promotion of the sport. The website came together with the help of Chad Hollenbaugh, Eric McGill and Joe Caprino. When the website was started we adopted the 800lb Gorilla moniker. The 800lb Gorilla is an overbearing entity that cannot be stopped.  The goal of the website from the beginning was to give the wrestlers and coaches the promotion they deserve for their hard work and dedication to the sport. With that came up to date and timely rankings, articles, news and information for all levels of the sport.

Over the years IndianaMat has grown by leaps and bounds and has left a big imprint on Indiana wrestling over the course of the last six years. We have established the finest preseason magazine that highlights our top wrestlers in the state with rankings breakdowns and color photos. On top of that we have hosted a top notch preseason event that attracts top wrestlers from all over the Midwest. We also have a strong social media presence on Twitter(@IndianaMat), Facebook(IndianaMat), and Instagram(IndianaMatdotcom). Over the course of the 2013/2014 season our website garnered over 7.3 million page views and 115,000 unique users. As we head into the future we will always strive to provide the best coverage of this great sport.

On top of the coverage we provide we also pride ourselves in giving back to the wrestling community. For the past two years we have put together a team for the Scholastic Duals at a reasonable and fair price. Proceeds from our preseason magazine sales have gone to help wrestling related causes. We have donated thousands of dollars to the Joe Kieffer fund, Nick Taylor Scholarship Fund, and the John Willems Scholarship Fund. As a close knit wrestling community, we feel the need to help others and give back to this great sport.

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