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    Happy First Day of Wrestling Season!

    I hope everyone has a healthy and undefeated wrestling season. Good luck everyone and enjoy the season on the mats from whatever vantage point you have.
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    Coach McCormick

    Thank You Louis Rosbottom

    It is my understanding that Keith Davison is the new ISWA chairman. I first want to congratulate Keith on his new position and wish him the best of luck. I would like to thank Louis Rosbottom for everything he, and his wife Sharon, have done for the ISWA over the years. Their dedication and devotion to Indiana wrestling is immeasurable. I had the privilege of sitting on the ISWA board of directors for roughly 8 years (a number of years ago) with the Rosbottom's. When you start looking at the ISWA's annual budget meeting, services, programs, the ISWA office, trips, coaches, tournament management, etc, etc, etc, the ISWA is a HUGE undertaking and the Rosbottom's have been a positive influence and driving force behind all of these operations for many years. Thank you Louis for your servant leadership style of management. Indiana wrestling wouldn't be where it is today without everything you and Sharon have done with the ISWA. Regards, Trent McCormick Yorktown Wrestling
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    Congrats to Trizton Carson

    The 170 pound soon be Danville junior recieved one of the only 4 Black Hats given at J Robs 28 day intensive camp out of hundreds of wrestlers...He graduated with over a perfect score gaining 10 positive ratings during camp and ran his 15 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes...very proud of this young man who is like a nephew to me and glad he represented Indiana so well during a challenging but life changing experience! Look for big things the next 2 years and beyond out of this fine young man! He's had a very productive off season winning Nuway and Indy nationals while wrestling on dual national teams and gaining valuable knowledge for the future.
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    IndianaMat is proud to announce for the VERY first time Wrestling USA will bring the Dream Team Classic to Indiana. The best seniors from the USA will take on our top seniors on April 14th at Brownsburg High School. Wrestling is scheduled to start at 6pm with some very good matches in store. Look for more information soon on tickets and everything else that will be going on.
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    Congratulations to Ty Mills from Brownsburg for signing with Duke. He is projected to wrestle 125. View full signing
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    Need a club to join

    Season starts next week. You can’t go to club and workout with other kids from other schools once that starts (Ihsaa rules). You seem to want to get better and that is awesome. For now you need to go to your practices as much as possible. Hit your weight room. Ask your coaches to work with you extra (if they have time). Most importantly... hit the books. Wrestling means nothing if you don’t make the grades. Once your season is over... get back on this thread. There are some great people on here that will be more than happy to help a great student athlete to achieve their goals. I actually used to be the kids director at the iswa. If you are serious and are making the grades, I will help you find resources to get better (call if you would like). But.. until then put your faith and time into your high school program. Good Luck Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
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    ISWA Chairman Vote Keith Davison

    It’s sensible that people who only know me as a coach might think that I might be biting off more than I could chew with the ISWA Chairman role. I’ve also picked up vibes that some of the existing board members are bothered that my supporters and I believe that I could come in with no ISWA board experience and be an effective leader. Please know that I have a lot of respect and appreciation for our existing board for the countless and often thankless hours of work that they continue to put into the organization to help keep it going. On the other hand know that I have extensive volunteer leadership experience and would allocate the time that’s needed to get acclimated to the role and its responsibilities as well as assess what we do and how we do it before trying to prioritize what we should focus our efforts on improving. I’m not aiming to or promising that I’d fix “all of the problems.” I am not concerned about commitment significant amounts of my time to our cause. I have served the board as a coach of national teams for the past 6 years and have been generous with my time preparing for and traveling to these tournaments. My cumulative time that I’ve committed to these exceeds three months. I am currently president of our wrestling club and plan to reduce my involvement on that front to offset the added responsibilities of ISWA chair. From my vantage point it seems we have many capable board members in place and I wouldn’t intend to take effective people and processes and change them. However I do expect that feathers will be ruffled as we re-focus and make changes to our board as we move to being more wrestling centric as we work to be national wrestling power. Should I be voted in I will actively solicit and welcome thoughts and suggestions as to how we can improve as an organization.
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    Owen Doster (New Haven High School) will be a Sophomore at Wabash. Freshman Year (2016-17)\ - Record 30-7 - Competed at 133 pounds - 2nd place at Concordia Open- 2nd place at Indiana Little State Invite- 3rd place at North Central Invite- Spartan Mat Classic Champion- Baldwin Wallace Invite Champion- Finished 3rd place at the NCAA Midwest Regional which qualified him for the NCAA Championships- 7th Place All-American Finish at 2017 NCAA National Championships- Went into the tournament unseeded and dropped his 1st bout, but rattled off three straight victories to capture All-American status. Scored 7.5 team points to help the team finish in 3rd place and bring home its 3rd straight NCAA Team Trophy- Scholar All-American (2nd Freshmen in Wabash Wrestling History) Wabash won the MidWest Regional & had 7 out of 10 National Qualifiers. Owen is kneeling bottom right. The man with the fresh stash is Connor Brummett from Dekalb he was a Senior...
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    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    The Walsh Jesuit Ironman is doing a 4-man round robin Junior High exhibition showcase of the best middle schoolers in the country before the finals. Along with Jesse is: -Nic Bouzakis(Lake Highland Prep FL) -Ryan Crookham(Bethlehem Catholic PA) -Gavin Brown(Legacy Christian OH) Will we ever see the travel restriction rule removed so Indiana can get some teams in this tournament?
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    Congratulations to Cayden Rooks from Columbus East for signing with Indiana University. He is projected to wrestle 125, 133. View full signing
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    Congratulations to Graham Rooks from Columbus East for signing with Indiana University. He is projected to wrestle 133, 141. View full signing
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    Fargo Greco

    Pokorney Cadet Greco National Champ
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    Fabio Jr.

    Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    I have no issue paying for content I like 200 a year is cheap compared to any cable package. That being said, its BS i pay that money and get ads before everything. web content makes their money of ads, if I give them a direct payment to support thier content it should be an ad free experience.../rant
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    Congratulations to Blake Mulkey from Brownsburg for signing with Gardner-Webb. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    It feels like saying "you can get hurt walking across the street" or "you can get hurt in any sport" doesn't quite live up to what is really happening in football. I feel like with wrestling being 1 on 1 and having a referee only watching 2 kids at a time, it is astronomically safer than football. I feel a kid can defend himself against 1 other person and the ref can actually stop things before they get out of hand. I believe football is 4 to 22 for refs to kids with no chance of stopping a potentially dangerous situation. Whether its a running back who is getting hit high and low by multiple tacklers or a lineman who is engaged while his teammate gets knocked over on their leg, there is a lot that goes on that a kid cannot possibly protect themselves against. Not to mention how many tackles include someone grabbing a leg and rolling.
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    U23 Trials

    The new U23(under 23) trials are this weekend, Indiana has some reps going at it in all styles http://www.trackwrestling.com/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275309009 Greco 71kg Sidney Logan- Sunday Freestyle 86kg Shabaka Johns- Sunday 97kg Riley Lefever- Sunday Women's 58kg Kayla Miracle- Saturday
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    IHSGW Girls State

    Attention All High School Wrestling Coaches!!! Wrestling season is just around the corner so start thinking about getting your girls ready. We will once again be having the Indiana High School Girls State Fnals Series. Continue to watch for more information. Gary Myers IHSGW
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    Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    Great job Joe and crew. Looking forward to going. #TheCounty will pack the gym. I do know a few families in the town which starts with "A" would be willing to help host wrestlers. How bout a #TheCounty vs. The Region dual as an appetizer?
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    High School Rankings?

    We are starting to get kids lined up. The ihpo helps a lot in giving us a idea. The preseason rankings will be finished around super 32
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    Ben Harvey and Cael McCormick at Army West Point (West Point, NY) From Army West Point's athletic website: (www.goarmysports.com) 2016-17 Stats Ben Harvey -- Freshman • 174 • New Palestine, Ind. / Indianapolis Cathedral (USMAPS) Dual: 5-7 Md: 6 TF: 1 Falls: 1 - 2016-17 Record: 21-13 - Southeast Open (1st Place) - Roadrunner Open (3rd Place) - All-Academy Championships (2nd Place) - EIWA Conference Championships (7th Place) - Ben was extremely resilient and tough as a freshman wrestling every varsity event for the Black Knights this past season - He is projected to be back at 174 for the 2017-18 season Cael McCormick -- Freshman • 157/165 • Yorktown, Ind. / Yorktown Dual: 1-1 Md: 1 TF: 2 Falls: 6 - 2016-17 Record: 26-10 - Southeast Open (6th Place) - Bearcat Open (4th Place) - New York State Championships (1st Place) - Lock Haven Classic (3rd Place) - National Collegiate Open (6th Place) - Cael is projected to be at 165 for the 2017-18 season
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    Ed Pendoski

    Darren Elkins this weekend

    It's not talked about here often on this discussion board as others, but Darren Elkins has had quite the UFC career. If you get a chance to watch Darren's last fight, you might be able to understand how tough of a guy Darren really is. I watched the fight from my sofa with my wife, and to be honest. I was hoping the ref would stop it because I can't see a situation where Darren would quit and I was worried for his safety........and 5 min later he knocks the guys out to get what some have called one of the best comebacks in the history of UFC. Darren has his biggest fight of his career this Saturday on Fox if you get a chance to watch a fellow Hoosier as Co-Main event for UFC Fight Night.
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    Fargo Greco

    Silas Allred with some positive press on Flo. 2 away from the podium. A foolish weight cut resulted in drastic underachieving at Freestyle. The days of 170lbs are over.
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    Grand River Rumble

    Indiana boys bring home 5 of the 13 titles in the high school individual tournament today. Jesse Mendez 108 Dawson Combest 138 Jacob LaPlace 155 Carson Brewer 167 Brady Shepherd HWT
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    Congratulations to Christian on his commitment to serve our country and attend the United States Military Academy at West Point! Not only has this kid put hours of diligence on the mat but has made leaps and bounds in the classroom. I'll never forget when a scrawny 106 pounder with an indifference to his GPA told me over the dinner table three years ago that he wanted to go to an Academy and wrestle. Knowing the rigors of that decision, I rolled my eyes but said "well let's go to work." Three years later, I stand corrected. Good things come to kids who work hard in the classroom. Congratulations to Christian and his family, and Go Army!
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    Chris Cooper

    Disney Duals

    I couldn't say enough good things about Team Balboa. Kids battled hard all duals vs some very tough teams, especially after all the other wrestling we did down here before the duals. Thanks to Social Circle GA, Manatee FL, and Brandon FL teams and coaches for allowing us to come workout and compete at their schools. Very coachable and hard working group. It was nice to see all the Indiana teams compete and do well. Hope everyone has a safe trip home.
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    Prediction Time

    Up here in the land of steel when da of your kids are playin video games up here we are in da gym. Gonna be another fine year up by da big lake. I know we here about da county and and deem schools in da circle city. And Y2 we like drawin your boys in da first round. But as usual we will bringin plenty of metal back up 65 in feb. THe rat sees at least 5 golds and a plethora of metal dis a year. So when your boys are eatin krispy cremes we will be sharpen da iron. Make no mistake we got da best coaches and some scrapers up here. Happy wraslin season Da RAt Ps - got to have a little fun !
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    Congratulations to Oszkar Kasch from Crown Point for signing with Campbell. He is projected to wrestle 165. View full signing
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    Middle School state should be combined with the Freshman/Sophomore state the weekend after the state finals.
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    Congratulations to Lucas Davison from Chesterton for signing with Northwestern. He is projected to wrestle 197. View full signing
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    Mendez competing in the Ironman

    I signed Jesse up for Middle School before he had a qualifier for the high school division. To be truthful I did not think he was ready, until after he wrestled in the Grappler. I then attempted to switch him to High School, but they said he couldn't switch divisions because high school was sold out. I sent quite a few emails, but they are strict with their rules. Jesse was bummed when he saw kids he has beaten getting all American honors and in this case winning, but he also enjoyed winning a belt in MS. In reference to Crookham's age, I thought it said he turned 15 at the beginning of this month which doesn't make him much older then most 8th graders. I showed Jesse the negative comments about Ryan and he was upset that people would not just give Ryan props and respect how hard of an accomplishment it is to win Super32(HS) at any age level.
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    Congratulations to Ethan Smiley from Beech Grove for signing with Purdue. He is projected to wrestle 133, 141. View full signing
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    Congratulations to Dawson Combest from Columbus East for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    East Chicago semi state rankings

    Jamari Washington put in work this summer and is going to give all of these kids fits. He went undefeated at summer nationals in NJ and I believe he lost 1 match at Fall Brawl in PA. Kid is TOUGH!
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    Another big pick up by CP!!
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    We had a great time with this group of young men. After going 5-0 and winning our pool, we ran into 3 outstanding academy all-star teams in the gold pool and went 0-3 to finish 4th overall. Our guys really battled hard and carried themselves well. Thomas Penola (Zionsville) went undefeated for Hoosier Hustle and wrestled out of his mind! He was in great shape and pushed his opponents past their breaking point in about every match. Several of our wrestlers rallied in individual matches to tie it up and then won in OT. Each of the wrestlers on this squad undoubtedly had a weak spot or two exposed that they need to come home and work on, but that is why we go to events of this nature. Many of the PA wrestlers really, really ride and turn efficiently on top. Overall, a great experience with a great group of young men who each represented their school and community with great effort and sportsmanship. Thank you to the IN and IL coaches who supported this project by allowing their wrestler to compete with Hoosier Hustle. A special congratulations to Ty Mills and Thomas Penola who have committed to wrestle for Duke and Purdue respectively. Two fine student-athletes! As I told the wrestlers this past weekend, the upcoming high school season will be my 30th, and final, season as a head high school wrestling coach. This past weekend was my last preseason event, and I, and our coaches, had a blast with this group of guys. These guys were a class act all the way around! Best of luck to all of the Hoosier Hustle squad members this upcoming high school season. Coach McCormick
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    Announcement Wednesday at 8:30pm

    We'll have a special hangout with Brayton Lee and Mason Parris tomorrow night with a really big announcement. I'll post the link here. This is some awesome news for Indiana wrestling.
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    Thank You Louis Rosbottom

    Louis, it was my pleasure working with you. Whether discussing Team trips or setting up numerous ISWA events, you would not only lend an ear, you would lend a hand. I have nothing but the deepest respect for you and I considered it a privilege to serve under your leadership. Mike McCarthy III
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    Justin Ratliff

    High School Rankings?

    Too early? LOL
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    Middle schoolers who could place

    I didn't think it was a dumb post then I doubt it less today
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    Tre Lynch (New Albany) is a Sophomore (rs) wrestling at Campbellsville, won the #1 spot at 157 last year then had an achilles injury in the first tournament and redshirted. Back this year and is expected to be at 165. Jacob Franklin (New Washington) is also on the squad and is projected at 197.
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    Flo's first 2017-18 Rankings

    Fargo, big pre-season events, and weight shifting will change things a decent amount, but here is their initial rankings http://www.flowrestling.org/ranking/2871-new-faces-new-rankings/2017-07-09/p4p Pound for Pound #9 Parris 106. #20 Moran 145 #2 Brayton Lee (behind Sasso of PA) 145 #16 McIntosh 152 #1 Joe Lee 195 #13 Davison 220 #1 Parris ( initially he was slotted at #2 behind Schultz of CO but was moved up in the revision) HWT #16 Pokorney These rankings could set up a Who's #1 clash between B. Lee and Sasso. It also could make meeting between Parris and Schultz unless Football gets in the way. Indiana is a little light on this list and with little Hoosier movement during the regular season (travel restrictions) hopefully we have some of our top guns participating in some of these spring and fall events.
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    Past USAW Triple Crown Winners

    Not much of a dry spell. Jesse Mendez just became Indiana's 12th triple crown winner today competing in schoolboy division at 105 pounds. Side note, Jesse wrestled another Indiana kid(Zeke Seltzer in the freestyle finals). Must be the 2 qualifiers that got him over the hump.
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    Toughest SS ?

    The toughest on I know of is Evansville 138. It’s crazy! In no order.... Mulkey- brownsburg- senior Miranda- Avon- senior Campbell- Ben Davis- senior Combest- Columbus East- Senior Matt Lee- EMD and the first three are in the same sectional!!! Dont see a tougher semi-state weight class out there. Prove me wrong.
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    I know it’s out of topic but without the people that serve in the military there is no website! Thank you to all that served and are serving now!
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    Congratulations to Zach Melloh from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Purdue. He is projected to wrestle 141. View full signing
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    That's an interesting point, but I also think there is value in Indiana putting out the most competitive team possible. If Indiana can make it a respectable dual against Team USA, maybe it could push us closer to the top tier of wrestling states, thus giving more validity to credentials state-wide.
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    NC SS Sneak Peek

    106: 1.) B. Lowery - RHS 2.) L. Bailey - CHS 3.) A. Cottey - PM 4.) D. Pierson - WC 113: 1.) AJ Black - Shenandoah 2.) G. Smith - LC 3.) R. Luhmann - HSE 4.) C. Eldred - Westfield 120: 1.) S. Fair - PM 2.) G. Rose - GC 3.) S. Johnson - NM 4.) B. Mattingly - Carmel 126: 1.) A. Viduya - RHS 2.) L. Walendzak - CHS 3.) T. Ragle - NC 4.) B. Hall - SD 132: 1.) A. Mosconi - CHS 2.) T. Freije - RHS 3.) C. Noehre - GC 4.) B. Coleman - WC 138: 1.) Z. Melloh - CHS 2.) E. Smiley - BG 3.) A. Strueder - Fishers 4.) A. Warren - PM 145: 1.) J. Slivka - CHS 2.) A. Graves - WC 3.) J. Mancera - LC 4.) J. Servies PM 152: 1.) N. Warren - PM 2.) E. Rogers - CHS 3.) G. Lane - EC 4.) C. Groves - NM 160: 1.) J. Eiteljorge - Carmel 2.) C. Klettheimer - Frankton 3.) T. Coffman - UC 4.) A. Mosconi - CHS 170: 1.) D. Berkebile - Frankton 2.) E. Mahan - RHS 3.) T. Booker - LC 4.) B. Davis - PM 182: 1.) S. Allred - Shenandoah 2.) T. Penola - Zionsville 3.) B. Lowe - GC 4.) C. Baker - Frankton 195: 1.) J. Rolfes - Lawreceburg 2.) S. Hansen - RHS 3.) D. Brooks - LC 4.) D. Delph - Frankton 220: 1.) J. McClaine - Lebanon 2.) A. Guhl - CHS 3.) K. Cornwell - Elwood 4.) L. Burton - NP 285: 1.) M. Parris - Lawrenceburg 2.) C. Kunkleman - HSE 3.) J. Obst - CHS 4.) M. Stone - Elwood
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    Kyle Ayersman

    Rest In Peace Tim Ayersman

    As some of you may already know my father Tim Ayersman passed away Sunday afternoon. My father was the biggest supporter of me, Lake Central, Purdue, and now Brownsburg. He loved Indiana wrestling and everything that went with it. Vistation will be tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th) from 3-8 at Kish Funeral Home in Munster, Indiana. If everyone could send a few prayers towards my family we would greatly appreciate it. He loved getting on Indianamat just to see what was going on after I graduated from high school. Lastly, contrary to to popular belief, my father was not "Buttdrag" as some of you thought. Kyle Ayersman
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    Kyle Hatch from Warsaw, Kory Cavanaugh from Penn, Heath Ault from Northrop are incoming freshman at Wabash.